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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 12




BOX 12:

Garfield Memorabilia, Donation of Russell D. Sibert, 7/1997:

8 binders containing articles related to Garfield and his presidency and assassination, many lacking citations.

National Park Service, “Garfield,” videotape, n.d.

Lake View Cemetery, “Landscapes, Landmarks, and Legacies—The Man And The Monument—James A.
            Garfield Monument,” videotape, n.d.

Hiram College Garfield Society medallion, not inscribed, boxed 

On top of Box 12:

Garfield ancestry chart from James A. Garfield’s great grandparents to 1950s

Laminated pages from the following periodicals:

Pictorial History of President Garfield’s Career, Frank Leslie’s Publishing House, NY, 1881.

The Cleveland Weekly Leader and Morning Herald, 6/7/1890.

Harper’s Weekly, various pages from 2/17/1877—3/19/1881; many duplicates.

“Garfield Greets Startled Kin at Reunion,” The Plain Dealer, 11/24/1990.

“President’s Old Home Still Boasts a Garfield, The Plain Dealer, 7/26/1992.

“Murdered By the Spoils System,” The Political Bandwagon, 9/1994.


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