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Laptop Computers

We have a large number of laptops available to borrow for up to 4 hours. Unfortunately they cannot leave the library, however they are good in a pinch or for classes in the library.


Check if any laptops are currently available

The loan rules for the laptop for all visitors to the library are:

Item Loan Period # of Renewals Period for each Renewal Fine Before
Declared Lost
Lost Item 
Laptops 2 hours 1 2 hours $5.00 per hour 24 hours $1,500.00

System Specifications

Dell Latitude E6510

Processor Intel Core i7-820QM
Processor clock speed 1.73GHz
Memory 4.00GB
Sound Nvidia HD Audio
Display Viewable size 15.6 in
Native resolution 1,920x1,080
Graphics Processor Nvidia NVS 3100M
Total storage capacity 256GB
USB ports 4
Operating system Windows 7 Professional 32-bit


Software Available

Microsoft Office
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer

Please remember, like all laptops at Hiram, these cannot print to the local printers.



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