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11/A Donaghy/ Klingler Historic Survey – Hiram Village Box 1
“Bancroft Street”
“Brown Street”
“Dean Street”
“Dodge Court”
“Garfield Road”
“Hayden Street”
“Hinsdale Street”
“Peckham Street”
“Plum Ridge”
“Wakefield Road (East of 700)”
“Wakefield Road (to Intersection with 700)”
“Wrenwood Street”

11/A Donaghy/ Klingler Historic Survey – Hiram Village Box 2
“Abbot Road”
“Allyn Road”
“Alpha Road”
“Hankee Road”
“Mumford Road”
“North Street”
“Pioneer Trail”
“River Lane”
“Route 700”
“Route 82”
“Route 88”
“Route 305”
“Ryder Road”
“Udall Road”
“Wheeler Road”
“Winchell Road”

11/B Historic Survey of Village by McQuillen and Associates (1996)
Email Correspondence
Ohio Historic Inventory Forms, Ohio Historical Society

11/C Hiram Historical Society Century Home Project 
Committee work and the organization
Village Survey, west of SR 700 (Garfield Street)
Village Survey, east of SR 700 (Garfield Street)
Township Survey, north of SR 82/305 (Wakefield Rd.)
Township Survey, south of SR 82/305 (Wakefield Rd.)  
Miscellaneous material, mostly the “Sizemore” house built by Pelatiah Allyn.

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