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The Grace E. Pickford Collection

COLLECTION (1902-1986)

Scope & Content:

The collection is contained in record storage boxes totaling 12.25 cubic feet, two scrap book boxes, one microfiche box containing index cards and one slide box containing 105 instructional slides.  It spans the years 1902 – 1986 and includes her research materials, evidence of an illustrious teaching career and personal items such as correspondence and photographs collected by Dr. Pickford.  Associated with the Pickford Collection is her personal collection of scientific reference and text books.  These items are uncataloged but an inventoried author/title list is included with this finding aid.


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  Biographical Note:

Grace Evelyn Pickford (1902-1986) 

Grace Evelyn Pickford was born in Bournemouth, England, on March 24, 1902, and educated at Newnham College, Cambridge.  She visited South Africa from 1925-28 carrying out zoological investigations on the very remarkable earth-worm fauna of that country, a subject to which she returned later in her life.  Her studies led her to support Wegener’s hypothesis of continental drift on the basis of the distribution of earthworm families in the Southern Hemisphere.  She arrived in the United States in 1928 and completed her Ph.D. in 1931 under Professor Alexander Petrunkevitch at Yale, based on systematic studies of her South African collections.  She taught biology at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven from 1935 to 1946 and held a simultaneous research position at the Bingham Oceanographic Laboratory at Yale University from 1935 onward.  She was appointed associate professor of zoology at Yale in 1959 and professor in 1969, a year before her retirement.  Her researches included a study of the remarkable deep sea cephalopod, Vampyroteuthis, an animal that has the appearance of being intermediate between an octopus and a squid.  In 1951 she joined a leg of the voyage of the Danish deep-sea expedition aboard the Galathea. 

She was best known for her extensive work on the hematology and endocrinology of fishes.  She showed that the remarkable fish Latimeria had the osmotic pressure of its blood regulated by urea like a shark.  Her studies demonstrated that the common killifish of New England can live in freshwater by using the mammalian mammary hormone prolactin employed in regulating lactation in mammals.  As a serious avocation, she made a large collection of water beetles, which now reside in the Peabody Museum.  Few, if any, zoologists in recent years could have had so wide an interest in animals.  She was a lively teacher and undoubtedly did a great deal to encourage all aspects of animal natural history in the institutions with which she was associated.  During her last three years of her tenure at Yale she taught the organismal biology section of the introductory biology course at Yale; her endeavors were very favorably received and highly praised by students. 

Following her retirement at Yale in 1970, Grace was invited by her first student, James H. Barrow, to continue her work on fish endocrinology at Hiram College, Hiram, Ohio, where she remained until her death on January 20, 1986. 

She received the Wilbur Lucius Cross Medal from the Yale Graduate School in 1981.  The International Society of Comparative Endocrinology established the Grace E. Pickford Medal in 1982 to be awarded to scholars for excellence in that field. 

Information provided by Yale University obituary for Grace E. Pickford.

Grace Evelyn Pickford Collection (1902-1986)


Box 1:   Personal Information 

Pickford Family genealogy 

biography of William Pickford 

GEP birth certificate (3/24/02) 

GEP curriculum vitae 

Memorabilia of South Africa tour 

GEP marriage certificate (7/19/26) 

obituaries of Arthur Hutchinson 

GEP commencement program, Yale U., Ph.D. (6/17/31) 

GEP divorce decree (7/31/33) 

GEP driving license 

GEP passports and certifications on inoculation and immunization 

GEP misc. membership cards 

GEP’s interest in botany, a note by Ralph Pickford 

Galathea Expedition, information and memorabilia 

GEP--Yale University 

GEP--Hiram University 

GEP financial statements 

GEP itinerary of British trip, n.d. 

GEP--Wilbur L. Cross Medal 

Grace E. Pickford Medal 

GEP--Longmeadow nursing home, information 

GEP--“power of attorney" 

GEP cremation certificate (1/21/86) 

GEP memorials and obituaries 

Box 1:   Correspondence

Atz, James                                                                        Rudnick, Dorothea 

Bonga, Dr. Sjoerd E. Wendelaar                                       Savage, Vivian 

Booke, Henry                                                                   Slack, Flora 

Botzer, Peter                                                                    Serenser, Ching 

Burkenroad, Martin D.                                                     Smith, Forrest J.                                               

Domaille, Mary                                                                Stark, Lange, L.M. 

Gordon Research Conferences                                        Strauss, Gary Howard

Hiram College Biological Field Station                             Strecker, Ellen Louise 

Hopkins, [?]                                                                   Taylor, Dennis 

[Hutchinson, Dorothea ?]                                                Taylor, W.O.G.

Ikeda, Yayoi                                                                  Toll, Nina           

Korybut, Wanda                                                            Waclawski, Christine           

Noyes, Richard and Patricia                                           Welch, Mary 

Omura, Y.                                                                    Wilhelmi, Alfred 

Pang, Peter and Rosemary                                             Wright, Margaret 

Petrunkevitch, Alexander (includes subject file                misc. unidentified css.

and photographs)                                                                                 

Pickford, Ralph (includes subject file)                             misc. unmarked postcards

Poulson, Donald                                                            misc. articles and clippings 

Rosette, Leo and Family 

Roy, Binod Bihari                                   

Box 1:   Contents -- Loose photographs 

family photographs                                                     photographs of Hiram--1973 

work related photographs--50’s                                 photographs of Bearsden, Scotland--1973

photographs of Bournemouth, England--60’s              photographs of [? Harrison] --n.d. 

photographs from Russia--9/61                                  misc. unidentified photographs 

photographs of “Gnome,” Siamese cat --8/66

Box 2Contents : 

Photograph Albums  

            Scrapbook of Drawings--childhood 

Box 3:   Contents: Equipment Inventories

Box 3A:  Biology 11, 1967-68 & 1971-72 (lecture notes, essay titles, subjects covered etc.)

Box 4:  Miscellaneous research by Pickford, journal articles, photographs (both research oriented and personal) and some personal correspondence

Folders – Contents: 

Three articles by Grace E. Pickford:

            “A Note on the Eggs of Octopus vulgaris Lam. from the Western Atlantic. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Malcological Society of London, volume 28, parts 2 and 3, 24 March 1950. 

            “The Vampyromorpha (Cephalopoda) of the Bermuda Oceanographic Expeditions.  Reprinted from Zoologica, Scientific Contributions of the New York Zoological Society, Volume 35, Part 1, April 17, 1950. 

            “The Octopoda of the Oxford University Cayman Expedition” reprinted from the Proceedings of the Malcological Society of London, volume 28, parts 4 and 5, 18  December 1950.

            Color Charts – Fish Liver Colors of the Fundulus (2) 

Fish Food (for Fundulus). Revised January 1982 by Grace Pickford

Birds of South Africa

Argentine Plants and Animals

Dry mounted Microphotographs (6 boards)

Vampyroteuthis Histology – original sketches

Miscellaneous correspondence and related photographs, etc., mostly related to Grace’s trip to the 9th
            International Comparative Endocrinology Symposium, Hong Kong,1981. Photograph’s center on Grace

            and her former students. 

Program and Conference booklet related to the 9th International Comparative Endocrinology Symposium. 7-11 December 1981. Hong Kong. 

Maps and Tourist Brochures for Hong Kong 

The Blythswood Review: A South African Journal of Religious, Social and Educational Work. Volume III, no. 29. May 1926. “Nature Study: the Kommetje Flats” by Grace E. Pickford. Page 57-58. 

“Color Vision and Aesthetic Problems in Pictures by Rabindranath Tagore.” By R.W. Pickford and J. Bose. British Journal of Aesthetics. Volume 27, no. 1 Winter 1987. 

A collection of postmarks and canceled stamps saved by Grace Pickford. 

Discovery Reports. Volume IV, pp 265-292. “Oligochaeta Part II Earthworms” by Grace E. Pickford. Cambridge University Press, 1932. 7 copies. 

Discovery Reports. Volume IV, pp 265-292. “Oligochaeta Part II Earthworms” by Grace E. Pickford. Cambridge University Press, 1932. 1 copy noted by Pickford as a corrected copy with errata on pages 270,271. 

Discovery Reports. Volume XXVI, pp 197-210. “The Vampyromorpha of the Discovery Expeditions” by Grace E. Pickford. Cambridge University Press, 1952. 

Newnham College Roll. “Letter” (Alumni Magazine) 1974 – 1979, 1981-1984. 

One .25 cubic foot document storage box containing notes, a 1982 letter and an unpublished and unfinished revision of her manuscript entitled, “ A Revision of the Indo-Malayan Octopodinae Based on the Collections of the British Museum” by Grace E. Pickford. Bingham Oceanographic Laboratory, Yale University. 

Box 5 :

Professional Correspondence, A – B  

Folders – Contents:  

Css. with Comparative Endocrinologists, (miscellaneous)
                        Abdulla – Avtalian, 1955 - 1975
            Css. with Abbott, Frank, 1973 - 1974
            Css. with Acher, R., 1961 - 1971
            Css. with Adams, A. Elizabeth, 1955 - 1956
            Css. with Adelman, Ira R., 1975
            Css. with Albert, A. 1954
            Css. with Ali, M.A., 1962 - 1981
            Css. with Alvarez-Lajonchere, Luis, 1971 - 1977
            Css. with Aronson, Lester R., 1955, 1971
            Css. with Arvy, Lucie, 1967
            Css. with Atz, James, 1949-1967
            Grant Proposal to the National Science Foundation by James Atz, 25 January 1967.
            Css. with Atz, James, 1968-1984
            Css with Comparative Endocrinologists, B (miscellaneous)
                        Baerends – Brocksen,  1948 - 1973
            Css. with Bacescu, Baggerman, Bagnara, Baker-Cohen, 1958 - 1968
            Css. with Baker, Bridget, 1958 - 1983
            Css. with Balfour-Browne, Frances, 1947
            Css. with Balfour-Brown, John, 1944 - 1948
            Css. with Ball, John, 1961-1964
            Css with Ball, John, 1965-1983
            Css. with Balon, Eugeniusz K., 1957
            Css. with Banerji, Basu, Belsare, etc. (India) 1959 - 1974
            Css. with Bara, Gonul., 1962 - 1980
            Css. with Barannikova, J. A., 1966 - 1974
            Css. with Bardach, John E., 1954 - 1962
            Css. with Barnawell, Earl B., 1982 - 1983
            Css. with Barr, W.A., 1960, 1963
            Css. with Barrington, E.J.W., 1954 - 1976
            Css. with Barrow, James H., 1948 - 1981
            Css. with Barrow, James H. (Reprints)
            Css. with Baslow, Morris, 1961, 1968
            Css. with Bateson, Gregory, 1961 – 1963 (includes Css. with David Lipset in 1976 regarding his
                    projected biography of Bateson)
            Css. with Behrisch, Hans, 1970
            Css. with Bellairs, Ruth, 1954
            Css. in regard to Beltz, A. and Andrews, J., 1970 (NSF Proposal)
            Css. with Berger, C.R., 1969. Fish Food
            Css. with Bergeron, John, 1966
            Css. with Bern, Howard A., 1959 - 1981
            Css. with  Billard, R., 1971
            Css. in regard to Billenstien, Dorothy, (NSF Proposal)
            Css. in regard to Biology of Reproduction: Official Journal of the Society for the Study of

            Css. with Bjorklund, Richard J., 1956 - 1963
            Css. with Black, Edgar and Virginia, 1965 - 1971
            Css. with Blackwelder, Richard. 1951 – 1978. Includes obituary of Libbie Henrietta Hyman, 1888 –
                    1969, written by Blackwelder.
            Css. with Blackmore, Keith, 1972 - 1983
            Investigation: Physiology of Chickens by Keith Blackmore. 21 June 1974
            Css. with Blanchard, Barbara D., 1949
            Css. in regards to Blumer, M., 1967 (article submitted to Science for publication)
            Css. with Boetius, Jan, 1977 - 1978
            Css. with Bolaffi, Jan, 1972
            Css. with Bondy, Phillip, 1956 - 1959
            Css. with Bonga, Sjoerd E. Wendelaar, 1981
            Css. with Bonnet, Bernard, 1970
            Css. with Booke, Henry E., 1969 - 1983
            Css. with Bottema, A. F., 1964
            Css. RE:  Boylan, J.W. n.d. (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Breder, C.M., 1949 – 1964 (Includes NSF Research Proposal)
            Css. with Breed, William, 1980 - 1982
            Css. with Brett, J. R., 1971
            Css. with Brewer, Nancy, 1968
            Css. with Bridges, David, 1971
            Css. with Briggs, Thomas (Gallbladders) n.d.
            Css. in regard to Brinkman-Yoss, Anita, 1963 (from June Oppenheimer)
            Css. with Brown, Margaret E., 1954
            Css. with Brown, Susan & George; Brown, Pat, 1966 - 1981
            Css. with Brummett, Anna, 1981
            Css. with Bruum, Anton F., 1938 – 1960 (includes 1961 death notice)
            Css. with Bunag, Daniel M., 1954, 1956
            Css. with Burden, Charles, 1955 - 1982
            Css. with Burdon, T.W., 1953 – 1970 [1981]
            Css. with Burger, J.  Wendell, 1950 - 1967
            Css. with Burgers, Anton C.J., 1959 - 1960
            Css. with Burkenroad, Martin, 1950, 1968 - 1977
            Css. as Bursary Supervisor (Yale) 1962 - 1970
            Css. with Butler, David Gordon, 1963 - 1976

Box 6

Professional Correspondence, C-Gorb

Folders – Contents: 

            Css. with Callard, Ian P., 1967
            Css. with Capers, Joseph W., 1970
            Css. with Cameron, John W., 1971-1974
            Css. with Caraway, Wendell T., 1956
            Css. with Ceccarini, Constante, 1963
            Css. with Chacko, Thankamma 1968 - 1971
            Css. with Chadwick, Arthur, 1965
            Css. with Chambers, (Casorso) Harriet Agnes, c. 1955-1968
            Css. with Chambolle, Dr. P., 1969
            Css. with Clarke, Barbara E.H., 1963
            Css. with Chan, Daniel K.O., 1968-1970
            Css. with Chandrashekar, V, 1967
            Css. with Chaudhry, H.S., 1967
            Css. with Chaudhuri, H., 1962
            Css. with Chavin, Walter,  1953-1972
            Css. with and about Chen, T.T.  (Tchaw-ren), 1944-1970
            Css. with Chibret et Fils (Laboratoires),  1956
            Css. with Chidambaram, S., 1973
            Css. with Child, Alice M. (resume), 1967
            Css. with Chiu Kam-wai,  1964
            Css. with Chuang, S.H., 1959, 1977
            Css. with Clarke, Eugenie, 1970
            Css. with Clark, Nancy B.,  1967-1982
            Css. with Clayton, Judith H. 1961 - 1976 (including a research summary, personal photographs)
            Css. with Clemens, Howard P., 1959 - 1966
            Css. with Coates, C.W., 1952, 1955
            Css. with Cochran, Roger, 1981
            Css. with Cohen, Rochelle S., 1971
            Css. with  Cole, David F. 1966 - 1972
            Css. with Collenot, G., 1971
            Css. with Conte, Frank P., 1965-1973
            Css. with Cook, Alan F., 1977
            Css. with Cook, Malcolm M., 1941
            Css. with Cooke, Robert E., M.D., 1967
            Css. with Cooper, Bryan, 1965
            Css. with Copeland, D.E., 1950
            Css. with Copeland, Eugene, 1976
            Css. with Costello, Donald P., 1967
            Css. with Covian, Miguel R., 1959
            Css. with Cowmeadow, Arnold W., including Mary Cowmeadow, 1971 - 1973
            Css. with Crim, Laurence W., 1982
            Css. with Croskerry, Patrick G.,
            Css. with Cushing, John, 1963
            Css. with Cvancara, Victor, 1978
            Css. with Dabhade, K.B., 1970
            Css. with DaLage, C., M.D.,  1963
            Css. with D’Ancona, Umberto,  1963
            Css. with Dando, P.R. 1974
            Css. with Dantzler, William H.
            Css. with Das, ?? , (Christmas Greetings from India) 1968
            Css. with Das, Anil Kumar, 1972
            Css. with Das, Radha Charan, 1974
            Css. with Davis, Robert E., 1978, 1980
            Css. with Dean, John Mark, 1961
            Css. with Deane, Helen W., 1958
            Css. with  Deery, D.J., 1975
            Css. with Deevey, E.S. Jr., 1969
            Css. with Dehadrai, Padmakar V., 1963
            Css. with Del Conte, Estanislao,  1955
            Css. with Demski, Leo S., 1976
            Css. with De Robertis, E. 1943
            Css. with Dey, Subhas, 1965
            Css. with Dhanikudu, D., 1969
            Css. with Dharmamba, M., 1967, 1972
            Css. with  Dharmapalan, P., 1960
            Css. with Dicker, S.E. (1970-1976)
            Css. with Dickie, L.M., 1956
            Css. with Dix, Michael W., 1968 - 1972
            Css. with Dixit, V.P. Dr., 1968
            Css. with Dodd, J.M., 1954 - 1975
            Css. with Donaldson, Edward M., 1970
            Css. with Down, Russell J., 1968
            Css. with Drury, Donald E., 1970
            Css. with Dubbewar, Diwakar, 1974
            Css. with Duffin, E. Ann, 1963
            Css. with Duerden  J.E., 1930
            Css. with Duyvene de Wit, J. J. Dr., 1959, 1963
            Css. with Dwivedi, S.N., 1965
            Css. with Dyer, H., 1971
            Css. with Eales, J.G., 1962, 1973
            Css. with Ekman, Richard, 1979
            Css. with Edelhauser, H.F., 1972 - 1975
            Css. with Egami, Nobuo, 1957-1963
            Css. with  Eichorn, Henry C., 1954
            Css. with Dr. Eik-Nes via his secretary, 1963
            Css. with Einnarsson, Gummi, Dadda, and Ola, 1979
            Css. with Eisler [Ronald] n.d.
            Css. with Ekengren, F.D., 1979
            Css. with Elkan, E., 1957
            Css. with Emmart, Emily W[alcott]., (Trueblood) 1964-1983
            Css. with Enami, Masashi, n.d.
            Css. with Endeavor [Journal] 1958 - 1959
            Css. with Enomoto, Yoshimasa, 1963 - 1973
            Css. with Epple, August, 1971
            Css. with Epstein, Franklin, 1969 - 1976
            Css. with National Science Foundation Re: Michael J. Erpino Grant Proposal, 1969.
            Css. with Estrada, Gonzolo, 1972
            Css. Re: Evans, David H. (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Eyal, Hefzibah, 1960
            Css. with Ezzat, A., 1970, 1972
            Css. with Fage, Louis, 1947 - 1948
            Css. with Fain, John, 1968
            Css. with Falkmer, Sture, M.D., 1959
            Css. with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 1959
            Css. with Farkas, Tibor, 1966
            Css. with Farr, James A., 1972
            Css. with Fenton, M. Dean, 1971
            Css. with Fields, Gordon W., 1959
            Css. Re: Fields, Paul E., 1963, (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. Re: Fingerman, Milton, 1968, (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with the Fisheries Research Board of Canada, 1967
            Css. with Flegler-Balon, Christine, 1983
            Css. with Fleming W.R (1963-1982) and the National Science Foundation Re: Fleming Grant Proposal, 1960
            Css. with Folley, S.J., 1958
            Css. with Fontaine, Maurice and Fontaine, Yves, 1947-1974
            Css. with Foote, B.A., 1976
            Css. with Foster, Morris, 1959
            Css. and research papers from Fortner, Neil, 1978-79
            Css. with Fox, Harold Munro, 1947-67
            Css. with Fridberg, Gunnar, 1967
            Css. with Fromm, Paul  and the NSF Re: a Fromm Grant Proposal  1956 - 1973
            Css. with  Frye, B.E., 1961
            Css. with Fryer, James N., 1977
            Css. with “Dan”, University of Cincinnati, 1975,1976
            Css. with Gall, Joseph G., 1973
            Css. with Gallardo, Roberto and Sally, 1978-82 (including research proposals)
            Css. with Galli-Gallardo, Sara Maria, 1978-82  (including research proposals)
            Css. with Galtsoff, Paul S., 1954, 1963
            Css. with Ganorkar, Vidya, 1973
            Css. with Garbacz, Edward S., 1975
            Css. with Gracia-Romeu, Federico, 1971
            Css. with Gardner, George R., 1968-1973
            Css. with Gardner, Julia, 1941
            Css. with Garland, Allan, 1967
            Css. with Garling, Ronald L, 1970
            Css. with Gerlach, John L., 1966
            Css. with Geschwind, Irving I., 1957-66
            Css. with Giladi, Hefzibah Eyal, 1960
            Css. with Gilbert, Perry W., 1956
            Css. with Goldstein, Leon, 1970, 1971, 1980
            Css. with Gorbman, Aubrey, 1957- 1974

Box 7 :  

Professional Correspondence, Gord – K  

Folders – Contents:  

Css. with Gordon, Malcolm S., 1955-1971
            Css. with Gordon, Myron, 1948,1958
            Css. with Giovindarajulu, P., 1966
            Css. with Grant, F.Blake, 1964-1973
            Css. with Grant, William Chase, 1953-1974 (including research proposals and journal articles)
            Css. with Greenstein, L.M., 1962-72 (including research reports)
            Css. with Greenwald, Lewis, 1973
            Css. with Griffin, Lawrence E., 1936-1940
            Css with Griffin, Phillip J., 1949
            Css. with Griffith, Robert, 1967-1978
            Css. with Grobstein, Clifford, 1947
            Css. with Guha, Gitashree, 1969
            Css. with Gunther, Mans, 1974
            Css. with Hajdu, Emery, 1957
            Css. with Hadley, Mac E., 1967
            Css. with Hafeez, M.A., 1977
            Css. with Hagen, Harold K. [1959] (grant proposal)
            Css. with Haggag, Gaber, 1966
            Css. with Haidar, M.H., 1967
            Css. with Hall, Vincent and Florence, 1973-77
            Css. with Hall, Nicholas R., 1972
            Css. with Han, Dug Yong, 1961
            Css. with Hanaoka, Toshimasa, 1953-1963
            Css. with Hanke, Wilfried, 1971
            Css. with Hanlon, David P., 1959
            Css. with Hansen, D? 1949
            Css. with Harildstad, Ruth, 1969
            Css. with Harrington, Robert W., 1955-1976 (including research articles)
            Css. with Harris, G.W., 1961
            Css. with Harris, John M.D.
            Css. with Harris, Patricia [Noyes], 1958-1983, (includes research, graphs, charts, and photographs)
            Css. with Hartman, Willard D., 1953-1983
            Css. with Harvey, E. Newton, 1950-1951
            Css. with Harvey, Harold H., 1957
            Css. with Harwitz, Gordon R., 1956
            Css. with Hasler, Arthur D., 1950-1973
                    also: Wunder, Wilhelm
                            Ramaswami, L. S.
                            Wisby, Warren J.
                            Meyer, Roland K.
                            Kayes, Terrence
            Css. with Hattingh, Johann, 1973
            Css. with Havazalett, Itzhak, 1976
            Css. with Haven, Dexter S., 1950
            Css. with Haywood, Geoffrey P., 1975
            Css. with Hedgepeth, Joel W., 1948, 1966-69
            Css. with Heegaard, P., 1957
            Css. with Heegaard, Paul, 1971
            Css. with Heins, David C., 1976
            Css. with Helfrich, Philip, 1956
            Css. with Heller, Hans, 1958-1975
            Css. with Hemmingsen, Axel M. (bibliography)
            Css. with Henbest, Lloyd G., 1945 (“notes on a simple projector system for measuring the fish scales in the
                    Bingham Laboratory….”) includes slide.
            Css. with Henderson, Ian W., 1967
            Css. with Hendrickson, John R., 1968
            Css. with Heyl, Henry L., 1960 (NSF Grant Proposal)
            Css. with Hickling, C.F., 1960-?
            Css. with Hickman, Cleve P., 1962,1968
            Css. with Higgs, D.A., 1976
            Css. with Hinglais, H., 1955
            Css. with Hinton, H.E., 1947
            Css. with Hirano, Tetsuya 1960
            Css. with Hisaw, Frederick L., 1953-59
            Css. with Hoar, William S., 1949-1982
            Css. with Hoar, William re: Abey Jampolsky research project
            Css. with Hoesthandt, H., 1954
            Css. with Hoffman, Roger A., 1960,1963
            Css. with Holder, F.C., 1966,1971
            Css. with Holliday, F.G.T., 1959-60, 1967
            Css. with Holmes, William, 1956, 1960-61
            Css. with Honma, Yoshiharu, 1956, 1960
            Css. with Hopp, W.B., 1959 (NSF Research Proposal)
            Css. with Hopper, Arthur F., 1954, 1962-63  Re: I 131   and a NSF Research Proposal.
            Css. with Horstadius, Greta, circa 1936-1940
            Css. with Houssay, Bernardo A., 1955-1971
            Css. with Houston, A.H., 1958-1982
            Css. with Howell, Barbara J., 1970
            Css. with Hsiao, Sidney, 1959
            Css. with Hubert, H. 1956 (Universite Libre de Bruxelles)
            Css. with Hunt, Evelyn, 1968
            Css. with Huntington, C.E., 1965
            Css. with Hutchinson, G.Evelyn, 1970-1979
            Css. with Hutton, Kenneth E., 1959 (NSF Research Proposal)
            Css. with Huver, Charles W., 1963
            Css. with Hyder, Mohamed, 1968-1973
            Css. with  Idler, David R., 1959-1982
            Css. with Ikeda, Yayoi, 1968-1983
            Css. with Ishii, Susumu, 1963, 1977
            Css. with Imai, Katsutoshi, 1963
            Css. with Ingle, David, 1966
            Css. regarding the International Symposium on Comparative Endocrinology; Oiso, Japan, 1961.
            Css. with Iwai, Tamotsu, 1967
            Css. with Iwasawa, Hisaaki, 1961
            Css. with Jafri, S. Iftikhar, 1971
            Css. with Jackson Brothers, LTD. Groceries and Fishermen’s Supplies, 1961-65
            Css. with Jakoleva, Jeina, 1969
            Css. with Jakowska, Sophie, 1956-1970
            Css. with Jenkin, Penelope M., 1964-1980
            Css. with Janssens, Peter A. 1962-1971
            Css. with Javaid, Mohammad Yaqub, 1973
            Css. with Johnson, Donald W., 1968,1973
            Css. with Johnson, George F., 1976
            Css. with Johnson, Robert C., 1963
            Css. with Jones, I. Chester, 1952-1971
            Css. with Jones, Patricia G., 1968-1972
           Css. with Jones, Ray A., 1966-1968
            Css. with Joritch, Voislave, 1978
            Css. with Jozuka, Kenji, 1964-1970
            Css. with Kallman, Klaus D., 1963-1978
            Css. with Kamen, J.C. van de, 1962
            Css. with Kanakaraj, S.R., 1975
            Css. with [Kanshih], K., 1960
            Css. with Kaocharern, Panee, 1960
            Css. with Kapoor, Prakash, 1963-1975
            Css. with Karaagac, Ihsan  M.D. PhD, 1958
            Css. with Kawamoto, N.Y. 1953-1977
            Css. with Kawamura, T., 1953-57
            Css. with Kayes, Terence, 1975-1980
            Css. with Ketchum, Susannah, 1963
            Css. with Khan, H.A., 1960
            Css. with Khan, Saadat Ali, 1968
            Css. Regarding  Kirschner, Leonard B. 1968 (NSF Research Proposal)
            Css. with Kleerekoper, Herman, 1969
            Css. with Kleibel, F.
            Css. with Klicka, John, 1967
            Css. with Knowles, Francis, 1967, 1972. (Obit. in 1974)
            Css. with Kobayashi, Hideshi, 1979
            Css. with Koch, H.J., 1967
            Css. Regarding Kohn, Alan J. (Re: National Science Foundation Research Proposal)
            Css. with Kondo, Takeji, 1955
            Css. with Kormanik, Gregg Alan, 1972-1983
            Css. with Kosto, Bernard, [Gale]1959-1974
            Css. with Krishna, Lalit, 1978
            Css. with Krishnamurthy, V.G., 1962-71
            Css. with [Kriterse], 1974 

Box 8 :

Professional Correspondence, L-P

Folders – Contents:  

            Css. with Ladman, Aaron J., 1955-59
            Css. with Lagios, Michael D., 1973
            Css. with Lagler, Karl F., 1962 (Re: National Science Foundation Grant)
            Css. with Lahlou, B., 1978, 1982
            Css. with Lakshman, A.B., 1958-1966
            Css. with Lall, Suresh B., 1965
            Css. with Lam, T.J., 1970, 1981
            Css. with Lancini, Abdem Ramon, 1966
            Css. with LaPointe, Joe, 1978
            Css. with LaRoche, Gilles, 1966-1974
            Css. with Larson, Priscilla A. (Re: research in bird blood studies)
            Css. with Laska, Anthony, 1973
            Css. with Layton, Roland, 1979
            Css. with Leathem, James H., 1963-1973 (Obit for Leathem, 1978)
            Css. with Leatherland, John F., 1970-1982
            Css. with Leech, Hugh B., 1946
            Css. with Lehri, G.K., 1963-1966
            Css. with Lehrman, Daniel S., 1954-1956
            Css. with Leinen, Ronald, 1969
            Css. with Leitten, Teresa Ann, 1960
            Css. with Leloup, Jacques, 1952-1961
            Css. with Lenart, Thomas Duane, 1981-1983
            Css. with Lerner, Aaron B. and Lande, Saul, 1976-1977
            Css. with Lewis, Urban J., 1971-1976
            Css. with Li, Choh Hao, 1954-1961
            Css. with Licht, Paul, 1968
            Css. Re: Linton, Joe R., 1969 (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Liu, Fah-hsuen, 1964-1965
            Css. with Liversage, Richard A., 1967-1973
            Css. with Livingstone, Bertha, 1955-1960
            Css. with Llaurado, Josep G. M.D., 1962
            Css. with Locket, N.A., 1974
            Css. with Lockwood, A.P.M., 1961
            Css. with Lofts, Brian, 1963-1981
            Css. with Lom, Jiri, 1971-1972
            Css. with Love, R. Malcolm, 1978
            Css. with Lovern, John A., 1952
            Css. with Lowe, Rosemary, 1950
            Css. with Lowenstein, O.E., 1947, 1960
            Css. with Lutz, Peter L., 1972-1973
            Css. with Lysak, Andrzej, 1961-1966
            Css. with McClanahan, Lon, 1966
            Css. with McClury-Jones, [R], 1964
            Css. with McCort, William, 1981
            Css. Re: McErlean, Andrew J., 1966 (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Macey-Heath, Michelle, 1972-1981
            Css. with McFarland, Bill, 1974
            Css. with MacFarlane, Neil A.A., 1969-1971
            Css. with MacKay, W.C. (Bill) 1970
            Css. with McKim, James M., 1965
            Css. with McLeay, D.S. (Don), 1978
            Css. with MacMahon, James A., 1966
            Css. with McNabb, Roger and Anne McNabb, 1966-1977
            Css. with McWhinnie, D.J., 1967
            Css. with Maderson, Paul, 1966-67
            Css. with Maetz, Jean, 1963-1977
            Css. with Mahaffey, Logan McCulloch, 1960-61
            Css. with Maiti, A.K., 1967
            Css. with Mandeville, Margery G., 1956-1957
            Css. with Mangum, Charlotte, 1978
            Css. with Manning, Maurice, 1974-1976
            Css. with Mansour-Bek, J.J., 1954
            Css. with Mansueti, Romeo, 1955
            Css. with Mansuri, A.P., 1976
            Css. with Markert, Clement L., 1965
            Css. with Markert, Margaret, 1978. (includes photos of Grace and the Markerts)
            Css. with Marquete University (Drs. Bela Piacsek and Peter Abramoff)
            Css. with Martin, Arthur and Edmondson, W.T., 1953-75.
            Css. with Martindale, T.N., 1960
            Css. with Mashiko, Kikuya, 1963-1975
            Css. with Masimore, Gregory, 1983-84
            Css. with Mason, Howard S., 1959
            Css. with Mathews, Martin B., 1967-1968
            Css. with Mathews, Samuel A., 1955
            Css. Re: Mathisen, Ole A., 1963 (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Mathur, G.B., 1968
            Css. with Matty, Allen J., 1955-1972
            Css. with Mazeaud, (Madeleine or Frederic?) 1974
            Css. with Medda, Ajit Kumar, 1966
            Css. with Meader, R.G., 1940
            Css. with the Mearl Corporation Re: The Mearl Project, 1950-74
            Css. with Mehl, John A.P., 1975
            Css. with Meier, Albert H., 1969, 1971
            Css. with Mellinger, Jean, 1964
            Css. with Mendes, Marta, Vennuci, 1947-1956
            Css. with Menzel, Bruce W., 1968
            Css. with Merriman, Daniel, 1973
            Css. with Mester, Radu, 1972
            Css. with Metuzals, J., 1958
            Css. with Meurling, Patrick,  n.d.
            Css. with Miahle, C., 1967
            Css. with Miline, R., 1957-60
            Css. with Miller, P.J., 1975
            Css. with Miller, Rudolph J., 1961
            Css. with Misra, P.M., 1968-69
            Css. with Modlinger, Gustav, 196?
            Css. with Mohideen, Basha, 1970
            Css. with Mohsen, T., 1963
            Css. with Mommsen, Thomas P., 1978
            Css. with Mondal, Ashit Kumar, 1960-1967
            Css. with Mongkonpunya, Krit, 1971-1972
            Css. with Monie, Hubert J., 1967
            Css. with Morato, Xavier, 1957
            Css. with Moreau, Jacques, n.d.
            Css. with Morey, Stanley, 1967
            Css. with Mori, Wataru, 1960-1967
            Css. with Morriconi, Elba R. 1971
            Css. Re:  Morris, Robert W., 1963, (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Moscoune or Moscona (?), H., 1952 (University of Chicago Institute of Radiobiology and
            Css. with Moss, Kenneth, 1974
            Css. with Moss, Melvin L., 1961-63.  Includes research related photos.
            Css. with Moss, Sandford A. 1971
            Css. with Motelica, Ion, 1964
            Css. with Mulrow, Patrick  J., 1959-1960
            Css. with Murdaugh, H.V. of the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory, 1971
            Css. with Murray, Marion, 1970
            Css. with Re: Nace, P.F. (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Nadkarni, V.B. 1962, 1975.
            Css. with Nagalakshmi, C.M, 196, 1970
            Css. with Nagas, S.K. 1960
            Css. with Nanao, Shizue, 1957
            Css. Re: National Sea Grant Program
            Css. with Nekrassoff, Vladimir N., 1967
            Css. with New, John G., 1963
            Css. with Newman, H.H., 1952, 1963
            Css. Re:  Nicoll, Charles S. (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Nigrelli, Ross F., 1952 – 1975
            Css. with Nixon, Marion, 1984
            Css. with Nomura, Tadasi, 1961, 1963
            Css. with Normandin, James, 1966
            Css. with Nussbaum, Noel, 1957 – 1965 (includes research proposal)
            Css. with O’Connor, Joseph M. 1966
            Css. with Odum, H.T. , 1959
            Css. with Ogawa, Mizuho, 1958 – 1966
            Css. with Okada, Yaichiro, 1952, 1967
            Css. with Olivereau, Madeleine, 1952-1982
            Css. with O’Malley, Alice T., 1964
            Css. with Omura, A., 1982
            Css. with Omer-Cooper, Joseph, and Joyce, 1953-1976 (includes obituaries)
            Css. with Onken and Heublein (Drs.) 1978Css. with Oordt, G.J. van [Gregorius Johannes], and Oordt,
                P.G.W.J van 1955-1969.
            Css. with Oppenheimer, Jane M., 1954 – 1970
            Css. with Otsuka, Sotoji, 1958-1960
            Css. with Overbeeke, A.P. van, 1958, 1965
            Css. with Ozaki, Hisao., 1954-1980
            Css. with Oguri, Mikio, 1963-1964
            Css. with Ozaki, H.
Box 9:

Professional Correspondence, P – Sc

Folders – Contents:

            Css. with Palay, Sanford L., 1953.
            Css. with Pan, C. H., 1982.
            Css. with Pandey, A. K., 1965, 1969.
            Css. with Pandey, Kamleshwar, 1965.
            Css. with Pandey P. K., 1976.
            Css. and Reports with Pang, Peter and Rosemary Pang, 1964 – 1971.
            Css. and Reports with Pang, Peter and Rosemary Pang, Continued, 1971 – 1979.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 93 Tc and Ty Serum Ca2+ and Po43-
         Files on Pang, Peter – Series 95C long-term dark adaptation.

            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 95E Chronic Calcitonin Injection, 1968.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 100C UB and pH.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 100D Castration
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 102A (1968)(Pang and McNabb).
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 103B Cod Ultimo Extract on Ca2+ and Po43-
Files on Pang, Peter – Series 103A Calculation and pH, 1968.

            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 106B UB Repeated Injection, 1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 106C Cal. On Glucose and Gut Water, 1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 106E 3 Injections, 1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 109B Lite and Dark of V. Small Fish, 1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 109C F.W. Chronic Cal. and U.K. F. Her.,  1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 111A Thyroid Feeding, 1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Series 112A Thyroid Feeding, 1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – 114D Stanniectomy, 1969.
            Files on Pang, Peter – 116A and 113C.  10 Injections of T4, 1970.
            Files on Pang, Peter – 116C TInjections, 1970.
            Files on Pang, Peter – 117 Light and Dark/V. Sm Fish/Vit C, 1970
.           Files on Pang, Peter – Tetany I, 1970
.           Files on Pang, Peter – Tetany II, 1970.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Tetany III, 1970.
            Files on Pang, Peter – Tetany MS
            Files on Pang, Peter – PO4 1968 Lizard
            Files on Pang, Peter and Toretti – Thyroid and ATPase, 1970.
            Css. with Pant, M.C.
            Css. with Parry (Howells), G., 1967.
            Css. with Pasquini, P., 1948,1952, 1982, 1985.
            Css. with Pathak, C.K., 1984.
            Css. with Patinkin, Deborah, 1982.
            Css. with Patrick, Ruth, 1951.
            Css. with Pawlikowski, Robert A., 1968,1975.
            Css. with Payne, Nellie M., 1963.
            Css. with Payne, R.W., 1959.
            Css. with Pearcy, William G., 1960-1965.
            Css. with Peres, G., 1964.
            Css. with Perks, Anthony Manning, 1969 – 1974.
            Css. with Perryman, Elizabeth K., 1972.
            Css. with Peter, Richard E., 1965, 1971 – 1976.
            Css. with Phillips, John Guest, 1957 – 1983.
            Css. with Phleger, C.F., 1971.
            Css. with Pic. P., 1978.
            Css. with Pickford, Ralph W., 1945 – 1949.
            Css. with Pincus, Gregory, 1964-1965.
            Css. with Pister, E. Philip, 1952.
            Css. with Plaza, J.
            Css. with Polenov, A.L., 1970 – 1972.
            Css. with Pollard, D.A.
            Css. with Poluhowlch, John J., 1971.
            Css. with Portman, A, 1948.
            Css. with Potter, I.C.
            Css. with Potts, W.T.W., 1966, 1976.
            Css. with Poulson, Thomas L., 1969-1972.
            Css. with Powers, Dennis A, 1979.
            Css. with Prasad, Raghu,1951.
            Css. with Preslock, James P., 1969.
            Css. with Preto, Ribeirao, 1974.
            Css. with Price, John W., 1960, 1970.
            Css. with Pritchard, Austin.
            Css. with Pritchard, Austin, 1967
.           Css. with Prosser, C. Ladd, 1970, 1979.
            Css. with Prowse, G.A., 1963.
            Css. with Qazi, M.H., 1962.
            Css. with Quevedo, Walter C., 1959.
            Css. with Rachlin, Joseph Wolfe, 1962.
            Css. with Rai, B.P., 1960-1979.
            Css. with Raizad, M.N., 1977.
            Css. with Rajalakshi, M., 1964.
            Css. Re:  Ralph, Charles, 1965.
            Css. with Ramawami. L.S., 1954-1960.
            Css. with Rand, Charles S., 1975.
            Css. with Rao, A. Ramesha, 1962.
            Css. with Rao, C.A.P., G. Madan Mohan Rao, and P.D.
            Css. with Rasmussen, Howard, 1959 –1961.
            Css. with Rasmussen, Louis E., 1977.
            Css. with Rasquin, Priscilla, 1947 – 1956.
            Css. with Rastogi, R.K., 1965.
            Css. with Rawdon, B.B., 1964.
            Css. with Raymond, Robert, 1947.
            Css. with Redgate, Edward, 1973.
            Css. with Reichert, Leo E., 1963.
            Css. with Reid, Della, 1959,1968.
            Css. with Reinboth, R., 1963-64, 1972.
            Css. with Remington, Charles L., 1973-1982.
            Css. with Renwick, Galen, 1960.
            Css. with Rhoades, Fred, 1970-1971.
            Css. with Ricker, W.E., 1959.
            Css. with Riggs, A.F., 1966.
            Css. with Riley, Gordon, 1972.
            Css. with Ristow, Hansjuren, 1967.
            Css. with Robertson, O.H., 1950-1967.
            Css. with Roman, Roland.
            Css. with Romanoff, Elijah B., 1972.
            Css. with Romcu, Frederico Garcia,
            Css. with Ronquillo, Inocencio A., 1951, 1960.
            Css. with Debbie Rose
            Css. with Rosen, Robert J., 1964.
            Css. with Rosenklide, Per, 1971.
            Css. with Rochthild, Irving, 1965.
            Css. with Roy, Binod Bihari, 1960-1982.
            Css. with Rudy, Paul P., 1969.
            Css. with Rullier, 1957.
            Css. with Rushton, William, 1972.
            Css. with Russell, Jane A., 1961.
            Css. with Russell, L.S., 1961.
            Css. with Sabo, Dennis J., 1977.
            Css. with Sage, Martin, 1969.
            Css. with St. Clair, John C., 1975.
            Css. with Salchek, 1972.
            Css. with Salhanick, H.A., 1960.
            Css. with Saliban, Alfredo, 1972.
            Css. with Sanchez, Patricio, 1959.
            Css. with Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, 1965.
            Css. with Sarvesan, R., 1970.
            Css. with Sathyanesan, A.G., 1958-1964.
            Css. with Savena, Subhash C., 1966.
            Css. with Sawaya, Paolo, 1947-1948.
            Css. with Sawyer, Wilbur H., 1954-1964.
            Css. with Sawyer, Wilbur H., 1965-1966.
            Css. with Sawyer Wilbur H., 1967 –
            Css. with Saxena, S.K., 1978.
            Css. with Scharrer, Ernst, 1964,1982.
            Css. with Scharrer, Ernst and Berta., 1949,1975.
            Css. with Schering Corp., 1951 –1956.
            Css. with Schettle Biologicals, 1965.
            Css. with Schevill, William E., 1950.
            Css. with Schlumberger, Hans G., 1953.
            Css. with Schmidt, F(?), 1949.
            Css. with Schmidt, Waldo L., 1941–1978.
            Css. with Schmidt – Nielsen, 1968-1981.
            Css. with Schneirla, T.C., 1964.
            Css. with Schreck, Carl B., 1978.
            Css. with Schreibman, Martin P., 1962-1973.
            Css. with Schroderus, Wayne J., 1963-1964.
            Css. with Schultz, R. Jack., 1971, 1973.
            Css. with Schulz, Roland R., 1957.
            Css. with Scott, David B.C., 1965-1973.
            Css. with Scott, Joseph L. 1954-1957.
Box 10 :

Professional Correspondence, Se - Z

Folders – Contents:  

            Css. with Sears, Mary, 1951
            Css. with Sehe, Charles T., 1959, 1960
            Css. with Sembrat, Kazimierz, 1956-1972
            Css. with Sembratowa, Zofia 1947, 1948
            Css. with Serfaty, A., 1963
            Css. with Seshadri, B., 1960-1962
            Css. with Sethi, Ram Prakash, 1965 – 1978
            Css. with Shaffer, Ellen J., 1978 – 1979
            Css. with Shanmugam, 1971, 1978
            Css. with Shanmugasundaram, K. and  Dharmapal, P., 1955
            Css. with Sharma, Madhu S., 1961 – 1962
            Css. with Shaw, Evelyn 1965
            Css. Re: Shehadeh, 1969 (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Shell, E.W., 1962
            Css. with Shellhamer, Robert H., 1950-1955
            Css. with Shiraishi, Y., 1972
            Css. with Sigismund, Szabo n.d.
            Css. with Silvestrini, F. 1955
            Css. with Singh, T.P., 1963 – 1977
            Css. with Sinha, V.R.P., 1969-1970
            Css. with Skinner, H. Catherine W., 1974
            Css. with Slack, H.D., 1958
            Css. with Slastenenko, Efim 1948
            Css. with Slicher, Anna M., 1957 – 1974
            Css. with Smith, A. Mason, 1971
            Css. with Smith, Albert C.,  1974
            Css. with Smith, Derek C.W., 1955
            Css. with Sneed, Kermit 1960
            Css. with Snieszko, S. F and Griffin, Phil, 1951-1964
            Css. with Sobel, H., 1957
            Css. with Sokabe, Hirofumi 1978
            Css. with Sokol, Hilda Weyl, 1955 – 1964
            Css. with Spaziani, Eugene (University of Iowa), 1968 - 1969
            Css. with Specker, Jennifer, 1982
            Css. with Sperling, Harry G., 1968
            Css. with Springer-Verlag Publishers, 1965-1966
            Css. with Sproston, Nora G., 1953
            Css. with Squibb, E.R. & Sons Chemists, 1951
            Css. with Sridhar, P., 1973, 1975
            Css. with Srivaslaria, Anand Swaroop, 1965
            Css. with Srivastava, Anil K., 1968 – 1983
            Css. with Srivastava, Anil, 1981, Re: Pickford & Srivastava Manuscript.
            Css. with  Srivastava, P.N., 1960 – 1969
            Css. with Stacey, Norm, 1979
            Css. with Stallworthy, W.B., 1955-1968
            Css. with Stanley, Jon G., 1965 – 1976. Includes NSF Research Proposal.
            Css. with Stanley, N. G., 1963 – 1964
            Css. with Steinetz, Bernard G., 1956
            Css. with Steinitz, Heinz., 1951 – 1970, includes 1971 death notice and further correspondence with Mrs. Steinitz.
            Css. with Stevens, Robert E., 1965 -1966
            Css. with Stolk, A.,  1959
            Css. with Stolkowski, Joseph, 1958-1959
            Css. with Stoller Fisheries, Inc. 1960-1962
            Css. with Sullivan, Helen T. 1975
            Css. with Sundarajraj, B.I., 1962 - 1983
            Css. with Suzuki, Ryo, 1970
            Css. with Swaroop, Anand, 1966 – 1967
            Css. with Swarup, Krishna, 1973, 1976
            Css. with Swift, D.R., 1953 – 1976
            Css. with Tampi, P.R.S., 1951 – 1957
            Css. with Tamsitt, J.R., 1969
            Css. with Tandon, R.S., 1972
            Css. with Tang, Alice, 1965
            Css. with Taning, A.Vedel, 1938 – 1957
            Css. with Tarr, H.L.A., 1963
            Css. with Tehermans (?), V., 1946 (partial letter)
            Css. with Terry, Kevin A.,  1974
            Css. with Thienemann, August, 1948 – 1950, (includes death notice)
            Css. with Thorson, Thomas B., 1977
            Css. with Tong, Winton, 1973
            Css. with Tovolga, William N., 1953 – 1955
            Css. with Taylor, Dennis, 1973 – 1980
            Css. with Taylor, Malcolm H., 1970 – 1982
            Css. Re: TeWinkel, Lois E., 1965 (National Science Foundation  Proposal)
            Css. with Thapliyal, J.P., 1961
            Css. with Thiemedh, Jinda, c. 1960s (greeting cards)
            Css. with Thomson, Keith, 197- - 1981
            Css. with Townsley, Sidney J., 1956 – 1968
            Css. with Trewavas, Ethelwynn, 1947 – 1976
            Css. with Tsuyuki, H., 1960, 1970
            Css. with Turner, William J., 1958 – 1959
            Css. with Tyler, Christine, 1959
            Css. with Tyler, David B., 1972 – 1973
            Css. with Umminger, Bruce L., 1966 – 1970
            Css. with Umminger, Bruce L, 1970 – 1979
            Css. Re: U.S.- U.S.S.R.Workshop on Morphological and Physiological Research on Sex Cycles
                 of Fishes and Invertebrates and their Hormone Regulation
. 1976.

            Css. with Utida, Seiitiro, 1968
            Css. with Valentine, J. Manson, 1964
            Css. with Vallowe, Henry, 1957
            Css. with Vanstone, W.E., 1957 – 1972
            Css. with Varma, S.K., 1972
            Css. with Vastani, P.T. , 1971
            Css. with  Velasquez, Carmen and Gregorio, 1964 - 1972
            Css. with  Vassetzky, S.G., 1966
            Css. with Venugopalan, V.K., 1960 – 1966
            Css. with Vigneaud, Vincent, 1954 – 1955
            Css. with Vincent, D., 1982
            Css. with Vivien, Jean H., 1948 – 1978
            Css. with Vlaming, Victor de, 1978 – 1982
            Css. with Vranga, Julia, 1960
            Css. with V??????, Helen S. 1958
            Css. with Waage, Karl M., 1982
            Css. with Wai, Chiu Kam, 1964
            Css. with Walker, Roland, 1948
            Css. with Wallis, M., 1975
           Css. with Walton, A.C., 1944 – 1946
            Css. with  Warfel, Herbert E., 1947, 1961
            Css. Re: Warner, Eldon D., 1962. (National Science Foundation Proposal)
            Css. with Weatherley, Alan H., 1972
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