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Mary Bosworth Treudley Chinese Studies Collection

Original inventory prepared by Robert Carney, Hiram '78 Revised and updated by Kevin Close, Fall 2004 4 record storage cases, 4 cubic ft.; 1 half size record storage case, .5 cubic ft.; 2 documents cases, .5 cubic ft.; 1 scrap book cartoon; 2 oversized folders; 1 index card box.

The original inventory was divided into six major categories: Economics, History, Japan, Philosophy, Politics, and Sociology. The minor categories separated into Ginling College, Novels, and Foreign Language selections. Many of the foreign language books were written in Chinese. After categorizing the collection, a bibliographic card giving general information about the book's credentials, along with a short description was created. Finally, each category was arranged alphabetically according to its author. The work of updating the collection and creating a proper archival type finding aid was completed in the fall of 2004 by Kevin Close and largely replaces the previous organizational scheme. The original bibliographic cards are now part of the record of this collection and may be found in box 7b.


The collection mainly spans the period between 1920-40. These decades include the years that Miss Treudley spent in Nanjing, China teaching at Ginling College. During this time, she was a professor of Political Science but her interests spread to other aspects of the changes occurring in China. This twenty-year period was filled with unpredictable and often dangerous episodes for foreigners. For instance, at one point, the college was used as a shelter for Japanese soldiers who invaded Nanking. After leaving China, Miss Treudley continued to take interest in the Chinese situation and constantly added new materials to the collection. Therefore, this collection enables researchers to follow some themes from start to the finish through primary documents.

Biographical Note on Mary Bosworth Treudley:

Mary Bosworth Treudley was born December 1885 in Union City, Indiana. She received a bachelor's degree from Ohio University in 1906, a master's degree from the University of Chicago in 1910 and a PhD from Clark University in 1916. She continued her education with postgraduate work at the Harvard-Yenching School for Chinese Studies in Beijing.

Treudley was the daughter of Frederick B. Treudley, an 1874 alumnus of Hiram College, who served as a trustee of the college from 1889 to 1935. Mary Treudley taught political science at Hiram from 1916 to 1922. She then traveled to Ginling College for Women in Nanjing, China, where she taught social science and assisted with English and economics as needed. She remained there for about eight years, after which she returned to teach sociology at Wellesley until her retirement in 1952.

In 1950, to commemorate the college's centennial year, Treudley published Prelude to the Future, the history of Hiram College covering the years 1850-1950. She also the authored such books as The Men and Women of Chung Ho Ch'ang, This Stinging Exultation and A Fool for the Love of God as well as numerous articles and monographs. She served for a time as acting editor of World Call Publications for the United Christian Missionary Society.

Her interest in Hiram College and the library in particular remained strong throughout her life. Over the years, she contributed many fine books and generous amounts of money for collections. In 1956, Treudley donated to the library a collection of books and pamphlets reflecting conditions on China in the 1920's and 1930's, as well as some materials of historical and literary interest. Many of the items in the collection are in the Chinese language. The collection also includes coins she had collected while in China and various pieces of Treudley family memorabilia.

Mary Bosworth Treudley died in February 3, 1986 in Winter Park, Florida at the age of 100.

Box 1

China --Education

    "At Work in a Social Laboratory."  By Mary B. Treudley.  Ginling College, Dec. 1, 1927. (6

    Children's Books on China: Readings for Fun. By Mabel C. Mead, New York, 1935. Includes 
            Correspondence from Author to Mary B. Treudley.

    China: Syllabus and Bibliography. By Wilbur Laurent Williams. Columbia University. 1927.
           (Oversized Folder)

    "Leaves From a Ginling Diary, 1923. September Days." By Mary V. Thayer. (6 copies).

    "Realities in an Unreal World: Extracts From a Journal Kept at Ginling, August 18 - Sept 8,
            1927."  No Author. (6 Copies).

    China -Education - Ginling College
 Ginling College, Nanjing China

     Ginling College Magazine:
	Vol.	Date			Number		Copies
	1	June, 1924		1		2
	1	Dec., 1924		2		2
	1	April, 1925		3		2
	1	June, 1925		4		2
	2	Dec., 1925		1		3
	2	April, 1926		2		1
	2	June, 1926		3		1
	3	Dec., 1926		1		1
	4	June, 1928		2		1
	5	June, 1929		2	        1
	5      March, 1929	1		2

    Ginling College Bulletin:
            1931 (2 Copies)

    Ginling College Student Hand Book 1924-1926

    Ginling College Letter (newspaper) April, July & November 1924 

    Ginling College Newsletter November 1927. Pamphlet 6 Copies 

    Ginling College Newsletter November 1928. Pamphlet 6 Copies 

    Ginling College Primer Second Edition, 1942. 

    Ginling College These Twenty Years1915-1935, A Story of Victories Service 1940.

    Ginling College 1927 - 1928. 

    Ginling College Pamphlet Describing Ginling College 

    Ginling College. Part I by Mrs. Lawrence Thurston. Part II by Ruth M. Chester. New York:
            United Board for Christian Colleges in China, 1955. 

     Ginling College history The Pioneer 

    Ginling College Reaction to Nanking. No Date. 

    Ginling College Selected Student Papers and Course Outline 1923 - 1928 

    Ginling College Examinations and Assignments 

    Ginling College Materials Ginling College Song Book Ginling College Senior Faculty Dinner
            Program 1928 Ginling College The Inauguration of Miss Yi-Fang Wu as President of Ginling
            College, 1928.

     Ginling College Magazine "A Dialogue" By Mary B. Treudley. c.1924 

    Ginling College Magazine 1932 

    Letter from Mary B. Treudley to Ginling Friends. Annie Laura Gould. 1927.

China - Christianity

    Christianity and the Growth of Industrialism in Asia and Africa, Reverend William Paton, M.A.
            International Missionary Council, March 21 - April 8, 1928.

    Christian Industry, Industrial Committee National Christian Council, Shanghai, July 1926 #8 and 15 
            July 1924 No. 3.

    Christian Industry, Industrial Committee National Christian Council, Shanghai, 1 August 1927 No.
            9. (2 Copies)

    "Social Creeds of the Christian Church". No Author. 12 pages

    "Students and Marriage Customs in China." By College Girls*

    What Do They Confess?: A Chinese Christian Teacher's Testimony in a "Self Accusation" Meeting,
            Christian Century Vol. LXIX, August 20, 1952.

    "Work Among Women Other Than Industrial Girls". Industrial Work Y.W.C.A of China.

China - Economics

    Advertisement for Indian Silk February Sale

    "Chinese Industrial Cooperatives: Productive Relief. No Date, No Author.

    "Christianity and Industry in China." By The Industrial Committee of the National Christian
            Council of China.

    Correspondence to M.B. Treudley from J. Lossing Buck. Re: Statistics on Farm Families in 
            Nanking. (Oversized Folder)

    Economic Program of the Pan Pacific Trade Union Conference, Hankow, China, June 23, 1927.

    "Enforcing the Factory Law in Shanghai." By (Cora) Deng Yu Chih and May Bagwell. 
            (Original and 2 Photocopies).

    "Findings of the National Conference on Christianizing Economic Relations." Shanghai, 1927 
            by National Christian Council of China.

    Immediate Program of Kuomintang, January 1927.

    Industrial Conditions chapter 3. "The Commercial Industrial, and Economic Development." By M.
            T. Tchou.

    Industrial Welfare Work in China, By Cora Deng, National Industrial Secretary 
            Y.W.C.A. of China, approx. 1935.

    Labor Problems. By Cora Deng. Pamphlet. No Date.

    Model Constitution for Rural Co-Operative Credit, Savings, and Marketing, International Relief 
            Commission, Peking: Sept. 1923.

    Price Changes in China: The Effect of Famines and the Recent Rise in Prices, by J. Lossing Buck,
            University of Nanking, June 1925.

    Progress of China's Industrial Cooperatives: A Series of Twenty Drawings. By Jack Chen. c. 1937-

    "Report of The Child Labor Commission". Report submitted July, 1924. (7 Copies).

    "Report of Committee of Six on Nanking 'Ricsha' Service". Nanking. Feb. 12, 1923

    "Resolution of the Forth All-China Labor Conference". June 1927. Hankow. (2 Copies).

    "Salient Facts in China's TRADE", by Julean Arnold, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1927.

    Typed and Edited Manuscript on Economic Issues of China. No Author. No Date.

    "A Visit to a Labour Dormitory". No Author. No Date.

    "The Yenching Index Numbers." Volume 1, No.'s 1, 2, 3. January, February, March, 1940.

China - General

    Addresses Delivered Under The Auspices of the Foundation for the Advancement of the
            Social Sciences of the University of Denver. April 1929. By T.Z. Koo.

    A Bibliography of Recent Oriental Literature and Order Form. London: Arthur Probsthain, 1938.

    Chinese Music, 2nd ed. By Mrs. Timothy Richard. Read before the China branch of the Royal
            Asiatic Society. Shanghai, November 1898.

    Commemorative Material for the Tomb of Dr. Sun Yat - Sen. (Chinese Language)

    Correspondence. No Date. No Signature.

    "List of Nanking, China, Foreign Residents." August 11, 1928.

    "Our Colossal Self-Conceit". Dr. Ida Khan. Circa 1936 - 38.

    Tribute in Memory of Dr. John Elias Williams, V. P. of Nanking University. 1928

    "In Honor of Madame Chiang Kai - Sek. Wellesley, B.A. 1917; LL.D. 1942." Wellesley College 
            Institute On The Far East. October 1 - 4, 1942 - Program.

China - Political

    "Adjusting Under the Nationalist Government in Wuchang, China." National Committee of the 
            Y.W.C.A. February 16, 1927. Shanghai.

    America's Share in Japan's War Guilt, American Committee for the Non-Participation in Japanese 
            Aggression, New York, approx. 1939.

    "The Canton Government Moves to Central China." Shanghai, Dec. 11, 1925

    "Chaing Kai-shek Describes Communists In Speech to Whampao Cadets" The Peking Leader, 
            Friday, June 3, 1927. (May be found with newspaper clippings)

    China in Search of a Government: The Party Dictatorship in Nanking, by George Sokolsky, 3 part 
            article originally appearing in North-China Daily News, Shanghai, Nov. 29, 30 and Dec. 1, 

    The Constitution of the Republic of China. English Translation by Charles C.H. Wan, The Chinese 
            Ministry of Information, Nanking, China, 1947.

    Extracts from Translations of Three Handbills in Wuchang, China, Dec. 18, 1926.
                    Siege of Wuchang 
                    Opening the City 
                    Welcome to the Revolution 
                    "Get-Together" of People and Soldiers 
                    Birthday of Sun Yat-Sen 
                    Welcome to the Nationalist Officials and Advisor Borodin

    "Labor Unions in Canton." By Edward H. Lockwood.

    Journal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Vol. XXXIII. "Mencius and Some other 
            Reformers of China" By Dr. W.E. Macklin.

    "Nanking - Four Months After." Observations During a Brief Visit to Nanking, By A.R. Kepler. No 

    "Some Facts About the Labour Movement in China." By Mary B. Treudley.

    "War Damage in the Nanking Area, Dec. 1937 to March 1938: Urban and Rural Surveys." By Dr. 
            Lewis S.C. Smythe.

China - Publications

    Industrial Reconstruction Series, No. 1, 3, 4 2nd edition. By Industrial Committee of the National 
            Christian Council of China.

    Labor Legislation Series, No. 1, and 2. By Industrial Committee of the National Christian Council 
            of China.

    The "Green Year" Supplement. Y.W.C.A. of China November 1930, February 1931, May 1931, 
            October 1931, December 1931.

Box 2


    America and the Far Eastern War. By Wm. W. Lockwood, Jr. American Council Institute of 
            Pacific Relations, 1937.

    Analysis of Chinese Characters. By G. D. Wilder and J.H. Ingram. North China Union Language 
            School. 1921.

    Bates of Nanking: The Story of M. Searle Bates. By Maude Taylor Sarvis. Student Volunteer 
            Movement. c.1942.

    British Policy in China: British Proposals to China, 1927. (English and Chinese)

    Can China Win? The China Information Committee, Hankow, China.

    Changing China. by George E. Taylor, ed; Maxwell S. Stewart, St. Louis, 1942.

    China Calls. By Roberta Ma (Ma Hsin-Yi). Richmond: The William Byrd Press, Inc., 1938.

    China Faces Japan: A Comprehensive Survey And Analysis of the Present Conflict Between China 
            and Japan. Edited by Arthur A. Young. New York City: Chinese Students' Christian 

            Association in North America, 1937.

    China To-Day: Political. By Stanley K. Hornbeck. Boston: World Peace Foundation, 1927.

    China's Capacity for Resistance. By Frederick V. Field. American Council Institute of Pacific 
            Relations, 1937.

    Chinese Fiction: With Illustrations From Original Chinese Works. By Rev. George T. Candlin. The 
            Open Court Publishing Company. 1898.

    Chinese Love Songs: Famous Poems from the Time of Confucius to the Present. English Verse 
            Renderings by Mabel Lorenz Ives. Published by B. L. Hutchinson. c.1949.

    The Church and Economic and Industrial Problems of China, from the Report of Commission II to 
            the National Christian Conference May 2-11, 1922. Reprinted March 1923.

    Confucian Analects and the Works of Mencius. Title Page in Chinese.

    Crop Investigation in the Nanking Area and Sunday Economic Data. A report of inquiries by Dr.
            M.S. Bates, Nanking International Relief Committee, Oct. 1938.

    Currency, Banking and Finance in China. By Frederic E. Lee, Department of Commerce, 1926.

    Digest of Important Actions of the First General Assembly of the Church of Christ in China. St.
            Mary's Hall, Shanghai, 1927. Includes also correspondence to Miss Treudley from the 
            General Secretary of the General Assembly of the Church of Christ in China.

    A Digest of Japanese War Conduct. By Shuhsi Hsu. Kelly and Walsh, Limited, 1939.

    An Economic and Social Survey of 102 Farms Near Wuhu, Anhwei, China. By J. Lossing Buck, 
            The College of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Nanking, Dec. 1923.

    An Economic and Social Survey of 150 Farms, Yenshen County, Chihli Province, China.  By J. 
            Lossing Buck, University of Nanking, College of Agriculture and Forestry, June 1926.

    The Far Eastern Conflict and American Cotton. American Committee for Non-participation in 
            Japanese Aggression.

    Farm Ownership and Tenancy in China. by J. Lossing Buck, University of Nanking, Shanghai,
            China, approx. 1924.

    The Hsiang San Children Home, Western Hills, Peking: A Historical Sketch. By Hsiung Hsi Ling.
            No Publisher. No Date.

    International Law and the Undeclared War. By Mousheng Hsitien Lin, Ph.D. New York: Chinese
            Cultural Society, 1937.

    Japan in Jeopardy. By Bruno Lasker. American Council Institute of Pacific Relations, 1937.

    Japan and the Third Powers. Volume IV of IV. By Shuhsi Hsu, Ph.D. Kelly and Walsh, Limited,

    Japan's Expansion: What it Means to the United States. By Henry H. Douglas. Reprinted From
            "China Today", March, 1940.

    Letters From John Chinaman. By G. Lowes Dickinson. J. M. Dent & Sons, LTD. 1920

    Look Again at CHINA. By Willis C. Lamott. Friendship Press. New York. 1948.

    The Mass Education Movement in China. By Y.C. James Yen. The Commercial Press, Limited,

    Meet Your Neighbor China. The Readers Digest, 1945.

    Monetary and Banking Topics Concerning China and Other Nations, by Kwang Tuk Irving Zee,
            Shanghai, Sept, 1924.

    The Nanking Population, Employment, Earnings and Expenditures. By Dr. M. S. Bates,
            Winter-Spring, 1939.

    Nationalist China, Discussed by William Hung, Arthur N. Holcombe, David Z.T. Yui, Foreign
            Policy Association, New York, Feb. 2, 1929.

    A New China Policy: Some Quaker Proposals. No Author. New Haven and London, Yale 
            University Press. 1965.

    NEW CHINA: Report of an Investigation. By Col. C. L'Estrange Malone, F.R.Ae.S. Independent 
            Labour Party Publication Department. 1926.

    New Terms for New Ideas: A Study of the Chinese Newspaper. By Mrs. A. H. Mateer. The 
            Presbyterian Mission Press. 1924.

    Next Step in Asia. By John Fairbank et al. Harvard University Press 1949.

    A North China Local Market Economy: A Summary of a Study of Periodic Markets in Chowping,
            Hsien, Shantung. By Ching-Kun Yang with a foreword by Professor Herbert Blumer. New 

            York: International Secretariat Institute of Pacific Relations, 1944.

    Old China Hands: A Roster. Published and distributed by the Berkeley Chamber of Commerce.
            Third Edition. 1945.

    Organic Law of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China, Nanking, China, Oct. 4, 
            1928.  No Authhor.

    Papers Relating to the Nanking Incident of March 24 and 25, 1927. Presented by the Secretary of 
            the State for Foreign Affairs to Parliament by Command of His Majesty. London: Printed and 
            Published by His Majesty's Stationary Office. 1927.

    Papers Respecting Labour Conditions in China. Presented by the Secretary of the State for Foreign 
            Affairs to Parliament by Command of His Majesty. London: Printed and Published by His 
            Majesty's Stationary Office. 1925.

    Peking Rugs and Peking Boys: A study of the Rug Industry in Peking. by C.C. Chu and Thos. C.
            Blaisdell Jr., Chinese Social and Political Science Association, Peking, China. April 1924.

    The People's Livelihood, National Christian Council, Shanghai, 1931.

    The People Strike Back! or the Story of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives. Published by the Hong
            Kong-Shanghai Industrial Cooperatives Promotion Committee, Dec. 1938.

    Population Trends and Programs of Social Welfare. Reprint from Milbank Memorial Fund 
            quarterly, v. XVIII No. 3&4, 7 & 10/1940.

    The Population Upsurge in the United States. By Joseph S. Davis. Stanford, California: Food
            Research Institute Stanford University, 1949.

    Pottery of the Korai Dynasty (924 - 1392 A.D.). By A.I. Ludlow, M.D. An extract from
            Transactions of the Korea Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Vol. XIV, Published 1923.

    Prices, Wages and the Standard of Living in Peking: 1900-1924. By T'ien-p'ei Meng, M.A. and
            Sidney D. Gamble, M.A., Address delivered before the Chinese Social and Political Science
            Association, April 30, 1926.

    Rangoon: A Brief Social Survey. By Paul F. Cressey, Ph.D. 1950.

    The Report of the American Red Cross Commission to China. Washington, D.C.: The American
            National Red Cross, 1929.

    Report of the Commercial, Industrial and Economic Situation in China. By Mr. A. H. George.
            London: Published by his Majesty's Stationary Office, 1926.

    Report of the W.I.L.P.F. Delegation to China. By Camile Drevert and Edith M. Pye. Women's
            International League for Peace and Freedom, 1928.

    School For the Deaf: Report, 1924 - 1925. Presbyterian Mission, Chefoo, China.

    Shall America Stop Arming Japan? The American Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese
            Aggression. Allied Printing. 1940.

    Social Glimpses of Tsinan. Department of Sociology, Shantun Christian University. 1924.

    Some Problems Confronting the Christian Movement in China as seen by a Chinese Christian. By
            C. Y. Cheng, D. D. April 1927.

    Source Material On the Study of the Questions of Indemnities. Prepared for the Committee of
            Reference and Counsel, Foreign Missions Conference of North America. Reprinted by
            Committee on Christianizing International Relations National Christian Council, 1927.

    South-East Asia Far East Siberia. Catalogue Nr. 31. Rijswijk, Holland: Mouton and Co. 1959.

    Southern University Conference: Proceedings, Constitution and By-Laws, Addresses, Reports.

    Tell the People - Mass Education in China. By Pearl S. Buck. New York: American Council
            Institute of Pacific Relations, 1945.

    Threads, "The Story of the Industrial Work of the Y.W.C.A. in China", Shanghai: National
            Committee YWCA of China, 1925.

    The Truth About Communism in China. Foreword by Dr. Harry McNeill. New York: West Meets
            East Committee, 1939.

    The Travels of Fa-hsien. Re-translated by H.A. Giles, M.A. Cambridge University Press, 1923.

    What is the Truth About China? Speech of Hon. Walter H. Judd of Minnesota in the House of
            Representatives March 15, 1945. United States Government Printing Office, Washington: 1945.

    Women in Industry in the Chapei, Hongkew and Pootung Districts of Shanghai. Shanghai: National
            Committee, Y.W.C.A. of China, 1931

Box 3


    "Amerasia's First Year: A Review and Index." New York: Amerasia. Volume I: March 1937 -
            February 1938.

    "Amerasia: A Review of American and the Far East." New York: Amerasia. Vol. II, No. 2. April

    China's Millions. China Inland Mission. J. Hudson Taylor, ed. 1878 - 18xx, 1892.

    China Reconstructs. Volume IV, No. 1. January 1955.

    Chinese Economic Journal: Index,     Jan. to June 1927, vol. I,
                                                            Jan. to June 1928,vol. II,
                                                            Jan. to June 1929, vol. IV,
                                                            July to Dec. 1929, vol. V,
                                                            Jan. to June 1930, vol. VI.

    "The Chinese Social and Political Science Review." Vol. XI, No. 2. April 1927. Peking Express Press.

    Christian Industry. July 1926 No. 8 and 15 July 1924, No. 3. 1 August 1927, No. 9 (2 copies).

    "The Classmate: A Paper for Young People." Cincinnati: April 30, 1938. Volume XLV, No. 18.

    "Far Eastern Affairs Pamphlets: Some Japanese Ghosts." David Warren Ryder, Editor and Publisher.
            November - December 1938. Volume 1, No.'s 9, 10.

    Far Eastern Mirror:

                                February 15, 1938. Volume 1, No. 1
                                March 15, 1938. Volume 1, No. 2
                                April 1, 1938. Volume 1, No. 3
                                April 21, 1938. Volume 1, No. 4
                                May 5, 1938. Volume 1, No. 5
                                May 25, 1938. Volume 1, No. 6
                                June 10, 1938. Volume 1, No. 7
                                July 10, 1938. Volume 1, No. 8
                                July 25, 1938. Volume 1, No. 9
                                August 10, 1938. Volume 1, No. 10

    Literature East & West. "Indian Literature" Ed. Lois Hartley. June 1966 Volume X, Numbers 1 and 2.

    The New Mandarin: Studies in Chinese Thinking. Peking: Peking Leader Press Vol. 1, No. 3. June,

    "The New Orient: The Chinese Exhibition in London." No Date. By Charles Fabens Kelley. Published
            for The New Orient Society of America.

    "The New Orient." Published for The New Orient Society of America. April 1936 July 1936 No Date

    News Clippings from The Peking Leader:

        "Scientific Disaster Relief Progress in China." No Author. Tuesday November 23 1926.
        "China's Fundamental Economic Problem." By Dr. MA Yin-C'hu. Ending February 12, 1927.
        "Economic And Financial Conditions in China To-day." By MA Yin-C'hu. February 25, 1927 -
                February 26, 1927.
        "Suppressed Portion of Extra'lity Report Was Dark Picture to Paint." No Author. Wednesday,
                December 8, 1926.
        "Thorny Problems of China and the Powers." By James H. Dolsen. December 15, 1926.
        "Need Millions for Kwangtung Flood Problem." No Date. No Author.
        "Japan Widows Are Given New Classification." No Date. No Author.
        "Money Market Here Reacting to Flood of Copper Currency." No Date. By Kuo wen.
        "Legalize Labor Strikes: Kuomintang Takes Action According to Disputes in January." No Date.
                No Author.

    The Peking Leader:    

        Wednesday, November 24, 1926
        Saturday, September 17, 1927
        Thursday, October 27, 1927
        Wednesday, November 2, 1927
        Friday, November 11, 1927
        Wednesday, November 23, 1927

    "The Reporter: Red China - And U.S. Policy - And Other Features." Volume 2, No. 1. January 3,

    "The Reporter: Washington's Darkest Mystery." Volume 6, No. 8. April 15, 1952.

    "The Reporter: The China Lobby - II." Volume 6, No. 9. April 29, 1952.

    "Saturday Night Review: America and the Challenge of Asia." Volume XXXIV, No. 31. August 4,

    Shake Hands With the Dragon. A Condensation From the Book by Carl Glick. 1941.

    "University of Nanking Bulletin Thirteenth Annual Report of the College of Agriculture and Forestry
            and Experiment Station 1926 -1927." Volume Seven, Number Nine. 1927.

    "The Wellesley College Bulletin: Exhibition of Chinese Ritual Bronzes and Paintings." Vol. III No. 1.
            May 1943.

    "The World Tomorrow: Capitalism in China." Vol.VI No. 11. November 1923.

    "The World Tomorrow: The Spirit of New China." (2 copies) Vol. IX, No. 1. January 1926.

    Yenching Journal of Social Sciences. Yenching University, Peking, 1939, 1940. Vol. II, No. 1,2.

China - Social Welfare

    Association for the Welfare of the Children of China: "The Immediate Program in China" "The Child in
            China's New Day" Correspondence

    "Suggested Outline of Public Health Program for Nanking." Correspondence from C.H. McCloy to
            the Commissioner of Police.

    "Tentative Outline of Ultimate General Program in China". The National Child Welfare Association of
            China. No Date.

    "Some Problems of Chinese Youth in Transition" Reprint from The American Journal of Sociology
            Vol. LIV, No. 1, July 1948.

Foreign Language Material

Chinese Material

    Ancient Children's Elementary School Book concerning Sociology. Shang Hai Commercial Press.

    Ancient Chinese History Book. Published by Beijing Jing Shan Press. 1926.

    Autobiography of Lam Yick Chung.

    Basis of Sun Yat - Sen's Philosophy. 1925.

    Central Daily Newspaper - May 30th, 1929. Regarding Dr. Sun Yat-sen. (2 copies)

    Chinese Manuscript - Old Character - C 1396. Topic - Tang Dynasty A.D. 618 - 907.

    Chinese novel about the travels of a Buddhist Monk; probably Qing Dynasty.

    Chinese Social and Political Science Review. January 1924.

    Commemorative Booklet in Memory of Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Revolutionary Leader and National
            Hero, 1929.

    Education for Girls in Chinese Republic. Government Pamphlet. 1933 - 1935.

    History of Chinese Painters. Written with Taiwanese Characters. 1973.

    Junior High History Text Book. Nationalist Era 1924. Shanghai Commercial Press.

    "Man & Society: A Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences" December 1973, Number 5.

    "Man & Society: A Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences" October 1973, Number 4.

Box 4

    Nationalist Party Propaganda Bureau. Struggle against Unequal Treaties. (Legal Size Folder)

    Novel Commemorating the 7th anniversary of May 4th 1919. Lu Xun.

    Personal Glossary of Chinese Characters and Their Definitions.

    "Political and Ideological History Before Qin Dynasty (200 B.C.)" Shanghai Commercial Press.

    Revenge of Heaven: Journal of a Young Chinese. By Geng Ling. London, Miriam: 1972.

    Shanghai Daily. June 1, 1929

    Story of Revolution Fiction. Shang Hai Publication. 1928.

    Teachings of Ancient Scholars. Quing Hua Weekly. December 1925.

    Teachings of Mo Ti With commentary by his disciples. Incomplete 8 of 15 vols., no date.

    Views of Hsiang - shan Junior Republic. Peking

    Writings of Ci Liang. Two Copies. No date. No Publisher.

Japanese Material

    English Linguistics, Romance Languages. Published in Tokyo. Sanki - Ichikawa 1946.

    Japanese Booklet.

Various Languages

    China Eats People. By Richard Huelsenbeck. Zurich: Orell Füssli Publishers, 1930. (German)

    Chinese Agriculture. By Wilhelm Wagner. Berlin: Paul Parey, 1926. (German)

    Chinese and Japanese Painting from the 10th to the 18th Century. Museum of Ethnology. Munich
            1930. (German)

    Concept of the Law and Theories of Legislation Before the Qin (Ts'in) Dynasty. Peking: 1926.

    History of the World: Ancient China. Book IV. By Henri Maspero. Paris: E. De Boccard, 1927.

Box 5 (Oversize)

    China Weekly Review. Millard Publishing Company : Supplemental, October 10, 1928. Saturday,
            December 15, 1928. Volume XLVIII, No. 3 Saturday, May 25, 1929. Volume XLVIII, No. 13
            Saturday, June 8, 1929. Volume XLIX, No. 2

    World Call. Volume VI, No. 10. October, 1924.

Box 6A

    Chinese Coin Collection, Various Identified Coins. Quarter-size document box

Box 6B (Oversize)

    Gift to Mary B. Treudley Collection

        From Martha Kenyon:

    Treasured Ancient Chinese Paintings of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Collected by the
            Palace of Qing Dynasty. Five Albums.

Box 7A

Mary B. Treudley Personal Memorabilia

    Family Photographs and Passport.

    Mandarin New Testament. Shanghai: American Bible Society, 1923.

    Map of Japan with Connections Chosen - Manchuria - North China. Issued by Thos. Cook and Son.

Box 7B

    Treudley Inventory Bibliographic Cards

Oversized Folder 1

    Clipping: "Christ in China: a Fragment." Poem By Witter Bynner. No Date.

    Map of China. China Inland Mission, Toronto, Canada. Thomas Letts, London, EC. No Date.

    News Clipping From The Peking Leader. Friday June 3, 1927. "Chiang Kai-Shek Describes
            Communists In Speech To Whanpao Cadets." Translated by Hung Fu.

Oversize Folder 2

    Posters and Pamphlets mailed to Mary B. Treudley by the Y.W.C.A. National Committee - Shang
            Hai. Posters and Pamphlets dealing with the typical women's workday and economic issues.

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