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The Next Library Forum will be

Weds Oct 3rd @ 4:15pm in the Pritchard Room

Professors Paul Gaffney, Kirsten Parkinson, and Janet Pope

Professor of English

Will Present

 Three different views on Frankenstein. You’ll come away with new literary and historical perspectives on Mary Shelley’s classic novel. 

Refreshments will be served.  

Please join us!


Sept. 19 Dr. Willard Greenwood
Oct. 3  Kirsten Parkinson/Paul Gaffney/Janet Pope
Oct. 17 Dr. Vivien Sandlund
Oct. 31  Amber Chenoweth and Brittany Jackson
Jan. 16 Dr. Steve Romberger
Jan. 30 Dr. Kelly NewVine
Feb. 13 Dr. Dawn Sonntag
Feb. 27 Dr. Matt Notarian
March 13 Dr. Mary Quade
March 27 Dr. Susan Petrone

Steve Romberger
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