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Locating Books at Hiram College Library

Once you have identified an item as useful for your research, you will need to note three pieces of information in order to physically locate the item in the building: Location, Call #, and Status.  Fortunately, all three appear in a horizontal bar so they are easy to identify.

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In combination, the Location and Call # are much like a street address for a house.

  • Location

The location is much like the street name and tells you where in the building to go.  The most common Locations are listed below, but a complete list is available at Locations for Collections.

Main Collection (most of the library’s collections): Second or Third Floor, depending on the call number (0-799.999999999 are on second floor, the 800s and 900s are on the third floor.

Quarto – second floor

Fiction – Fourth floor (Clock Tower)

Juvenile – Lower Level  the Curriculum Resource Room (Chamberlain Room).

Juvenile Fiction - Lower Level  the Curriculum Resource Room (Chamberlain Room).

  • Call #

The Call # is like the house number in that it tells you where in the collection your particular item is located.  The library uses the Dewey Decimal System for call numbers so that items on a particular subject are located together on the shelf.  So, once you find a good book, you should browse the shelves near that book for more possible books you could use.  For more on call numbers, see Dewey Decimal Numbers.

  • Status

OK, status doesn’t help you find it.  It is like knowing in advance if the people whose house you are visiting are home.  The most common Statuses are listed below, but a complete list is available at Status Codes.

Available – Item should be on the shelf waiting for you.  If you cannot locate the item, please notify the staff at the circulation (front) desk.

DUE 04-30-12 – The item is already checked out and is due back on the April 4, 2012.


Once you have the item in hand, take it to the circulation (front) desk to check it out.  You will need a valid Hiram ID, Friends of the Library Membership Card, the appropriate valid ID from an OhioLINK institution, or a valid library card from a SearchOhio library.  For circulation polices (how long you can check it out, what the fines are, etc.), see Circulation Policies.










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