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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 3


BOX 3:

Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, OH:

Historic Lake View Cemetery, n.d.  Gift of Russ Sibert, 10/1997.

The Lake View Cemetery Association Handbook, n.d.  Gift of Russ Sibert, 11/1989.

Plan of Lake View Cemetery, n.d.  3 copies.

Miscellaneous information about Lake View Cemetery and the Garfield Monument, n.d., photocopies.

Hannibal, Joseph T. and Mark T. Schmidt.  “Rock of Ages…,” Earth Science, (Spring, 1988):  19-20. 

Kohl, Katherine E.  “Accentuate the positive…,” Cemetery Management, vol. 48 #11 (November, 1988): 10-12.

Dooner, Vincetta D. and Jean M. Bossu.  Seasons of Life and Learning, Lake View Cemetery, An Educator’s
1990.  2 copies.

The Heritage, Lake View Cemetery Newsletter:  vol. 1 #1 (Spring, 1986); vol. 3 #2 (Fall, 1988); vol. 5 #1
            (Spring, 1990); vol. 7 #2 (Fall, 1992); vo. 12 #1 (Spring, 1997).

“Lake View Cemetery—Cleveland’s Outdoor Museum,” University Circle Bulletin, vol. VI #1
            (Spring, 1994): 1.  2 copies.  Gift of Russ Sibert, 10/1994. 

Garfield Memorial, Lake View Cemetery:

Fingerhood, Bev J.  “Mirror of Cleveland’s History,” The Western Reserve Magazine, vol. 7 #2 (Jan.-Feb.,
            1980):  28-31.

Mclelland, Elizabeth.  “A Time for Preservation—Restoring the Garfield Monument,” Western Reserve
vol. XII #3 (April-May, 1985):  40-44.

McClure, Susan and David Patterson.  “Lake View, Cleveland’s Outdoor Museum,” Western Reserve
vol. XII #3 (April-May, 1985):  34-39.

Rededication of the Garfield Memorial Monument, Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio, May 27, 1985. 3 copies. 

“The Garfield Monument,” The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, (1987):  432, photocopy.

The Centennial, 1890-1990, James A. Garfield Monument, program, 5/28/1990.

Sibert, Russell D.  “Monument to a President,” Hiram Magazine (Winter, 1990):  12-17. 2 copies. 

Peskin, Allan.  “If You Seek His Monument—Reflections on the Meaning of the Garfield Tomb,” Timeline, vol. 9
            #4 (Aug.-Sept., 1992):  40-51.

“The President James A. Garfield Monument, Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio,” souvenir pencil, n.d.  Gift
            of David Fratus, 11/1989.

“Garfield Monument,” stationery, n.d.  Gift of James R. Garfield, 3/1990.

“The Garfield Memorial, Cleveland, Ohio,” paper souvenir pennants, n.d.  2 copies.  Gift of Russ Sibert, 9/1990.

The James A. Garfield Monument at Lake View Cemetery, descriptive pamphlet, n.d.  2 copies.

The James A. Garfield Monument at Lake View Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio, including a bried outline of
            Garfield's career, n.d. 3 copies.

Garfield Memorial in Lake View Cemetery—Newspaper Clippings:

One folder of original newspaper clippings and photocopies, [1881]—1990. 

Garfield Monument at Bonita Canyon, [AZ?]:

Description of Garfield Monument at Bonita Canyon, [AZ?], n.d., photocopy.  Gift of Edward Green, 2/1997. 

Robison, Dr. John Peter (1811-1889) and Family:

Robison, John P.  “News Received of President James A. Garfield’s Death,” eulogy, typescript, [1881].

Biographies of John P. Robison and Family:

“John P. Robison,” History of Cuyahoga County, Ohio (1879):  378.

“John Peter Robison,” History of Ohio, the Rise and Progress of an American State by Randall and Ryan, vol. VI (1912).

“The Hon. John Peter Robison,” Representative Citizens of Ohio (1915):  295.

“Mrs. Robison, Who Knew Garfield Well, Passes Away,” The Plain Dealer, 10/21/1895.

“James Thompson Robison,” Representative Citizens of Ohio (1915):  299.

“James Thompson Robison,” History of the Republican Party in Ohio, vol. II (1898):   291.

Photograph of portraits of James A. Garfield and John P. Robison as they hung in the Robison home in Mentor, OH, 1880.

Deeds and css. relating to Robison family, 1852-1885, photocopies. 

Garfield Birthplace, Orange, OH:

Portrait of in [Western Reserve] Historical Society News, vol. 25 #12 (Dec., 1971): 1.

Article concerning in Chagrin Valley Times, 6/14/1990.

Article concerning in [Chagrin Falls] Herald Sun, 7/5/1990.  2 copies.

Article concerning in Euclid Sun Journal, 11/22/1990. 

Garfield Home in Hiram, OH:

Zimmerman, Phebe R.  “Former Home of President James A. Garfield, Hiram, Ohio,” 9/27/1974.

Zimmerman, Phebe R.  “The Garfield-Hinsdale-Clapp-Robbins-Zimmerman Home,” Minutes in Hiram History,
Hiram Christian Church, 9/27/1985.

Photocopies of deeds pertaining to, originals in possession of Phebe R. Zimmerman:   Horace Brown to James A.
            Garfield, 4/15,1863; Photocopies of css. between James and Lucretia Garfield about their Hiram home,
            2/1863—9/1863; James & Lucretia Garfield to Burke A. Hinsdale, 9/7/1874; Letter from Burke A.
            Hinsdale to Phebe Boynton Clapp, 11/20/1882; Burke A. Hinsdale to Phebe B. Clapp, 12/1/1882; Map
            showing Boynton property at SOM Center and Jackson Roads, Orange, Cuyahoga County, OH; Amos
            Boynton to Henry Boynton, 4/14/1856.

Newspapers clippings pertaining to Garfield home, owned by John P. and Phebe R. Zimmerman, 3/1909; 1967—[1990].

Newspaper clippings pertaining to Hiram, OH, 1897—1992. 

Williams College:

Newspaper clippings pertaining to James A. Garfield at Williams College, winter, 9181—7/1992. 


Comer, Lucretia Garfield.  “Lawnfield:  General Garfield Makes a Home in the Ohio Countryside,” Michigan
            Alumnus Quarterly Review, 
vol. 57 #18 (May 26, 1951): 258-261.

“Lawnfield, Home of President James A. Garfield,” Ohio Historical Review, vol. 2 #50: passim.

Schauer, Patricia A.  “Memoirs” [Reminiscence of living in Lawnfield], 1999.

Samples of brochures and stationery available at Lawnfield.

The Garfield Gazette [Lawnfield newsletter], 8/1991.

Newspaper clippings pertaining to Lawnfield, [19-teens]—1998. 

Garfield Ice Water Pitcher:

Press releases describing pitcher and donation to Hiram College.

Script of program for donation of pitcher to Hiram College at Garfield Monument, Lake View Cemetery, 5/2/1990.

Photocopy of illustration and description from: American Silverplate by Dorothy T. Rainwater and H. Ivan
            Rainwater.  Thomas Nelson Pr., n.d.  Gift of Russell Sibert, 11/1992. 

Garfield Commemoration, Hiram College, 1980-81:

Freshman Institute syllabus, 9/1980. 

“Hiram College Presents A Garfield Commemoration, 1980-81,” Hiram College Broadcaster (Fall, 1980):  16.

[Garfield Commemoration], Hiram College Broadcaster (Spring, 1981):  passim, photocopy.

Starr, Michael.  Notes regarding planning of Garfield Commemoration, typescript and manuscript.

Garfield Commemoration grant proposal to Ohio Programs in the Humanities.

General correspondence regarding Garfield Commemoration, 1978-82.

Programs and fliers for Garfield Commemoration.

Newspaper and magazine clippings regarding Garfield Commemoration, 1980-81, originals and photocopies.

Brown, Harry J. with Michael Starr.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

Conkin, Paul with Michael Starr.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

General correspondence regarding possible speaking engagement for Gerald R. Ford at Hiram College, 1979-80.

Harris, Neil with Michael Starr and John Strassburger.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

Hatfield.  Senator Mark O. with Michael Starr, Thorn Pendleton and Richard Ekman.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

McPherson, James with Michael Starr.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

Peskin, Allan.  Correspondence regarding biography of Garfield.

Peskin, Allan with Michael Starr and John Strassburger.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

Short, Howard E. with Michael Starr and Thorn Pendleton.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

Wyatt-Brown, Bertram with Michael Starr.  Correspondence regarding speaking engagement at Hiram College, 1980-81.

Schroeder, Oliver, Jr.  “James Abram Garfield—A Century Later,” n.d. [related to Garfield Commemoration at Hiram College?]. 

Other Garfield Commemorations:

Garfield Family Reunion, Thanksgiving, 1990:  correspondence regarding, originals and photocopies.

Garfield Commemoration at Lake View Cemetery, 9/27/1991.   

Garfield Memorial Service Card - Presented to William R. Schnitger, Dep. U.S. Marshall for the Wyoming Territory.  Gift of the Wyoming State Archieves.


Reviews, books about Garfield, 1926-78.

Garfield correspondence in Henry Papers, Hiram College Archives.

Correspondence regarding Garfieldiana donated to Hiram College by Thorn Pendelton.

Miscellaneous correspondence regarding donations of Garfieldiana to Hiram College and requesting information
            about the collection.

Inventory of Garfield-Guiteau newspapers in Hiram College Archives holdings.

Garfield holdings, [Cleveland State University?], photocopies of shelf-list cards.

Library of Congress.  “List of References on James Abram Garfield,” 11/10/1913.

Ohio Historical Society.  James A. Garfield Papers, 1853-1913.  Microfilm Edition MIC 80.

Rutherford B. Hayes Library.   Garfield holdings, photocopies of guides, 1979.

“Basic Bibliographies—James Abram Garfield,” Discipliana (September, 1961):  43-45.

Guiteau, Charles J.  Bibliography on, n.d.

Kovel, Ralph and Terry.  “Tumbler Design Honors Garfield and Lincoln,” Akron Beacon Journal, 3/1986;
            “Tumbler Marks Garfield’s Death,” The Plain Dealer, 5/10/1986; photograph of donation of Garfield
            Water Pitcher to Hiram College, Chagrin Valley Times, 5/17/1990; “Antiques’ Value Depends on
            Proof,” The Plain Dealer, 6/9/1990.

Carson, Steven L.  “Collecting Presidential Autographs:  Hail to the Collector!” AB Bookman’s Weekly
(5/12/1986):  2188-93.

Graham, Richard B.  “Pre-franked U.S. Congressional Envelopes,” Linn’s Stamp News (4/13, 1992):  16.

Valuations of Garfield memorabilia in Hiram College Archives.

Catalogues and pricing guides for Garfield memorabilia.

Paperweight with excerpt from Garfield speech etched on bottom in Japanese.  Gift of Makoto Isagima, 5/1990.

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