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James A. Garfield Collection - Box 4



BOX 4:

Duplicates of Garfield Items:

Davis, Harold E., ed.  Garfield of Hiram, Hiram Historical Society Publication No. 4. Hiram, OH: 1931.  7 copies.

Bulletin of Hiram College:  “Garfield Number,” vol. IV #II (November, 1911), 2 copies; “Home-Coming
            Number,” vol. IV #IX (June, 1912), 2 copies; “Western Reserve Eclectic Institute Series Number 5,” vol.
            IV #X (July, 1912), 3 copies; “Almeda Booth Number,” vol. V #II (November, 1912), 2 copies;
            “Garfield Day Number,” vol. V #III (December, 1912), 3 copies; “James A. Garfield—Public Speaker,”
            vol. XLVI #1 (January, 1954), 9 copies with envelope; “Life and Services of James A. Garfield,” vol.
            XLV #11 (November, 1955), 15 copies with envelopes; “James A. Garfield and Hiram College,” vol.
            XLVIII #11 (November, 1956), 7 copies with envelope; “James A. Garfield—Educator,” vol. XLVIII
            #12 (December, 1956), 8 copies with envelope.

Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio 1931-2—The Centenary of the Birth of James A. Garfield, November 19,
leaflet of Hiram songs.  22 copies.

“James Abram Garfield, 1831-1881.  Addresses Delivered At A Service Of Memory On The Occasion Of The
            One Hundredth Anniversary Of His Birth,” Bulletin of Hiram College, vol. XXIII #4 (November,
            1931).  9 copies.

Exercises Honoring The Memory Of James Abram Garfield On The Occasion Of The One Hundredth
            Anniversary Of His Birth, November 19, 1931, 
program.  8 copies.

Hayes Historical Journal, vol. III #4 (Fall, 1981):  issue devoted to Hiram College Garfield Commemoration Lectures:
            Peskin, Allan.  “A Century of Garfield”; Hatfield, Senator Mark O.  “James A. Garfield: A Man Called,
            A People Saved”; “A Pictorial Album: Garfield in Pen and Ink”; Sawyer, Robert W.  “James A.
            Garfield and the Classics”; Brown, Harry James. Garfield’s Congress.”  6 copies.

Hiram College Broadcaster: (all issues contain Garfield-related articles) Spring, 1973; Spring, 1980; Spring,
            1981, 5 copies; Winter, 1984; Spring, 1986, 2 copies; Winter, 1990; Summer, 1994; Spring, 1995, 2 copies.

Dedication of the James A. Garfield Presidential Window, The Nation City Chirstian
            Church, April 5, 1981, program.  9 copies.

Sibert, Russell D.  “Monument to the President,” Hiram Magazine (Winter, 1990):  12-15.  27 copies.  Gift of
            Russ Sibert, 11/1990. 

Garfield Photographs (small):

Garfield as a youth and in army uniform:
            1.      Garfield, age 16
            2.      Garfield, age 16, enlarged, 6 copies; lithograph
            3.      Garfield, detail from #s 4 and 5
            4.      Garfield with his cousin, Henry Boynton, 2 copies with 2 negatives
            5.      Garfield with his cousin, Henry Boynton, postcard
            6.      Garfield with beard, after graduation from Williams College?  3 copies
            7.      Garfield with beard, matted photograph, 8 copies
            8.      Garfield with unidentified young woman
            9.      Garfield with faculty of W.R.E.I., c. 1858    
            10.  Garfield in Army uniform, 5 copies
            11.  Lt. Colonel Garfield, 1861, 2 copies, one a lithograph 

Garfield during political career:
            1.      Garfield with signature, postcard and 4 copies
            2.      Garfield, photograph of #1
            3.      Garfield photograph inscribed to B.A. Hinsdale, with negative
            4.      Garfield, copy of #3
            5.      Garfield with mother, Eliza Ballou Garfield, detail of family photograph
            6.      Garfield, magazine lithograph
            7.      Garfield, photograph and copy from Hiram College Advance
            8.      Garfield, magazine lithograph from artotype by Edward Bierstadt, NY
            9.      Garfield, photograph by North & Schwerdt, Cleveland, OH, with 7 copies
            10.  Garfield, photograph by Ryder’s, Cleveland, OH, gift of F.A. Henry, with 7 copies
            11.  Garfield, artotype by H.W. Tibbals, Painesville, OH, 1881, with 5 copies
            12.  Garfield, photograph by H.W. Tibbals, Painesville, OH, with 2 copies, gift of F.A. Henry
            13.  Garfield, 5 copies of framed photograph, gift of T. Monks
            14.  Garfield, photograph by J.F. Ryder, Cleveland, OH
            15.  Garfield, engraving by George E. Perine, NY, with 2 copies
            16.  Garfield, engraving by W. Wellstood & Co., 2 copies 

Garfield’s Birthplace, Orange, OH:
            1.      View of birthplace, photograph taken in 1931
            2.      Site of Garfield log cabin
            3.      Unveiling of Garfield memorial stone, 11/19/31
            4.      Site with [reconstructed?] cabin
            5.      Photograph of engraving of frontispiece of Horatio Alger’s From Canal Boy to President, with log
                    cabin in background 

Garfield’s House in Hiram, OH:
            1.      Garfield house with Bonney Castle to left
            2.      Garfield house, front view
            3.      Garfield house with Marcia Henry house to right
            4.      Garfield house, clipping from Hiram College calendar, gift of Mrs. Bessie Erb, 6/1976, 2 copies
            5.      Garfield house by Miller, Hiram, OH, [from Dean family?], 2 copies
            6.      Garfield house, copies of #5, 2 copies
            7.      Garfield house, front view
            8.      Garfield house, front door
            9.      Garfield house in winter
            10.  Garfield house, front porch c. 1920
            11.  Garfield house negatives (4), taken 1933-40 by Rex Baxter, gift in 1948
            12.  Garfield house c. 1906, gift of Clara Ritchey, 8/1982
            13.  Garfield house, same as above, with photo of Garfield attached
            14.  Garfield house with Bonney Castle, gift of Dr. A.C. McMahan, 5/1987
            15.  Garfield house in winter, gift of Dr. A.C. McMahan, 5/1987, 2 copies
            16.  Garfield house, front and side view, gift of Elizabeth Neill, 9/1987
            17.  Garfield house postcard, gift of Carolyne Weasner, 1/1989 

Garfield’s House in Hiram, Interior:
            1.      Garfield house front hall c. 1920, 3 copies
            2.      Garfield house front parlor with bay window c. 1920, 3 copies
            3.      Garfield house parlor [c. 1920], 3 copies
            4.      Garfield house parlor with fireplace [c. 1920], 6 copies
            5.      Garfield house parlor with fireplace, postcard
            6.      Garfield house parlor window, [c. 1920] 3 copies 

            1.      Negroes from six states gathered at Lawnfield to salute President-elect Garfield, 1881, copy of
                    photograph in collection of Grace Goulder Izant 

Garfield Album:
            Garfield memorial albums, one the gift of Tim Cammett, 6/1999, 3 copies; 1 partial copy 

Garfield’s Assassination:
            1.      Currier and Ives lithograph, 5 copies 

Garfield’s Funeral:
            1.  Garfield’s funeral car at the catafalque in Cleveland, OH, stereoscopic print by Liebich’s Photographic
                    Art Gallery, 1881, 6 copies
            2.      Garfield’s bronze casket in the receiving vault in Cleveland, OH, stereoscopic print by Liebich’s
                    Photographic Art Gallery, 1881, 2 copies
            3.      Memorial floral tribute with Garfield photograph, stereoscopic print by Littleton View Co, Littleton,
                    NH, [1881], 5 copies
            4.      Garfield catafalque in Cleveland, OH, stereoscopic print by Liebich’s Photographic Art Gallery, 1881, 5 copies
            5.      Garfield Monument construction
            6.      Garfield Monument, stereoscopic print, gift of Linda Spear, 9, 2003 

Garfield Flag:
            1.      Garfield flag, 1880 [at Lawnfield?], 2 copies with negatives 

Garfield, Eliza Ballou:
            1.      Eliza Ballou Garfield reading, gift of Thomas C. Monks
            2.      Eliza Ballou Garfield, copy of photograph in collection of Grace Goulder Izant 

Graves of Abram and Eliza Ballou Garfield:
            1.      Graves of Abram and Eliza Ballou Garfield, parents of James A. Garfield, [Solon, OH?], gift of Phebe
                    R. Zimmerman, 2/1991, 5 copies 

Garfield, Lucretia Rudolph:
            1.      Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, portrait by J.F. Ryder, Cleveland, OH, signed, n.d.
            2.      Lucretia R. Garfield, copy of photograph and negatives, n.d.
            3.      Lucretia R. Garfield and grown children, 5 copies of photograph in collection of Grace Goulder Izant, n.d. 

Garfield, Abram:
            1.      Abram Garfield, son of James A. Garfield, portrait, signed, 1949 

Garfield, Dr. Harry A.:
            1.      Dr. Harry A. Garfield, son of James A. Garfield, n.d. 

Garfield, Mrs. Irvin McDowell and Daughters:
            1.      Mrs. Irvin McDowell Garfield and daughters, portrait by Frivell, Boston, MA, n.d. 

Garfield-Rudolph Families:
            1.      The Garfield and Rudolph families at the Rudolph home in Hiram, OH, c.1875, stereoscopic print by
                    Stem & Gates, Garrettsville, OH, gift of James H.    Norton, 2 copies
            2.      Same view, print by C.M. French, Garrettsville, OH, gift of James H. Norton
            3.      Same view, postcard
            4.      Single view of #2
            5.      Copy of #4
            6.      3 copies of #1
            7.      2 copies of #4
            8.      James A. and Eliza Ballou Garfield, detail of #1 

Guiteau, Charles:
            1.      Charles Guiteau, assassin of James A. Garfield, 4 copies of lithograph, gift of Joseph Patella, 3/1991 

Presentation of Garfield Water Pitcher to Hiram College at Garfield Monument, Lake View Cemetery, May 2, 1990:
            1.      Herbert Strawbridge, Hiram College Trustee, addressing audience
            2.      James R. Garfield II, great grandson of James A. Garfield, addressing audience
            3.      Jim Garfield presenting pitcher to Hiram College President G. Benjamin Oliver
            4.      Jim Garfield and President Oliver
            5.      President Oliver addressing audience
            6.      President Oliver, William Falsgraf, Herbert Strawbridge, Jim Garfield, Sara Sato 

Reproductions of Framed Garfield Photographs and Other Memorabilia in H.C. Archives & Special Collections and in Collection of Mr. & Mrs. John P. Zimmerman:
            1.      Photographs of James and Lucretia Garfield in matching Victorian frames, 3 Photographs (H.C.
                    Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            2.      Eliza Ballou Garfield (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            3.      Garfield/Arthur campaign ribbon and pin (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            4.      Garfield Memorial Service card (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            5.      Garfield family portrait (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            6.      Garfield family portrait (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            7.      Garfield family portrait (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            8.      Garfield family portrait, tinted (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            9.      “From the Cradle to the Grave” (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            10.   “National Memorial Services” (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            11.   Garfield death notice, The Cleveland Herald (H.C. Archives & Sp. Coll.)
            12.  Garfield portrait (Zimmerman Collection)
            13.  Garfield family portrait (Zimmerman Collection)
            14.  Garfield family portrait (Zimmerman Collection)
            15.  “From the Cradle to the Grave” (Zimmerman Collection)
            16.  Garfield products advertisement (Zimmerman Collection) 

Garfield Photographs (medium):

James A. Garfield as a youth and in army uniform:
            1.      Garfield, c. 1851, 2 copies
            2.      Garfield and his cousin, Henry Boynton, 2 copies
            3.      General Garfield, 2 copies
            4.      Negative of #3
            5.      General Garfield in Army uniform, 3 copies
            6.      Garfield and A.S. Hayden, 1866, 2 copies 

James A. Garfield as Principal of Western Reserve Eclectic Institute:  4 copies 

James A. Garfield in Congress and as President of U.S.:
            1.      Garfield in 1871, 2 copies
            2.      Garfield in 1880
            3.      Garfield [as President?]
            4.      Garfield, copy of Tibbals portrait
            5.      Garfield, from an engraving, gift of Joseph Patella, 3/1991, 6 copies
            6.      Garfield and Hon. J.P. Robison
            7.      Garfield death bed scene, engraved by Currier & Ives 

Garfield Portrait, gift of Thorn Pendleton 

James A. Garfield Memorial Plaque at Hiram College, dedicated by Delta Upsilon, 9/6/1936, 2 copies 

Garfield Obsequies in Cleveland, OH:
            1.      Catafalque, photographed by Nook & Sprague, 9/26/1881, 2 copies
            2.      Catafalque, side view close-up, photographed by Nook  & Sprague, 9/26/1881
            3.      Funeral procession, photographed by Nook & Sprague, [9/26/1881] 

Garfield Memorial in Lake View Cemetery:
            1.      Garfield statue inside Memorial
            2.      Color photographs of Garfield statue by Fr. James Flood, gift of Russ Sibert, 1/1991, 5 copies
            3.      Garfield Memorial “jumbo” postcard, gift of Russ Sibert, 3/1996 

Garfield Family Crest, 2 copies 

Garfield Birthplace Site, Orange Township, OH:
            1.      Artist’s rendering of Garfield birthplace by J. Hope, 1882
            2.      Garfield Centennial commemoration at birthplace site, 11/19/1931
            3.      Replica of Garfield log cabin birthplace at Lawnfield, from collection of Grace Goulder 

Garfield Home in Hiram, OH:
            1.      Garfield home with Marcia Henry residence at right, [1800s]
            2.      Garfield home, enlargement of #1, 3 copies
            3.      Garfield home, east view
            4.      Garfield home, front view, 1950
            5.      Garfield home, [1948]
            6.      Garfield home, photograph from glass plate dated 1902
            7.      Garfield home, 1890, 2 copies
            8.      Garfield home, n.d.
            9.      Garfield home photographed by Martha Kenyon, n.d.
            10.  Garfield home, [1970s], 11 copies
            11.  Garfield home, [1980s]
            12.  Garfield home, from collection of Grace Goulder, n.d.
            13.  Garfield home, 1931, gift of James R. Garfield II, 3/1990, 3 copies
            14.  Garfield home, proof sheet of photographs by Rex Baxter
            15.  Garfield home photographed by Roger Cram, c. 1990-91, 3 copies
            16.  Garfield home with Bonney Castle at left, n.d.
            17.  Garfield home front porch
            18.  Garfield home front entry 

Lawnfield, Garfield Home in Mentor, OH:
            1.      Negative of Lawnfield
            2.      Lawnfield, from collection of Grace Goulder, 1952
            3.      Lawnfield, from collection of Grace Goulder, 1960
            4.      Lawnfield, from collection of Grace Goulder, 1962
            5.      Garfield china at Lawnfield, from collection of Grace Goulder, 1962
            6.      African Americans at Lawnfield during presidential campaignin 1881, photographed by J.F. Ryder
            7.      Photo montage of James A. Garfield bust and Lawnfield, gift of Russ Sibert,1/1991
            8.      Lawnfield [1991?], gift of Russ Sibert, 1/1991
            9.      Lawnfield placemat, gift of Russ Sibert, 9/1990  
            10.  Illustrations of Lawnfield, from unknown periodical   

Garfield, Lucretia Rudolph:
            1.      Portrait of Lucretia Garfield
            2.      Small portrait of Lucretia Garfield mounted on silver card
            3.      Portrait of Lucretia Garfield by George Edmondson, from collection of Grace Goulder 

Garfield, Eliza Ballou:
            1.      Photograph of painting of Eliza Ballou Garfield, from collection of Grace Goulder
            2.      Eliza Ballou Garfield before 1860, from collection of Grace Goulder
            3.      Eliza Ballou Garfield c. 1870s, with copy
            4.      Eliza Ballou Garfield in costume she wore to her son’s inauguration, from collection of Grace Goulder
            5.      Eliza Ballou Garfield reading [the Bible?], from collection of Grace Goulder
            6.      Eliza Ballou Garfield in mourning for her son, from collection of Grace Goulder 

Garfield Family:
            1.      Photograph of framed, colored lithograph, with identification of family members
            2.      James Rudolph Garfield as a youth, from collection of Grace Goulder
            3.      Lucretia Garfield and children at Lawnfield in 1911, with identification
            4.      Lucretia Garfield with relatives at Rudolph home, Hiram, OH, with identification, from collection of Grace Goulder
            5.      Lucretia Garfield with grandchildren in 1908, with identification, from collection of Grace Goulder
            6.      Abram Garfield with his son, Edward W. Garfield, in 1911, from collection of Grace Goulder
            7.      Edward W. Garfield in 1965, from collection of Grace Goulder
            8.      Mrs. Abram Garfield with her daughter, Polly Garfield, in 1911, from collection of Grace Goulder
            9.      Polly Garfield in 1918, from collection of Grace Goulder
            10.  Polly Garfield (Mrs. Wm. Hallaran), her husband, children and mother-in-law in 1959
            11.  Mrs. Rudolph Hills Garfield, Mayor of Mentor, OH, 3 photographs, from collection of Grace Goulder
            12.  Negatives of #3 and #5

Garfield/Rudolph Families:
            1.      Group photograph of Garfield and Rudolph families at Rudolph home in Hiram, OH in 1873, with
                    identification, 6 copies
            2.      Detail of #1, James A. Garfield with his mother, Eliza Ballou Garfield
            3.      Detail of #1, group around doorway of Rudolph home
            4.      James A. Garfield with his daughter, Molly, in 1870, collection of the Western Reserve Historical Society
            5.      James A. Garfield, Lucretia and [one of their children?] with Eliza Ballou Garfield on porch of Garfield
                    home in Hiram, OH, from collection of Grace Goulder
            6.      Thomas Garfield, brother of James A. Garfield, from collection of Grace Goulder 

Garfield Centennial:

            1.      Children and grandchildren of James A. Garfield at Garfield Centennial, Hiram College, 11/19, 1931,
                    4 photographs
            2.      Flag raising at Garfield Centennial, Hiram College 

Garfield Family Reunion at Lawnfield, 11/1990:  Photograph taken in library at Lawnfield with proof sheets and negatives; also 5 photographs of Ed Haney as James A. Garfield 

Garfield Water Pitcher:  9 photographs of silver water pitcher presented to Hiram College by James R. Garfield, 5/2/1990; also proof sheet and negatives 

Color Photographs of Framed Garfield Portraits in Garfield Collection of Hiram College 

Negatives of Photographs of Garfield Items in Garfield Collection of Hiram College 

Color Photographs and Negatives in Collection of Mr. & Mrs. John Zimmerman 

Garfield Photographs (oversized):

James A. Garfield in Civil War uniform, seated at table, [“Brady photo, 1863”]; photographic copy; 2 retouched copies; photocopy of retouched photograph; no provenance.


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