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The Business of Ol' Hiram 1890 - 1950.

An Exhibit of Hiram College Archives

Those who came to Hiram after it’s “business boom” may be surprised to read such a statement about the “downtown” area.

You may even ask yourself, “WHAT downtown?”

In the first 3 decades of the 20th century you could find any number of businesses including…grocery stores, meat markets, barbershops, livery stables, restaurants, a laundry, bookstores, shoe repair, souvenirs and novelties, apparel and accessories, print shop, photographic supply and development, jeweler, baker, hardware store, tavern, garage, and the YMCA.

The following is evidence of those long ago business interests.


Archival Resources used for this presentation:

Spider Web yearbooks of Hiram College, 1890 – 1950
Freshman Handbooks of Hiram College 1895 – 1965
The Hiram College Photograph Collection

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