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SAGE Stats Now Available on Campus as a Trial

Starting this Monday, April 11th and running through Friday, May 6th

all OhioLINK members will have access to SAGE Stats.


Link for the SAGE Stats platform: http://data.sagepub.com/sagestats/

Link for the U.S. Political Stats platform: http://library.cqpress.com/uspoliticalstats/


SAGE Stats makes research easy by providing, in one place, annual measures dating back more than two decades. It features statistical data series created from more than 200,000 government and non-government datasets, covering popular topics of research interest for U.S. states, counties, cities, metropolitan areas, and ZIP codes. By harmonizing carefully-vetted data from multiple sources into the same format– allowing quick downloads, comparisons, and visualizations–SAGE Stats provides power and context for researchers at all levels.

{The State, Local, and Business Stats modules are integrated on the SAGE Stats platform. The U.S. Political Stats module has its own platform because the data conforms to different geographies (i.e. congressional districts). }

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