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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 1

BOX 1:

Introductory Material:

Biographical sketches and bibliographies:
Garfield history and Garfield Family history from Burke’s Presidential Families of the
         United States (p. 349-357); Garfield family history from John S. Kenyon Papers (copy).

Garfield Family History Chart.

Garfield Family Crest, photograph of illustration in A.G. Riddle’s Life of James A.
            Garfield, 1880; example of crest, gift of James R. Garfield III, 11/1992.

Garfield-Related Newspaper Clippings:
             James A. Garfield, biographical.
            Garfield family.
            Garfield birthplace, “A log cabin like the early homes of Lincoln and Garfield,”
                        illustrated in pamphlet House Materials, published by the Cleveland Educational
                        Bureau, 1882. 

Western Reserve Eclectic Institute:

Garfield, James A.  “Valedictory Address,” November 14, 1851.  Copy from Corydon G.
            Fuller’s Reminiscences of James A. Garfield, 1887.

Reference to Garfield’s employment as a carpenter on construction of Kilby (later Dean)
            house in Hiram, June/August, 1852.  F.A. Henry to Ernest Dean, 10/23/1931.

Garfield, James A.  Photocopy and transcript of letter to Garfield’s mother, brother and
            sister about life at the WREI, 8/8/1852.

Garfield, James A.  “Farewell,” June 24, 1853.  Poem written for the 1853
            Commencement at the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute.  Gift of Mrs. Wesley Elton, 9/1956.  From
            her father’s collection (Presley S. Shatters).

Garfield, James A.  Transcript of poems written by Garfield in students’ albums,

 Garfield, James A.  Copies of assorted lecture notes (WREI, 1853-56) from LC James A.
            Garfield Papers, Series 10A, Reel #125.

Garfield, James A.  Excerpt from “Sam,” poem delivered at Williams College, 7/18/1855
            (copy).  Poem “Sam” with related materials, copied from Corydon G. Fuller’s  Reminiscences of James
            A. Garfield 
and published in the Williams Quarterly, summer, 1855, p. 198-203. 

Garfield, James A.  “The Province of History,” Williams Quarterly, June, 1856 from LC
             James A. Garfield Papers, Series 10A, Reel #125.  Also typescript copy.

Garfield, James A.  Speech to the Philologian Club of Williams College.  Negative copy
            from LC James A. Garfield Papers, Series 10A, Reel #125 .  Gift of Thorn Pendleton, 5/9/1979.

Garfield, James A. Copy of sermon “The Material to the Spiritual,” Hiram, 1857, from
            LC James A. Garfield Papers, Series 10A, Reel #126.  

Garfield, James A.  Written excuse for missing class with accompanying letter to H.D.
            Carlton, WREI, 9/6/1857.  Gift of Mary Jane and Martha R. Adams.

Garfield, James A.  Signed reports for Martha Rudolph for WREI session ending
            10/30/1857; 10/29/1858;report for H.D. Carlton for session ending 6/10/1858.
            Gifts of Mary Jane and Martha R. Adams.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Invitation “to a wedding party,” on Thursday, November 11, 1858,
            to her cousins, Sarah and Martha Rudolph; dated at Hiram November 2, 1858.
            Gift of Mary Jane and Martha R. Adams.  Copies of invitation to Mr. & Mrs. H.B. Boynton.

Garfield, James A.  Chapel Talk, “General Garfield on Margins,” from the John S. Kenyon Papers, n.d.

Garfield, James A.  Outline for series of lectures, “American History,” Hiram, 1/20-29/1858 from LC James A.
            Garfield Papers, 
Series 10A, Reel #126. 

[Garfield, James A.?]  Class Roll, WREI, [1858-59].

Garfield, James A.  Excerpt from lecture, “School Government,” Hiram, 11/3/1857;
            excerpt from Master’s Oration, Williams College, 8/2/1859; excerpts from
            Debate with Denton, 1858-59; from LC James A. Garfield Papers, Series 10A, Reel #126.

Garfield, James A.  Copy of WREI report card for Mary Johnson for session ending 2/19/1858, signed by
            Garfield, 2/19/1858.

Garfield, James A.  Letter to Professor [J.K.?] Pickett, 6/18/1858 about WREI program and textbooks; no

Garfield, James A.  Letter of reference for H.D. Carlton and J.L. Dille, 4/28/1859.  Gift of Mary Jane and Martha
            R. Adams.

Garfield, James A.  Autographs on WREI excuses, with notes on reverse, April-May, 1859.  Purchased from
            G.A. Zabriskie.

Garfield, James A.  Letter of recommendation for Miss Frank Robinson, 6/4/1860, with franked envelope.  Gift
            of Maxwell Riddle, 12/2/1974.

Garfield, James A.  Criticisms and corrections to paper of B.A. Hinsdale, “Sectionalism,” WREI, n.d.

Garfield, James A.  Recommendation for J.K. Rudolph, 10/1/1860.  Contained in gift of family papers from
            Elizabeth Neill, 12/1987.

Garfield, James A.  Signed report for E.A. Cannon, WREI, Winter Term, 1860-61.

Garfield, James A.  “A Discourse Delivered at Hiram, O., March 3, 1861, Occasioned By The Death of Elder
            John Smith.”  Cleveland: Fairbanks, Benedict & Co., 1861. 

RE: Garfield, James A.  Copies of memoranda on Garfield’s military service, 1861-63, from LC James A.
            Garfield Papers, 
Series 7 & 8, Reel #122.

RE:  Garfield, James A.  “Reminiscences of James A. Garfield,” by W.H.H. Monroe; autobiography of
            Monroe’s service in 42nd OVI.  Gift of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Monroe, 6/8/1984.

RE:  Garfield, James A.  “Garfield and the Ministry,” by President H.W. Everest, clipping found in scrapbook
            of W.O.Moore, pastor of Solon Christian Church, p. 59, n.d.

Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter, signed, to J[ohn] Henry, concerning the whereabouts of his son, Edward.
            Washington, December 11, 1862.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Augustus Williams, 1861-62.  3 autograph letters, signed.

Hayden, Amos Sutton.  Letter to Harmon Austin, trustee of WREI regarding appointment of James A. Garfield
            to board of trustees, June 11, 1864.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton, 8/21/1963.

RE:  Garfield, James A.  Character evaluation of Garfield in letter written by Miss Margaret Lord, 12/23/1863. 

US House of Representatives:

Garfield, James A.  Speech On The Confiscation Of Property Of Rebels, Delivered In The House Of
            Representatives, January 28, 1864.

Garfield, James A.  Stock Certificate for 500 shares of Venango & Virginia Oil Co., issued 12/22/1865.

Garfield, James A.  Order for copies of Garfield’s speech on the Loan Bill, delivered in the House of
            Representatives, 3/16/1866.

Garfield, James A.  Letter [not autograph] to O.L. Woolcott regarding the post office in Farmington, OH,
            4/5/1866.  Gift of the Pendleton family, 12/1990.

Browne, J. Ross.  Reproduction of letter to James A. Garfield regarding taxation of CA wines, 6/20/1866.  Gift
            of Elmer Jagow, 10/25/1972.

Spear, W.F.  Letter to James A. Garfield on various issues, 7/21/1866.

Garfield, James A.  Copy of letter to “Hill,” written at Hiram, OH, 11/19/1866.

Garfield, James A.  Remarks of Hon. Jas. A. Garfield, Of Ohio, In The House Of Representatives, On The
            Bill to Place the Rebel States Under Military Control.  

Garfield, James A.  College Education.  An Address Delivered Before The Literary  Societies Of The Eclectic
            Institute, At Hiram, Ohio, June 14, 1867.

Garfield, James A.  Draft for $400 on account with US House of Representatives, 7/11/1867.  [Gift of F.A.

[Garfield, James A.?]  Partial letter from Munich, Germany, [9/1867].

 “The Rules of the Original Ku Klux Klan,” The Michigan Alumnus, 1/3/1924 (363-64).
            Describes a pamphlet given by James A. Garfield to Wilbert B. Hinsdale in 1871, but probably printed
            c. 1867.

Morton, Hon. O.P.  Reconstruction.  Speech of Hon. O.P. Morton In The U.S. Senate, January 24, 1868,
            On The Constitutionality Of The Reconstruction Acts.

Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter, signed, to Alexander Campbell, Jr., 4/22/1868.  Gift of Keylon Clarke. 

Garfield, James A.  The Currency.  Speech of Hon. James A. Garfield, Of Ohio, Delivered In The House
            Of Representatives, May 15, 1868.

Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter, signed, to J.S. Fisk regarding politics in the Warren and Meadville,
            [PA?] areas, 10/4/1868.

Garfield, James A.  Oration Of Hon. James A. Garfield, Delivered At Arlington, VA, May 30, 1868, On
            The Occasion Of Strewing Flowers on the Graves of Union Soldiers.  
Gift of Maurice Fox, 11/1984.

Garfield, James A.  Elements Of Success.  Address of James A. Garfield At Graduating Exercises Of
            Spencerian Business College, Washington, D.C., June 29, 1869.  
Gift of James Rinehart or Thorn
            Pendleton, 6/12/1979.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Copy of letter to Dr. J.P. Robison regarding family matters, 12/26/1869.

Garfield, James A.  Letter to F[rederick] Kinsman, 1/17/1870.

Garfield, James A.  Public Expenditures and the Civil Service.  Speech of Hon. James A. Garfield, Of
            Ohio, In The House Of Representatives, March 14, 1870.

Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter to Lottie [Sackett], 4/3/1870.  Completed, signed by Lucretia R. Garfield.

Garfield, James A.  Hiram College Commencement invitation, 6/10/1871, addressed to Mr. & Mrs. Boynton, with
            note initialed by Garfield.

Garfield, James A.  The Campaign on the Reserve.  Speech Of Hon. James A. Garfield, Delivered Before
            The Congressional Convention Of The Nineteenth District, At Warren, Ohio, July 31, 1872.

Garfield, James A.  Letter “To The Republican Voters Of The Nineteenth District, Hiram, Ohio, April 21, 1873.”

Garfield, James A.  The Future Of The Republic, Its Dangers And Its Hopes, An Address, Delivered Before
            The Literary Societies Of Hudson College, July 2, 1873.

Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter, signed, to Edwin S. Bower, 9/19/1873.  Gift of Helen Bower Laughlin,

Garfield, James A.  Discovery And Ownership Of The Northwest Territory And Settlement of the Western
            Reserve.  An Address Delivered September 16, 1873.  
Tract 20 of the Western Reserve and Northern
            Ohio Historical Society of Cleveland, February, 1874.  Reprinted by a Gentleman of Cleveland,
            September, 1881.  3 copies.

Garfield, James A.  The Northwest Territory: Settlement of the Western Reserve.  Address Delivered At
            Burton, Ohio, Before The Historical Society of Geauga County, September 16, 1873.  
            James R. Osgood, 1885.

Garfield, James A.  Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.  3 sources, c. 1875.

Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter, signed, to Lottie [Sackett], 2/23/1876.  Mentions death of Almeda Booth.

Garfield, James A.  Can the Democratic Party be Safely Intrusted with the Administration of the
            Government.  Speech Of Hon. James A. Garfield, Of Ohio, In The House Of Representatives,
            August 4, 1876.

Garfield, James A.  In Memoriam.  Life And Character Of Almeda A. Booth, An Address Delivered At Hiram
            College, Ohio, June 22, 1876.  
2 copies.  Also Hiram College Commencement program for same date. 

Black, J.S.  Open Letter…To Gen. Garfield Where The General Got His Ideas.  Pro-Slavery Doctrines
            Of The Abolitionists.  Carpet Bag And Credit Mobilier Thieves.  Republican Corruption.
            Garfield’s Unfaithfulness To The “Goddess Of Liberty.”  
c. 9/1876.

Garfield, James A.  John Winthrop And Samuel Adams.  Remarks Of Hon. James A.  Garfield, Of Ohio,
            Delivered In The House Of Representatives, December 19, 1876.

“The Florida Case—Before the Electoral Commission,” painting by Cornelia Adele Fassett, [February, 1877],
            reproduction with key.  Garfield on rostrum at right.

Garfield, James A.  Repeal of the Resumption Law.  Speech Of Hon. James A. Garfield, Of Ohio, Delivered
            In The House Of Representatives, November 16, 1877.

Garfield, James A.  The Policy of Pacification and the Prosecutions in Louisiana.  Speech Of The Hon.
            James A. Garfield, Of Ohio, Delivered in the House of Representatives, February 19, 1878.

Endicott, William, Jr.  A Refutation Of Some Of Gen. Butler’s Recent Mis-Statements To The People Of
            Massachusetts.  Delivered at Faneuil Hall, Boston, September 10, 1878.

Garfield, James A.  General Garfield’s Speech On Honest Money.  Delivered at Faneuil Hall, Boston,
             September 10, 1878.

Garfield, James A.  Autographed copy of A Memorial: The Reunion of the Olive Branch Literary Society of
            Hiram College, 1853-1877.  

Garfield, James A.  In Memoriam Joseph Henry.  Address Of Hon. James A. Garfield, At The Memorial
            Meeting In The House Of Representatives, January 16, 1879.

Garfield, James A.  Speeches Of Hon. James A. Garfield, Of Ohio, In The House Of Representatives, At The
            Extra Session [of the 46th Congress], March 18 to July 1, 1879.

Garfield, James A.  Revival of State Sovereignty in Congress.  Speech Of Hon. James A. Garfield, Of Ohio,
            In The House Of Representatives, June 27, 1879.

Garfield, James A.  Speech Of Hon. James A. Garfield, Of Ohio, Delivered At Cleveland, Ohio, October 11,

Post Office Department.  Memo to James A. Garfield, 2/24/1880.   

James A. Garfield with Harmon Austin, css.:

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Harmon Austin, various dates, 1860-70.  13 letters.  Gift of Pendleton family,

RE:  Garfield, James A.  Css. of others with Harmon Austin, various dates, 1866-81.  9 letters.  Gift of Pendleton
            family, 12/1990.

Garfield, James A.  Telegrams to Harmon Austin, various dates, 1864-70.  3 telegrams.  Gift of Pendleton family,

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Harmon Austin, various dates, 1870-79.  3 letters and a fragment.  Gift of Pendleton
            family, 12/1990.

RE:  Garfield, James A.   Memorabilia, the Old XIXth District Garfield Club, various dates, 1881-92.  Gift of
            Pendelton family, 12/1990. 

James A. Garfield with Charles E. Henry, css.:

RE:  Charles E. Henry’s appointment as clerk in postal car service.  4 letters, 1869-73, and supper invitation.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1869-72.  12 letters.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1873.  11 letters.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1874.  15 letters.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1875.  10 letters, including one typewritten letter, dated 3/3/1875.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1876.  15 letters.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1877.  9 letters.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1878.  9 letters, 1 envelope.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1879.  22 letters.

Garfield, James A.  Css. with Charles E. Henry, 1880.  10 letters. 

James A. Garfield with Albert Stiles, css.:

Photocopies of 35 letters, dated 2/14/1873 –10/21/1880.  Gift of Carol Fritz Schultz, granddaughter of Albert
            Stiles, 5/1983.

Presidential Campaign of 1880:

Garfield, James A. and Arthur, Chester A.  Letters Of Acceptance of Hon. J.A. Garfield And Gen. C.A.
            Arthur, And The Platform Adopted By The Republican National Convention, 

RE:  Garfield, James A. and Chester A. Arthur.  Advertisement by Vandercook & Co., engravers, for Garfield
            and Arthur portraits, n.d., probably 1880.

Republican Congressional Committee.  Garfield and Arthur Campaign Songbook.  1880.  Gift of Mary Jane
            and Martha R. Adams.  Photocopy of same, from Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library.

Republican Central Campaign Club of NY.  Garfield and Arthur Republican Campaign Song Book.  1880.
            Photocopy from Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library.

Peterson, Hiram E.  Our Next President, James A. Garfield.  Song and Poems.  NY:  1880.  Photocopy from
            Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library.

Rosewig, A.H.  Gen. Jas. A. Garfield’s Campaign Grand March.  Philadelphia:  1880.  Photocopy from
            Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library.

Garfield, James A.  General Garfield As A Statesman And Orator.  Paragraphs From His Speeches In
            Congress And On The Stump
.  NY:  National Republican Com., 1880.

Republican Central Campaign Club of New York.  Stand Firm In Your Places; Or, Why
            Young Men should Vote for Gen. James A. Garfield.  Tract VIII.  NY Times.  

Garfield, Lucretia and James A.  Holograph letter to Nellie Austin, daughter of Harmon Austin, on the occasion of
            her marriage to W.C. Pendleton.  Washington, 1/25/ 1880.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter to W.K. Pendleton, President of Bethany College, 4/1/1880.

RE:  Garfield, Lucretia.  Description of Lucretia Garfield receiving news of her husband’s nomination at the home
            of J.P. Robison, Mentor, OH.

Republican State Executive Committee.  Garfield And Arthur Campaign Tracts.  July, 1880.    No. 1.

Garfield, James A.  Letter to Messrs. Shober and Carqueville from Mentor, OH, 7/27/1880.    2 copies.  [Probably

Garfield, James A.  Text of telegrams from Rudolph cousins congratulating Garfield on his nomination and
            autograph letter from Garfield thanking them, 11/3/1880 and 11/11/1880.  Gifts of Mary Jane and Martha
            R. Adams.

RE:  Garfield, James A.  The Life And Character Of James A. Garfield.  Prepared By B.A. Hinsdale,
            President of Hiram College.  
[1880]  2 copies.

Garfield, James A.  “President Garfield’s Leave-Taking Of Hiram,” Fifteenth Annual Catalogue Of Hiram
            College, For The Year Ending June, 1882: 
5.  4 copies.  “Garfield’s Farewell Address to Hiram,”
             The Hiram Broadcaster, vol. 1 #5, 2/1929: 1; 8.

Letter from Executive Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies regarding tickets to Inauguration Ball, 3/4/1881.
            3 copies.

Lithograph of Haverly’s Minstrels as they appeared by special invitation at the Inauguration of President Garfield in
             American Heritage, 12/1955:  36-37.  Also photocopy.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton, 1981.

Sousa, John Philip.  President Garfield’s Inaugural March, 1881.  Reprinted by JC Penney as part of The
            Bicentennial Musical Celebration, 1975.
  Also letter regarding the March from R.F. Goldman
            of the Peabody Institute, 2/27/1995.  Also set of 4 slides connected to musical celebration.

Garfield, James A.  Holograph letter from Executive Mansion, Washington, to Burke A. Hinsdale, 3/26/1881.
            Also css. between HC Archivist and Chris Coover, senior ms. Specialist at Christie’s, NY, regarding
            holograph letter appraisal.

Garfield, James A.  Copy of autograph letter to Gen. U.S. Grant at the City of Mexico, 5/15/1881.  From the
            JAG Papers at the Library of Congress.

Garfield, James A.  Printed quotations:  “Practical Education”; “ A Pound of Pluck is worth a ton of Luck.”  n.d.

Garfield-related newspaper clippings, presidential election. 

Garfield Campaign and Death Memorabilia:

Campaign pin, 1880.  Gift of Jan Goodland-Metz, 8/1999.

Memorial medals.  Gifts of Thorn Pendleton, 10/21/1986; and Andrew Sawyer, 12/1988.

Memorabilia of the Old XIXth District Garfield Club, 1881-1892:
                “Resolution Of Respect,” Warren, OH, 9/26/1881; Constitution, By-Laws and Proceedings,1890,1891
                (2 copies); program, Banquet of the Garfield Club, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891; invitation, 1890; menu,

Badge, Cleveland Exposition, 13th International Convention, 7/1894.  Includes illustrations of Garfield statue and

Campaign and Memorial Ribbons:

            “Garfield: 1880”; “Reception,” with Garfield illustration; “Lake County,” with Garfield photograph; “Hiram
            Memorial, Sept. 25th, 1881,” with Garfield image (3 copies); black memorial ribbon; Garfield Memorial
            Dedication ribbon, May 30, 1890. 

Assassination of James A. Garfield:

Headline “Assassinated,” from Wyandotte [MI] Herald, 7/2/1881.

Telegraph message to Lucretia Garfield from Mattie R. and H.D. Carlton on the occasion of Garfield’s
            assassination, 7/5/1881.

Letter of sympathy to Lucretia Garfield from Rev. T.B. Knowles, Geneva, OH, 7/5/1881, and acknowledgement
            from J. Stanley Brown, Garfield’s secretary, 7/19/1881.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Mrs. Harmon Austin, expressing Garfield’s desire for “some of
            Minerva Austin’s little hard biscuit,” 7/21/1881,with envelope.

National Conference of Charities and Corrections, meeting at Boston, MA, 7/25-30, 1881.    Sentiments regarding
            assassination of President James A. Garfield, photocopy.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Mrs. Harmon Austin, acknowledging receipt of the biscuit,
            7/29/1881, with envelope.

Garfield, James A.  [Secretarial ms. copy of Garfield’s last letter to his mother?], with explanatory material.  Gift of
            Herbert Sihler, Jr., 1/22/2001.

Garfield, James A.  Reproductions of his last letter to his mother, 8/11/1881, with newspaper clippings.

“Ho, Reapers of Life’s Harvest,” President Garfield’s favorite hymn, words and music, with account by B.S.
            Dean, n.d.

Klein, Theo. H.  Funeral March, In Memory Of James A. Garfield.  Boston: W.A. Evans and Bro., [1881].

Palmer, William Kimberley.  The Passing of Garfield, ms., no publication data.

Garfield funeral obsequies in Cleveland, September 20, 1881, typed copy of program.

Facsimile front pages from The Cleveland Press:  “Dead,” September 20, 1881; “The Last of Guiteau,” June 30,
            1882; “Garfield,” May 30, 1890.

Hinsdale, Burke A.  President James Abram Garfield, Remarks of President B.A. Hinsdale, At The Hiram
            College Memorial Service, Held In The First Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, 
September 25, 1881.
            7 copies.

Parkhurst, Rev. Charles H.  Sermon Preached…On Sabbath Morning Following The Death Of President
            James A. Garfield, 
September 25, 1881.

Memorial Services for James A. Garfield, City Hall, Waterbury, September 26, 1881, program.  Garfield’s
            assassination and death, contemporary clippings.

Charles Guiteau:

Autographs of James A. Garfield and Charles Guiteau.

Guiteau’s Crime.  The Full History Of The Murder of President James A. Garfield.  Police Gazette Series.
NY:  Richard K. Fox, 1881.

Taylor, John M.  “Assassin On Trial,” [Timeline?], n.d.:  30-39.

Letters regarding aspects of the trial and execution of Charles Guiteau, November 16, 1881—January 27, 1882.
            4 letters.  Gift of Charles A. Henry.

Anonymous.  “Charles Guitah,” poem with no publication data.  Gift of John Shaw, 3/7/1984.

Copies of invitation to Charles V. [sic] Henry, U.S. Marshall and Deputies, to witness Guiteau’s execution, June
            30, 1882.  9 copies.

Garfield Monument:

Ladies’ Aid Society, State of Ohio.  Form letter to the women of Ohio requesting donations for the National
            Bazaar, Industrial and Art Exposition to benefit the Garfield Memorial Fund, 11/10/1882.  Gift of Mary
            Jane and Martha R. Adams.

Garfield Monument Fund.  Certificates of contribution ($1.00) to fund, issued to Eddie Adams and Mary E.
            Hinsdale.  No date.  Gift of Mary Jane and Martha R. Adams.

Garfield Monument Fund.  Certificate of contribution ($100.00) to fund, issued to Harmon Austin, n.d.

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