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Collecting Policy

Hiram College Archives


The Hiram College Archives collects, preserves and provides access to the permanently valuable records of Hiram College since its founding in 1850 as the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute.


These records include:

Minutes of the Board of Trustees.

The papers of several principals of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute and presidents of Hiram College.

Complete files of Hiram College Publications.

Records of Hiram College departments, offices, committees, task forces, and student organizations.

Papers of individual faculty members; and photographs.


In addition to the institutional archives, research collections include numerous collections of personal papers of persons connected in some way with Hiram College, and special collections of books and/or manuscripts connected with the institution or the Western Reserve area of Ohio.


The Hiram College Archives also maintains the Mildred Bennett Memorial Collection of Local History Materials. Through an agreement with the Hiram Historical Society, records, manuscripts and documents donated to the Society are deposited in the Hiram College Archives for preservation and access.


The Archives reserves the right to de-accession materials based on the collection guidelines above or duplication of items.

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