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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 10




BOX 10:

Donation of Willis P. Kern, continued:

Medallion commemorating Lawnfield celebration, [1976].

Garfield commemoration plate, produced by Kettlesprings, Alliance, OH [for Civil War centennial, 1961-65]. 

Stationery and envelope commemorating National Encampment of Grand Army of the Republic, 9/12/1888.

Postcards:  1 Garfield birthplace; 2 Lawnfield; 1 Lake View Cemetery; 1 interior of Garfield Monument; 17
            exterior of Garfield Monument.

Garfield Commemoration envelopes postmarked at Mentor, OH, 11/19/1981:  4 scenes. 

Ringbinder of Garfield memorabilia: 

Catalogue of the Officers and Students and Register of Societies, in Williams College, for the Academical Year 1855-56.

Autograph note, signed, by Henry Y. Saterlee to Col. ? regarding assassination or death of Garfield, n.d.  With transcription.

Autograph letter, signed, by S.B. Chittenden to President Garfield, 5/16/1881.  With transcription.

Autograph letter, signed, by James A. Garfield to Judge [J.S. Black?], 11/3/1869.  With transcription.

Autograph letter, signed, by Lucretia R. Garfield to Judge J.S. Black, 11/29/1881 regarding farm owned in
            common by Garfield and Black.  With transcription.

Autograph letter, signed, by C.E. Henry to Judge J.S. Black, 12/21/1881 regarding incident on Garfield’s
            deathbed.  With transcription.

Information regarding purchase of previous letters.

Garfield 5 cent stamp.

In Memoriam James A. Garfield, Garfield memorial booklet published in Manchester, England, [1881].

Program of Memorial Exercises, at Normal Hall, St. Cloud, Minn., 9/26/1881. 

General Garfield as a Statesman and Orator.  NY:  National Republican Com., 1880.

Relic from the Catafalque Obsequies of President Garfield, Cleveland, OH, 9/26/1881.

Program of Independence Day Rededication Ceremonies of the Lake County Soldiers’ Monument,
            Painesville, OH
, 7/4/1980.           

Further Garfield memorabilia, in chronological order:

Garfield, James A.  “Oration,” Ravenna, OH, 7/4/1860.

Garfield, James A.  “Report of House Select Committee, To Whom Was Referred S.B. No. 211; To Punish
            Treason,” 4/15/1861.

Garfield, James A.  “Free Commerce Between The States,” House of Representatives, 3/24 and 3/31/1864.

Garfield, James A.  [Speech] “On The Constitutional Amendment To Abolish Slavery,” House of Representatives, 1/13/1865.

Garfield, James A.  “Freedmen’s Bureau—Restoration of the Rebel States,” House of Representatives, 2/1/1865.

Garfield, James A.  “Argument…In The U.S. Supreme Court, In the matter of ex-parte L.P. Milligan, W.A.
            Bowles, and Stephen Horsey,” 3/6/1866.

Garfield, James A.  “Remarks…In The House Of Representatives, On The First Anniversary Of The Death Of
            Abraham Lincoln,” 4/14/1866.

Garfield, James A.  “Speech…On The Public Debt And Specie Payments,” House of Representatives, 3/16/1866. 

Garfield, James A.  “National Politics.  Able Review of the Situation,” Warren, OH, 9/1/1866.

Garfield, James A.  “College Education,” Hiram, OH, 6/14/1867.

Garfield, James A.  “Remarks…On The Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson,” House of Representatives, 3/2/1868.

Garfield, James A.  “The Currency,” House of Representatives, 5/15/1868.

Garfield, James A.  “Taxation Of United States Bonds,” House of Representatives, 7/15/1868.

Garfield, James A.  “Public Expenditure and the Civil Service,” House of Representatives, 3/14/1870.

Garfield, James A.  “The Tariff,” House of Representatives, 4/1/1870.

Garfield, James A.  “Currency And The Banks,” House of Representatives, 6/7/1870.

Garfield, James A.  “Debate On The Currency Bill,” House of Representatives, 6/15/1870.

Garfield, James A.  “Speech…At Cleveland, Ohio,” 10/11/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Life and Character Of General George H. Thomas,” Cleveland, OH, 11/25/1870.

Garfield, James A.  “Speech…On The McGarrahan Claim,” House of Representatives, 2/20/1871.

Garfield, James A.  “The Right to Originate Revenue Bills,” House of Representatives, 3/1871.

Garfield, James A.  “Enforcement of the Fourteenth Amendment,” House of Representatives, 4/4/1871.

Garfield, James A.  “Public Expenditures—Their Increase and Diminution,” House of Representatives, 1/23/1872.

Garfield, James A.  “National Aid To Education,” House of Representatives, 2/6/1872.

Garfield, James A.  “The Campaign on the Reserve,” Warren, OH, 7/31/1872.

Garfield, James A.  “The increase Of Salaries,” Washington, 3/27/1873.

Garfield, James A.  “To The Republican Voters Of The Nineteenth District,” Hiram, OH, 4/21/1873.

[Garfield, James A.]  “Review Of The Transactions Of The Credit Mobilier Company…”  Washington, 5/8/1873.

Garfield, James A.  “The Future of the Republic, Its Dangers And Its Hopes,” Hudson College, 7/2/1873.

Garfield, James A.  “Discovery And Ownership Of The Northwestern Territory, And Settlement Of The Western
            Reserve,” Burton, OH, 9/16/1873.

Garfield, James A.  “Revenues And Expenditures,” House of Representatives, 3/5/1874.

Garfield, James A.  “Currency And The Public Faith,” House of Representatives, 4/8/1874.

Garfield, James A.  “Cheap Transportation And Railways,” House of Representatives, 6/22/1874.

Garfield, James A.  “Appropriation Of The First Session Of The Forty-Third Congress,” House of
            Representatives, 6/23/1874.

Garfield, James A.  “Tested And Sustained,” Warren, OH, 9/19/1874. 

Garfield, James A. and J. Daniels.  “The United States, Appellants, vs. William Allison.  Appeal From The Court
            Of Claims.  Brief For The Appellee,” Supreme Court of the United States, No. 643, October Term, 1875.

Garfield, James A.  “Amnesty,” House of Representatives, 1/12/1876.

Garfield, James A.  “Can the Democratic Party be Safely Intrusted with the Administration of the Government,”
            House of Representatives, 8/4/1876.

Garfield, James A.  “John Winthrop And Samuel Adams,” House of Representatives, 12/19/1876.

Garfield, James A.  “Counting the Electoral Vote,” House of Representatives, 1/25/1877.

Garfield, James A.  “Repeal of the Resumption Law,” House of Representatives, 11/16/1877.

Garfield, James A.  “Carpenter’s Painting--Lincoln And Emancipation,” House of Representatives, 2/12/1878.

Garfield, James A.  “The Policy of Pacification and the Prosecutions in Louisiana,” House of Representatives, 2/19/1878.

Garfield, James A.  “The Army And The Public Peace,” House of Representatives, 5/21/1878.

Garfield, James A.  “The Tariff,” House of Representatives, 6/4/1878.

Endicott, William, Jr.  “A Refutation Of Some Of Gen. Butler’s Recent Mis-Statements To The People Of
            Massachusetts”; and James A. Garfield, “Honest Money,” Boston, MA, 9/10/1878.

Garfield, James A.  “Suspension And Resumption Of Specie Payments,” Chicago, IL, 1/2/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Relation Of The National Government To Science,” House of Representatives, 2/11/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Sugar Tariff,” House of Representatives, 2/26/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Revolution In Congress,” House of Representatives, 3/29/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Revolution In Congress,” House of Representatives, 3/29/1879 and 4/4/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Revival of State Sovereignty in Congress,” House of Representatives, 6/27/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Speeches at Extra Session Of The 46th Congress,” House of Representatives, 3/18 to 7/1/1879.

Garfield, James A. et al.  “Proceedings Of The Republican State Convention…,” Madison, WI, 7/23/1879.

Garfield, James A.  “Obedience To The Law The Foremost Duty Of Congress,” House of
Representatives, 3/17/1880.

Garfield, James A.  “Reports On Duties On Hoop, Band, And Scroll Iron, And Upon Certain Other Articles,”
            Committee of Ways and Means, House of Representatives, 5/11 and 24, 1880.

Garfield, James A.  “Customs Duties On Certain Articles,” Committee of Ways and Means, House
            of Representatives, 5/24/1880.

Garfield, James A.  “A Soldiers’ Monument,” Painesville, OH, 7/3/1880; with dedicatory ribbon.

Garfield, James A. and Chester A. Arthur.  “Letters Of Acceptance And The Platform Adopted By The
            Republican National Convention, 7/12/1880.

Garfield, James A.  “Speech Delivered To The ‘Boys In Blue’,” New York, NY, 8/6/1880.

Ribbon, “Garfield & Arthur Glee Club,” Columbus, OH, 1880.

Clothing Advertisement, A.W. Palmer & Co., with images of James A. Garfield and W.S. Hancock, n.d.

Fuller, Hon. Frank.  “The Moral Lesson Of Gen. Garfield’s Life…To The Young Men Of New York,” Cooper
            Institute, NY, 10/31/1880.

Barclay & Co.  “The Life Of James A. Garfield The Citizen-Soldier…,” Philadelphia, PA, [1880].

Republican Central Campaign of New York.  “American Pluck, Or, General James A. Garfield In College,” Tract
            No. III.  [New York, NY, 1880].

Garfield, James A.  “Maxims Of …, General, Patriotic, Political,” no publication data.  [1880].

Garfield, James A.  “Inaugural Address Of The President Of The United States,” Washington, D.C., 3/4/1881.         

Memorial Sermons, Services and Addresses:

Sunderland, Rev. Byron Sunderland.  “A Discourse On The Shooting of President Garfield,” First Presbyterian
            Church, Washington, D.C., 7/3/1881.

Behrends, Rev. A.J.  “The National Calamity, A Sermon,” Union Congregational Church, Providence, RI, 7/10/1881.

Cohen, Max, comp.  “Garfield Souvenirs. And ‘Gems’ of Press & Pulpit,” Washington, D.C., 8/24/1881.

Adjutant-General of the State of New York at Albany.  [Announcement of the Death of President James A.
            Garfield], 9/21/1881.

Beach, Rev. S.C.  “Our Martyred President,” First Church of Dedham, MA, 9/11 and 9/25/1881.

Farnham, Rev. E.P.  “James A. Garfield, A Memorial Sermon,” Friendship Street Baptist Church, Providence,
            [RI], 9/25/1881.

Magrath, Rev. John T.  “Sermon On The Death Of President Garfield,” All Saints’Church, Philadelphia, PA, 9/25/1881.

Nason, Rev. Elias.  “A Discourse On The Death Of James Abram Garfield, President of the United States,”
            Pawtucket Church, Lowell, MA, and Centre Church, Dracut, MA, 9/25/1881.

Palmer, Rev. Edwin B.  “A Sermon Suggested By The Death Of President Garfield,” First Parish Meeting-House,
            Ipswich, MA, 9/25/1881.

Parkhurst, Rev. Charles H.  “Sermon Preached…On Sabbath Morning Following The Death Of President James
            A. Garfield,” Madison Square Presbyterian Church, New York City, 9/25/1881.

Pierson, Rev. William H.  “A Tribute To James Abram Garfield,” First Parish, Fitchburg, 9/25/1881.

Spalding, Rev. George B.  “Discourse On Occasion Of The Death Of President Garfield,” First Church, Dover,
            NH, 9/25/1881.

Walker, George Leon.  “A Sermon On The Death Of President Garfield,” First Church Of Hartford [CT], 9/25/1881. 

Waters, Rev. T. Frank.  “In Memory Of James A. Garfield…A Sermon,” South Church, Ipswich, MA, 9/25/1881.

Woodsbury, Augustus.  “Our Dead President.  A Sermon,” Westminster Congregational Church, Providence, RI, 9/25/1881.

“Memorial Service For The Late President Garfield,” American Presbyterian Church, Montreal, [Canada], 9/26/1881.

Byington, E.H.  “Memorial Address,” Monson, MA, 9/26/1881.

“Memorial Services In Honor Of James A. Garfield,” held at sea on the Cunard Steamship “Scythia,” 9/26/1881.

Hoar, George F.  “James Abram Garfield.  Eulogy,” Mechanics Hall, Worcester, MA, 12/30/1881.

“Memorial Service Of James Abram Garfield…In The House of Representatives,” [Washington, D.C.],
            2/27/1882.  Program card.

Timolean.  “The Idea Of Garfield,”  Chicago: Jansen, McClurg & Co., 1882.

Memorial Memorabilia:

 “The Garfield Memorial, Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, O,” (photograph album), Cleveland: Garfield National
            Memorial Association, 1890.

Program for “Twelfth Night,” Lyric Theatre, New York, with advertisement for Garfield Tea and Garfield
            Headache Powder on reverse, 2/18/1907.

Garfield Monument Fund certificate in the name of “Frank L. Yindrock, n.d.

Garfield Album (lithographs), no publication data. 

Miscellaneous Garfield Memorabilia:

Hinsdale, President B.A.  “Arabella Mason Rudolph: Her Ancestry, Life, And Character,” given at Hiram, Ohio, 7/18/1879.

Hinsdale, B.A. and H.R. Cooley.  “Eliza Ballou Garfield, Mother Of President James A. Garfield, Addresses
            Made At Her Burial,” services held at Lawnfield, 1/23/1888.

“Zeb And Arabella Rudolph, A Memorial,” services held at Hiram College, 10/22/1897.

Garfield photographs:  2 portraits; 1 of Garfield statue in Garfield Monument.

Postcards:  Church of Christ, Mentor, OH; “Lawnfield,” Home of President James A. Garfield, Mentor, OH.

“Annual Announcement of the Spencerian Business College, Washington, D.C., 1880-81.

Donation of Phebe R. Zimmerman, 4/1988:

Garfield Memorial Plate with stippled border and Garfield’s image surrounded by laurel wreath design and the
            single word “Memorial,” Adams Glass Co., Pittsburgh, n.d.

Donation of John P. Zimmerman, 9/1992:

Piece of wood from porch of Garfield home in Hiram, OH.


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