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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 9



BOX 9:

Donation of Charles Henry:

Pencil or pen and ink memorial drawing of James A. Garfield; drawing of River Falls Public School on reverse, n.d. 

Donation of Willis P. Kern, Class of 1948:


The New York Illustrated Times, vol. X #248 (July 9, 1881).

“In Memory of James Abram Garfield,” Buffalo Express (September 20, 1881), clipping.

The Cincinnati Commercial, vol. XLII #1 (September 21, 1881).

The Cincinnati Commercial, (September 24, 1881).

The Cincinnati Enquirer, vol. XXXIX #268 (September 25, 1881).

The Cincinnati Commercial, vol. XLII #6 (September 29, 1881).

“Garfield Home Festival Edition,” Mentor Monitor, vol. 1 #24 (August 3, 1939).


Hinsdale, B.A.  The Republican Textbook for the Campaign of 1880.  NY:  D. Appleton, 1880.

“President Garfield’s Cabinet,” Supplement to Household Guest Magazine (April, 1881).

Girdner, John H., M.D.  “The Death of President Garfield,” Munsey’s Magazine, vol.

XXVI #4 (January, 1902):  546-549.


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