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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 8




Box 8:

Garfield-associated Books:

Adams, Daniel.  Adams’ New Arithmetic.  Keene, NH:  J&J.W. Prentiss, 1840.  Contains Two Garfield
            autographs:  “James A. Garfield” in ink on front endpaper, and “J.A. Garfield” in pencil on flyleaf.

Collot.  The Progressive French School Series, the Progressive Pronouncing French Reader.  Philadelphia:
            Kay & Troutman, 1849.  Inscribed “Lucretia Rudolph, Hiram” on flyleaf with Garfield bookplate on endpaper.     

Robinson, H.N.  A Treatise on Astronomy, Descriptive, Physical and Practical.  Albany:  Erastus H. Pease &
            Co., 1850.  Inscribed “J.A. Garfield, Williams College, Feb. 1855” in pencil on flyleaf; contains Garfield bookplate.

Constitution of the United States of America.  Washington:  Government Printing Office, 1863.    “JAMES A
            GARFIELD.  OHIO” stamped on front cover; contains Garfield bookplate.

The Problem of American Destiny Solved By Science and History.  New York:  Charles T. Evans, 1863.
             Inscribed “J.H. Rhodes from J.A.G.  This is a somewhat pedantic book, but it will pay the reading.
             J.A.G.  Murfreesboro—May 24, 1863.” on front endpaper.

Message from the President of the United States of America, and Accompanying Documents, to the Two
            Houses of Congress at the Commencement of the First Session of the Thirty-Eighth Congress, Part
Washington:  Government Printing Office, 1864.  Contains Garfield bookplate.

Mason, F.H.  The Forty-Second Ohio Infantry: a History…in the War of the Rebellion.  Cleveland:  Cobb,
            Andrews & Co., 1876.  Inscribed “To Harmon Austin—Warren, Ohio—With the hope that the deeds
            here recorded may not have been performed in vain; but that their fruits may be preserved for our children.
             I am Very Truly Your Friend, JA Garfield.  Washington.  Dec 25, 1876.” on front endpaper.

Garfield, James A.  In Memoriam.  Life and Character of Almeda A. Booth, an Address Delivered at Hiram
            College, Ohio, June 22, 1876.  
Washington, 1877.  “Almeda A. Booth by J.A. Garfield.” stamped on front cover.   

Bullions, Peter, comp.  The First Six Books of Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War, rev. ed.  New
            York:  Sheldon and Company, 1879.  Inscribed “Yours Truly, Hon. James A. Garfield, Mentor, Ohio”
            and “Yours Respectfully, Hon. Chester A. Arthur” on front endpaper.

Ellis, Gilbert J. and J.H. Fillmore, eds.  The Praise Hymnal.  Cincinnati, O.: Fillmore Brothers, 1896.  Contains
            Garfield’s favorite hymn, “Ho, Reapers of Life’s Harvest.”

Green, F.M.  Hiram College and Western Reserve Eclectic Institute, Fifty Years Of History, 1850-1900.
          Cleveland, OH:  O.S. Hubbell Printing Co., 1901.  Inscribed “Lucretia R. Garfield” on flyleaf. 


Anonymous Compiler.  Account of the Attempted  Assassination of James A. Garfield, President of the
            United States, with account of his condition from day to day as taken from the Commercial
            Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA.  
3 volumes.  n.d.  [1881?]

[Moore, W.O., compiler?]  [Garfield Scrapbook], presented to Hiram College.  Bookplate of Eclectic Library, n.d.

Anonymous Compiler.  Garfield Centennial Scrapbook, 1931.


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