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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 2



BOX 2:

Memorial and Miscellaneous Material:

Garfield, James A.  Article regarding portrait in Ravenna Republican Democrat, 10/12/1881.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Lottie Sackett, 10/19/1881.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Captain Charles E. Henry, 12/26/1881, with supplement from
            her secretary and franked envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Lottie Sackett, 1/19/1882.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Metallic Burial Case Co.  Copies of letters regarding Garfield casket to Dr. J.P.Robison, 1/21/1882 and

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Copy of letter to Dr. J.P. Robison regarding Garfield’s burial casket, 2/10/1882.

Blaine, James G.  Extract from memorial oration on Garfield, delivered in Congress, 2/27/1882, typed copy.  Gift
            of Mrs. Grover C. Bartoo, 10/16/1980.

Blaine, James G.  Memorial Address On The Life And Character Of James Abram Garfield, 2/27/1882.  Gift
            of Almon Knowle.

U.S. House of Representatives.  Souvenir card issued for memorial service, 2/27/1882.  Also descriptive
            article.  Article the gift of Dr. George Sprogis.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, with franked envelope, to Capt. Charles E. Henry, 5/2/1882.

Everest, Harvey W.  Hiram College Commencement Memorial Address, 6/9/1882.  Typed copy.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, with franked envelope to Harmon Austin, 8/15/1882.  Gift of Thorn

The Garfield Primer.  Calendar and Proverbs.  Original and facsimile,  [1882?]  Gift of Mary Jane and Martha
            R. Adams.

Hinsdale, Burke A.  The Works of James A. Garfield.  Broadsheet advertisement, photocopy.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Harmon Austin, 11/13/1882, with franked envelope.  Gift of
            Thorn Pendleton.

“The Lessons of a Noble Life and a Tragic Death” and “An Afternoon at Lawnfield,”  The Lake Shore Home
(November, 1882):  337-41; 341-43.  Gift of Michael Grajek, 7/1999. 

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Harmon Austin, 1/14/1884, with franked envelope.  Gift of
            Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Harmon Austin, 3/24/1884, with franked envelope.  Gift of
            Thorn Pendleton.

[Republican National Committee?].  Campaign of 1884, Tracts 6 and 7.  [1884].

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Harmon Austin, 4/4/1885, with franked envelope.  Gift of Thorn

“Lake Shore Sketches. Hiram, Ohio,” Johnson’s Lake Shore Home Magazine (June,1885):  176-84.   2 photocopies.

Rudolph, Adelaide.  Account and related letters regarding her trip to Williamstown, MA to attend the
             graduation and James Garfield, [May-June],1885.  Gift of Adelaide Rudolph.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Adelaide Rudolph, 12/29/1885.  Gift of Adelaide Rudolph.

Thomas, Edith M.  “Inaugural. March 4, 1881,” A New Year’s Masque, and Other Poems.  Boston: Houghton
            Mifflin & Co., 1885:  39-40.  Photocopy.

Society of the Army of the Cumberland.  Program of the 18th Reunion and unveiling of statue of Major General
            James A. Garfield, 5/11-12/1887.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Marriage announcement of Mary Garfield to Joseph Stanley-Brown, 6/14/1888, with
            explanatory newspaper clipping.  Gift of Hiram Township [sic] Historical Society.  Also copies of letters
            from Molly Garfield and Joseph Stanley-Brown to Dr. J.P. Robison, announcing their engagement, 3/10/1888.

Hinsdale, B.A. and H.R. Cooley.  Eliza Ballou Garfield, Mother of President James A. Garfield.  Addresses
            Made at Her Burial, 
1888.  Signed by Lucretia R. Garfield.  Gift of Mary Jane and Martha R. Adams.    
            Also 3 other copies and autograph of Eliza Garfield, dated 8/9/1881.

Woodbury, I.B.  “Ho, Reapers of Life’s Harvest,” photocopy from The Standard Church Hymnal, 1888.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to William G. Dietz, 2/4/1889.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Gift enclosure to Mr. & Mrs. Harmon Austin, 1/11/1893, with envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Journal entry, Lake County Probate Court, “In the Matter of the Estate of the Heirs of James A. Garfield,
            Deceased, 10/23/1894.

Hinsdale, Burke A.  Text of address “President Garfield,” apparently to a university audience, [after 1895?].  61
            pages.  (Not in Hinsdale’s handwriting.)

“Garfield Memorial Number,” Hiram College Advance, June 5, 1896, vol. VI #17, 2 copies.

Connery, T.B.  “Secret History of the Garfield-Conkling Tragedy,” The Cosmopolitan, Vol. 23 #2 (June, 1897): 145-62.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Photocopy and transcript of letter to Burke A. Hinsdale regarding memorial to Zeb and
            Arabella Rudolph, 10/25/1897.

Smith, C.C.  “The Old Days at Hiram,” reprinted from The Christian Standard of January 21, 1899 in The Ohio
vol. XXXVIII #3  (March, 1946): 5. 

Girdner, John H., M.D.  “The Death of President Garfield:  a review of the Garfield case from the standpoint of
            modern surgical science…,” Munsey’s Magazine (1902):  546-49.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to J.R. Winchell, 10/28/1904. 

Dick, Charles.  Photocopy of letter from Charles Dick to President Theodore Roosevelt regarding appointment of
            James R. Garfield as Secretary of the Interior, 11/10/1906.

Henry, Charles E.  “Monuments.  Hiram College Which Turned Out a President,” address delivered before the
            faculty, students and friends of Hiram College, n.d. [c.1907?].

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Nellie Austin Pendleton regarding article in [Warren] 
8/4/1909, with franked envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, James A.  “Sayings of James A. Garfield,” Hiram College Bulletin, vol. 2 #1 (March, 1910): 29.

Cleveland Leader.  Phrenology chart of U.S. Presidents from Lincoln to T. Roosevelt, n.d. [c. 1910?].

Dean, Bailey Sutton.  “Reminiscences of Garfield.”  Typescript written for The Front
         Rank.  Only parts 2 and 3 were published as follows:  “When Garfield was at
            Hiram—I. As a Student,” The Front Rank, vol. XXII #20 (May 13, 1911): 1; “When Garfield was at
            Hiram—II.  As a Teacher,” The Front Rank, vol. XXII #21 (May 20, 1911): 1 (2 copies).

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Lottie Sackett regarding making available Garfield
            correspondence with Harmon Austin to T.C. Smith for Garfield biography, 7/31/1912, with franked
            envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Lottie Sackett regarding Garfield-Austin correspondence,
            8/10/1912, with franked envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Nellie Austin Pendleton regarding Garfield-Austin
            correspondence, 8/23/1912, with franked envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Nellie Austin Pendleton regarding Garfield-Austin
            correspondence, 7/14/1913, with franked envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Nellie Austin Pendleton regarding Garfield-Austin
            correspondence, 7/24/1913, with franked envelope.  Gift of Thorn Pendleton.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Stationery with mourning band:  blank sheet, 4 calling cards, n.d. Gift of John Shaw, 1/1996.

Bulletin of Hiram College, Historical Series:  vol. IV #2 (November, 1911), 2 copies;
            vol. IV # 4 (January, 1912); vol. IV #5 (February, 1912), 2 copies; vol. IV #9 (June, 1912),
            2 copies; vol. IV # 10 (July, 1912), 2 copies; vol. V #2 (November, 1912),
            2 copies; vol. V #3 (December, 1912), 2 copies; vol. VI #2 (November, 1913), 2 copies.

Dean, Bailey Sutton.  “Garfield as a Statesman.”  Typescript of a speech given at Orange OH, 11/24/1915.

Garfield, Harry A.  “The Attitude of the United States Toward Preparedness,” an address by the President of
            Williams College, 3/1916.  Photocopy of original.

Garfield, James A. and Family.  Christmas card, c. 1916-17.  Gift of Mary C. Lane, 3/1985.

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Autograph letter, signed, to Sophia (Mrs. Charles E.) Henry regarding a visit, 8/1/1917, with
            franked envelope.  From the Charles E. Henry Papers.

RE:  Garfield, Lucretia R.  (4/19/1832—3/13/1918):  Photocopy of biography from Notable American Women,
            1607-1950, A Biographical Dictionary.  
Cambridge, 1971: 17-18; Obituary and photocopy from  The
            Plain Dealer, 

Henry, Frederick A.  “A Statesman of the Seventies,” typescript of a paper read before The Philological Club of
            Cleveland, 11/4/1919.

Garfield Family.  Wedding invitation of Newell Garfield, 10/7/1922, and James Garfield, 1/20/1923.

Disciples of Christ.  Golden Jubilee Convention, program of Sunrise Service at Garfield’s Tomb, 10/19/1924.

Denton, Hal P.  “When the Nation’s Eyes Were Fixed on Mentor,” typescript, 10/7/1928.

Garfield, James A.  Commemoration of James Abram Garfield, program in the Hiram College Chapel for the
            97th Anniversary of Garfield’s Birth, 11/19/1928.  4 copies. 

Garfield Centennial Commemoration, 1931:

Garfield, James A.  Correspondence regarding preparations for Garfield Day at Hiram College, 1931.

Garfield, James A.  “College to Observe Garfield Day,” The Hiram Broadcaster, vol. 4#1 (October, 1931): 1, 8;
            Humbert, Harold F.  “Why Garfield College?” The Hiram Broadcaster, vol. 4 #1 (October, 1931): 3;
            “Hundreds Drawn to Hill for Centennial,” The Hiram Broadcaster, vol. 4 #2 (December, 1931): 1-2.

Garfield, James A.  Memorial Pamphlets and Programs from Hiram College Centennial: Invitation to service, 3
            copies; response card; luncheon reservation letter with program for the day, 2 copies;  pamphlets of
            college songs, 2 copies; Garfield of Hiram edited by Harold E. Davis, Hiram Historical Society
            Publication #4, 4 copies; Addresses Delivered at a Service of Memory on the Occasion of the One
            Hundredth Anniversary of [the] Birth [of James Abram Garfield], 
2 copies.

Garfield, James A.  Miscellaneous centennial newspaper clippings.

Garfield, James A.  Correspondence, original and photocopies, regarding pictures for a memorial exhibit for
            Garfield Day, 11/19/1931.

Garfield, James A.  Correspondence expressing appreciation for Garfield Day.

Garfield, James A.  Correspondence regarding publication and distribution of Garfield Day addresses and
            “Garfield of Hiram” booklet following Garfield Day celebration, 11/19/1931.  Includes letters from
            Garfield connections and Cleveland luminaries.

Bruce, Wallace.  “Kindness, a poem dedicated to the faculty and students of Hiram College,” Cleveland Leader,
            n.d. [Garfield Centennial?]. 

Memorial and Miscellaneous Material, continued:

Dean, J. Ernest.  “Some incidents in the life of James A. Garfield, from those who knew him,” typescript, [1931].

Hoppe, Ellen Larabie.  “Memories,” reminiscences of Garfield’s niece, typescript and 2 copies; also reprint in
             Hiram College Broadcaster, (Summer, 1968): 11; 23.

Grand Commandery, Knights Templar of Ohio.  Masonic record of James A. Garfield and recognition, 11/4/1931.

Treudley, Frederick.  “Concerning President Garfield,” typescript, 1/7/1932.

Hinsdale, Mary L.  Letter to J. Ernest Dean regarding Garfield Centennial, 1/11/1932.

Delta Upsilon Fraternity.  Correspondence regarding Garfield memorial at Hiram College, June-August, 1932.

“Memorial Ceremonies in Honor of James Abram Garfield at Poestenkill, NY, September 19-20, 1936,” program.

Correspondence regarding the story of James A. Garfield, Mark Hopkins and the log, various dates, beginning 8/23/1938.

Pamphlet regarding Vermont Ave. Christian Church, Washington, D.C., 8/1/1946, 2 copies; also program of
            Frederick D. Powers’ lecture on “Garfield,” n.d.  (Powers was pastor to the Garfields.)

“Unpublished J.A. Garfield Letters Brought to Light,” The Plain Dealer, 6/28/1947, photocopy of newspaper clipping.

Merritt, Arthur H.  “Two Unpublished Letters of James A. Garfield,” The New York Historical Society
vol. 31 #3 (July, 1947): 129-138.

Comer, Lucretia Garfield.  “General Garfield’s Son, a War Baby,” Chapter 1 of Harry Garfield, American
2 drafts, [1950].

Howard, Nat.  “A giant Man Who Was Ours,” Cleveland News, 1950.

Isely, Bliss.  “Our President, Man of Faith—James A. Garfield,” Classmate, May 20, 1951: 8-9.

Prichard, Robert W. and A.L. Herring, jr.  “The Problem of the President’s Bullet,” Surgery, Gynecology and
vol. 92 (May, 1951): 625-633, photocopy of article.

Goulder, Grace.  “Ohio Scenes and Citizens--…Garfield…,” The Plain Dealer Pictorial Magazine, August 17,
            1952, photocopy of article.

“Wellington Church Garfield Dedicated Marks 100 Years,” The Plain Dealer, September 30, 1953.

Correspondence, publicity releases, newspaper clippings regarding Garfield observance at Hiram College, fall,1956.

Articles regarding James A. Garfield in Hiram College Bulletin, January, 1954; November, 1955; October,
            1956; November, 1956; December, 1956.

Davis, Hazel.  “The Day the Church Doors Were Locked,” The Christian Evangelist (January 16, 1957): 8-10.

Excerpts from Discipliana, vol. 21 (September, 1961), relating to Garfield, including Garfield bibliography, photocopies.

“Could Their Lives Have Been Saved?” Pfizer Spectrum, vol. 10 #3 (Summer, 1962): 68-71.

Goulder, Grace.  “The Garfield Clan,” The Plain Dealer Magazine, October 31, 1965, original and photocopy.

Marshall, S.C.A.  “Garfield the Soldier,” Hiram College Broadcaster, vol. 36 #2 (April 1, 1965): 8-10; 27-29,
            original and photocopy.

Norris, James D. and James K. Martin.  “Three Civil War Letters of James A. Garfield,” Ohio History, vol. 74
            #74 (Autumn, 1965): 247-252.

Batdorff, Hattie Harper.  The Making of a President and Views of God’s Creation, Legends of Garfield’s Early
            Life by a Descendant of an Orange Neighbor, c. 1965.    Gift of Genevieve Green.

Freidel, Frank.  “James A. Garfield” in “Profiles of the Presidents,” National Geographic, vol. 127 #5 (May,
            1965): 690-693.

Hopkins, Mark.  “The Choice,” Decision (July, 1967): 7.  Abridged from “Pulpit Power and Eloquence,” 1901.

Hoppe, Ellen Eliza.  “Garfield Remembered,” Hiram College Broadcaster (Summer, 1968): 11; 23, photocopy.

Peskin, Allan.  “Garfield and Hayes:  Political Leaders of the Gilded Age,” Ohio History, Vol. 77 #1, 2, 3
            (Summer, 1968): 11-124; 195-197.

Stanley-Brown, Joseph.  “My Friend Garfield,” American Heritage, vol. 22 #5 (August, 1971):  50-53;
            100-101, original and photocopy.

Davis, Harold E.  “Garfield: the Scholar in Politics,” Hiram College Broadcaster, (Spring, 1973): 2-4.  2 copies.

Peskin, Allan.  “Was There a Compromise of 1877,” The Journal of American History, vol. 50 #1 (June,
            1973):  63-75.

Halfhill, Tom.  “Moreland Hills is rocked over Garfield’s Birthplace,” The Plain Dealer (July 4, 1973):  6, photocopy.

Peskin, Allan.  “From Log Cabin to Oblivion,” American History Illustrated, vol. XI (May, 1976):  24-34, photocopy.

“The American Presidents,” Time (1976).

Rushford, Jerry.  “James A. Garfield: The Early Years,” The Restoration Quarterly, [1977?]:  131-140,
            photocopy.  Gift of Peter Nash, 1978.

“A Place in History (Franklin Circle Christian Church),” Community Weekly (June 28, 1978):  2.

Wuliger, Gregory T.  “The Reluctant President,” review of Allan Peskin’s Garfield, from Cleveland Magazine
(June, 1978):  151.

Peskin, Allan.  “President Garfield and the Southern Question: the Making of a Policy That Never Was,” The Soutern
vol. 16 #4 (July, 1978):  375-386.

Reviews:  The Garfield Orbit by Margaret Leech and Harry J. Brown; Garfield by Allan Peskin.  By John
            Strassburger in Hiram College Broadcaster (Fall, 1978):  13; by Alden Whitman in Times Literary
(November 24, 1978):  1371; by Robert D. Marcus in Ohio History, vol. 88, #1 (Winter,
            1979):  78-83.

Woodworth, Phillip J.  “Garfield: Clouds Over a Pastor-President,” The Disciple, vol. 6 #13 (July 1, 1979):  4-6.

Peskin, Allan.  “Blaine, Garfield and Latin America: A New Look,” The Americas, vol. 36 #1 (July, 1979):  79-89.

“Hiram College Gets Garfield’s Letters,” [Ravenna Record?], [1970’s].

Garfield, Edward W., Sr.  Obituary.  The Plain Dealer, 1/6/1980, photocopy.

Kegley, Jay.  “The Near Tragedy of Leonard Millard, Student at Hiram,” The Plain Dealer Magazine (April 20,
            1980):  52-57.  3 copies.

Fratus, David J.  “Poetry in Nineteenth-Century Hiram,” Hiram College Broadcaster, (Spring, 1980):  3-5.  Also
            source article in New York Times (July 7, 1880):  5, photocopy.

Petri, Thomas.  [Garfield and the Department of Education], Congressional Record— House (October 1, 1980).
            Gift of Mike Starr, [1980].

Garfield Sesquicentennial material other than Hiram, 1981.

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