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Problems with Database Access?

Here are several of the most common issues when attempting to connect from Off Campus to one of Hiram College Libraries resources.

  • The most common issue in attempting to access materials from off campus is using the wrong code for the Barcode entry on the websites login. 
    • You will need the Barcode located on the sticker attached to the back of your ID card. For further information see What is my Barcode?
  • Many students start their research by using Google or Google Scholar. 
    • Unfortunately this can result in you being linked to the pay publishers website instead of the free link to the resource through OhioLink or Hiram College Library's portal. One of the most common screens you will see that indicates you are at the wrong webpage is the EBSCOhost login page. (see below)
  • If you do not have a ID card or that card does not have a sticker you must obtain the ID from the Office of Campus Safety Services.
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