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Hiram College Showboat Collection - Showboat “Majestic” Memorabilia

Hiram College Showboat “Majestic” Memorabilia




Box 3/F Departments/Theatre: Box 27
		Showboat, 1950. Donation of Lucille Scott Wallace
		Theatre Arts Department -- Showboat correspondence
		Theatre Arts, Showboat reports
		Theatre -- Showboat clippings
		Theatre -- "Happiest College in the Land" Saturday Evening Post, September 18, 1954
		Theatre -- Showboat Majestic miscellaneous journal articles
		Theatre -- Showboat programs and publications
		Theatre -- Showboat alumni updates
		Portable Theatre Program
		Show Boat Majestic journal photocopies
			Northern Kentucky Heritage, Spring/Summer 2000
			Country Living, July 1992


Albums and Binders:

	Box 28:
	1948		Lee, Harlene Jones
	1948		McCafferty, James
	1949		Henderson, Betty Jane Arnett
	1949		Pearce, Robert
	1950		Mitchell, W. Douglas and Judith
	1950		Ripka, Nancy Hendee
	1950		Wallace, Lucille Scott
	1950		Witter, Ethel Morris
	1952-53		Bell, Dave
	1952-55		McCauley, June Eschweiler
	1953-54		Hazelwood, Dave

	Box 29:
	1953-54		Hubbard, Allison Heym
	1953-58		Seelbach, Elfleda
	1956-58		Thomas, Sharon Geist
			Kegmer, David K.
	1958		Bodenmiller, Carol Henry
	1958		Carr, Charlene "Chuckie"
	1981		Hiram College Archives
	 n.d.		Jardini, Linda Price

Typescript of "Lust, Lucre & Liquor"

Showboat "Majestic"--summary of operations, 1948-58}   compiled by D. McDaniel,
Showboat"Majestic"--landings, 1948-58 }    "Showboat Centennials"


	1 pr. black tights			4 prs. Black fishnet tights
	1 brown & white checked cap		miscellaneous shoelaces
	1 pkg. Red garters			1 toy gun
	1 roll red-white-blue satin ribbon	1 piece red & white checked ribbon
	poster for "Showboat Majestic"		Circus Carnival Calliope record
	Donna Rae Willoweit Dietrich Collection (class of 1954) 
**** personal collection of a variety of Show Boat related memorabilia
from Mrs. Dietrich's years performing on the Show Boat Majestic. Morrow, Howard "Spud." How Good It is. La Verna, CA: H.E.R. Consultants, 1982. Videotape: "The Ohio Story, Showboat Majestic," 10 min. Audiocassettes: 1. Calliope Music-Dave Arnold, April 11, 1954 2. "Majestic Showboat"-Hiram College Players, August 15-16, 1954 and Calliope Music 3. Captain Reynolds et al., March/April, 1959 AMPEX magnetic tape: "Majestic Showboat"-Hiram College Players, Cincinnati Zoo, August 15-16, 1954 and Calliope Music, 110 min. 7" reel tape (1/4") of above See Also: M/SHO and S/SHO in photograph files


	10/S Hiram Alumni.  Koelkebeck, Nicholas H. 

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