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James A. Garfield Collection - Unboxed Collection

Unboxed Collection


Donation of Duane L. Ross (on shelf, not boxed):


Folio scrapbook covering the assassination and death of President James A. Garfield, and the trial and execution
            of Charles Guiteau.  [Compiled by the Toledo Commandery, No. 7, Knights Templar?]  From the library
            of H.M. Ross. 


Framed Garfield Items (including those hanging in archival reading room):


Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter, signed, to Wallace Ford regarding the election of 1874 and personal financial
            matters, 10/19/1874.  Framed with an engraved portrait of Garfield by H.B. Hill’s Sons, NY.


Garfield, James A.  Letter penned by secretary and signed by Garfield regarding district politics and defending the
            courage of his convictions, 1/17/1870.  Framed with an engraved portrait of Garfield.


Garfield, James A.  Autograph letter, signed, to Wallace Ford regarding his resignation from the Western Reserve
            Eclectic Institute and the need to equip himself for his army commission, 8/17/1861.  Framed with
            photograph of Garfield by Sarony.


Color lithograph of Garfield family.  Framed.  No publication data.


Engraved card announcing memorial service for James A. Garfield, February 27, 1882 in the House of
            Representatives.  Framed with engraved portrait of Garfield.  Bureau of Engraving and Printing, [1882].


Matching photographs of James A. and Lucretia Rudolph Garfield in original frames. n.d.


Photograph of James A. Garfield in original frame.  n.d.


Photograph of Eliza Ballou Garfield, given to Mrs. F.H. Pierce and Mrs. B.B. Franklin shortly after Garfield’s
            death in 1881.  [Original frame?]  Gift of Carolyne Weasner, 1/1989.


Poster for Hiram College Theatre production “A Shooting Star: the life and achievements of James A. Garfield,” by
            John Shaw, 2/1981.  Framed.


Pastel portrait on cloth of James A. Garfield by C. Lehman, originally hung in Ohio State Capitol (1880-1936).
            Framed.  Gift of James A. Jones.


“The Inauguration of James A. Garfield,” lithograph by A.B. Frost for Harper’s Weekly, March, 1881.  Framed.
            Gift of Thorn Pendleton.


Color lithograph of Garfield family c. 1880.  Framed.


“National Memorial Services Upon James A. Garfield…from the Congressional Record,” February 28, 1882.
            Photolithograph by D.A. Partridge.  Framed.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.


“Funeral of the Marty-President at Cleveland, Ohio,” lithograph by E.B. Nock for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated
10/15/1881.  Framed.  Purchase, John S. Kenyon Endowment.


Lithograph of James A. Garfield and Family by Kurz and Allison, Chicago, 1882 in original frame.


Lithograph of James A. Garfield and Family by J.H. Bufford’s Sons, 1882.  Purchase, John S. Kenyon Endowment.


“From the Cradle to the Grave, Scenes and Incidents in the Life of Gen. James A. Garfield,” lithograph by Mayer,
            Merkell & Ottman, c. 1882.  Framed.


“The Garfield Memorial in Lake View Cemetery,” chromolithograph by Diana Weber Gardner, [c. 1990-91].  Gift
            of Russell D. Sibert.  Framed. 


Garfield Bronze Bust and Plaster Cast:


“President James A. Garfield,” bronze bust and plaster cast by Preston Powers, 1883. 


American Flag from Garfield Funeral Car, 9/19/1881:


No provenance. 


Labels for Items Exhibited in Garfield Memorial Exhibit at Hiram College, 1981







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