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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 2A




Adelman, Louis C.  “Death of a President, A Play,” Scholastic Search, vol. 13 #11 (February 6, 1981):  7-10;
            26, original and photocopy.

Shaw, John.  “A Shooting Star: The Life and Achievements of James A. Garfield.  A recital drama for five voices,”
            produced at Hiram College, February 19-21, 1981.

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            266-267, photocopies.

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Various articles covering Hiram College Garfield Sesquicentennial celebration, Hiram College Broadcaster
(Spring, 1981), entire issue.

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Garfield-Perry Stamp Club.  Imprinted envelope marking the 100th anniversary of the inauguration and
            assassination of James A. Garfield, 3/1981.  2 envelopes.  Gift of Russ Sibert, 4/1993.

Rothwacks, Meyer.  “Prodigy Before the Court:  James Garfield and Ex Parte Milligan,” The Supreme Court
            Historical Society Quarterly, 
vol. V #3 (Summer, 1983): 2.

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vol. 7 #5 (Winter, 1983):  6-7.  Also CSU press release.

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vol. 14 #2 (Fall, 1984):  4-5; 9.

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Peskin, Allan.  Program for “James A. Garfield, A Place in History,” videotape and lecture at Western Reserve
            Historical Society, May 15, 1985.  2 copies.

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(April 27, 1986): 6-8; 10; 16; 27.  2 copies.

Shaw, John.  “Lucretia and Her Letters—the Garfield Correspondence,” Hiram Magazine (Spring, 1986): 8-12.

Envelope with cancellation from Presidential Birthplace Station, Orange, OH, November 19, 1986, in celebration
            of Garfield’s 155th birthday.  Gift of Joanne and Robert Sawyer, 11/1986.

Wallace, D.L.  The Gallery of American Presidents, 1978; 1987.  Gift of Russ Sibert, 1/1992.

Garmon, Margaret Ann.  “Hiram Home for Garfield Legacy,” Record-Courier (January 27, 1987): 10.

Schuman, Michael A.  “Ohio’s Presidential Trail,” The Plain Dealer (May 17, 1987): 1;4.

“Pulpit Rock,” Chagrin Valley Country Club, Moreland Hills, OH:  account of visit to rock where Garfield
            practiced oratory, by Lucille Fiorelli, July 27, 1987; account of archaeological dig at site of Garfield home,
            led by Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 3 photos.

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Sibert, Russell D.  “The President We Hardly Knew,” Beacon (October 8, 1989): 19-21. 2 copies.  Gift of Russ
            Sibert, 11/1999.

Ott & Associates.  “Presidents of the United States,” 1989.

Shaw, John.  “James and Lucretia,” typescript, 1989.

Sibert, Russell D.  “Monument to a President,” Hiram Magazine (Winter, 1990): 12-17.

Gamson, Leland.  Letter to Russell Sibert regarding planting a tree at Lawnfield or Lake View Cemetery, 2/12/1990.

Mazanec, Douglas.  “The Presidents Among Us,” Northeast Ohio Avenues, vol. II #6 (June, 1990): 14-16;
            41-42.  2 copies.

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Bauer, Don.  “The Man Who Killed James Garfield,” Plain Dealer Magazine (December 23, 1990): 13-15.

Css. between Harold Haugh (Class of 1929) and G.B. Oliver, President of Hiram College regarding a poem,
            “President Garfield,” 7/1991, photocopies.

Peskin, Allan.  “If You Seek His Monument,” Timeline, vol. 9 #4 (August/September, 1992): 40-51.

Elish, Jill.  “Following the Footsteps,” Record-Courier (June 11, 1993).

“President Garfield’s Inaugural March,” Hiram College Concert Band, November 17, 1993, program.

Kuehner, Robert C.  “Garfield Mansion Puts on New Face for Company,” The Plain Dealer (November 22, 1993). 

DiPaulo, Roger.  “Portage’s First Lady Fought to Save Husband,” Record-Courier (January 2, 1994).

Vosburgh, Mark.  “Part of Garfield’s Restored Lawnfield Estate to Reopen,” The Plain Dealer (July 6, 1996).

Garfield, James A.  “Rules for Living,” as quoted in “Dear Abby,” The [Punxatawney] Spirit (July 5, 1996).

Segall, Grant.  “The Path of a Hometown Hero,” The Plain Dealer (November 16, 1997).

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“Presidential Inauguration—James A. Garfield,” American Memory Project, http://memory.loc.gov  11/2000.

Lawnfield Interpretive Staff.  “A Garfield Family Album,” presentation to Hiram Historical Society, May, 2002, typescript.

Ringenberg, William C.  “The Religious Thought and Practice of James A. Garfield,” The Stone-Campbell
            Movement, An International Religious Movement. 
 Knoxville, TN: U. of TN Press, 2002, photocopy.

“James A. Garfield,” in The American Presidency, Grolier Online, n.d.

Blue, H.T.O.  “Ohio History Sketches, The Garfield Chapel,” newspaper clipping, photocopy, n.d.

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