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JenniferPicHomepageI have been an archivist for about twenty years and at Hiram since 2006.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in History and a Master’s degree in Public History from Wright State University.  Being an archivist is more than a job or profession.  It influences the way you approach your life and the things that you hold valuable.  It also makes you a real pain to family and friends that “just want to put a little cello tape on that tear” or “some Elmer’s on the back of that photo.”

Currently I am working on two very special projects surrounding the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War.  First, I am writing and editing a series of three chapbooks.  Using letters, diaries, and manuscripts available in our collections, they will look at the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute [now Hiram College], her students, former students and community, and what they were talking about during that tumultuous period of our history.  The first chapbook, “I’m mad enough to fight, and ready at any time:” The Eclectic Prepares for War, 1857-1861, came out June 2011 and is available in the Hiram College Bookstore. 

 I am hard at work now on the second book covering the period 1861-1863 and it should be published by the end of the 2012.

 The other special project is database of Eclectic students who fought in the Civil War.  Until 2010, the college knew the names of only 139 young men who had served in the war.  Through a variety of resources, I am putting together a database that will be available online and contain the names of almost three times as many young men as originally believed. 

 Again, check back for more information about these projects. 

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