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2/A(1)a: Hiram History Narratives
“The Beginnings of Hiram”; “A Historical Sketch of Hiram Township” Ravenna Republican (2 July 1908)
Udall, Alvah; Charles H. Ryder “Comparative Historical Accounts of Hiram and Portage County”
Ryder, Charles H. “History of Hiram” (1864)
Raymond, Charles “The Prophet Gets a Robe and Other Essays
Dilley, Ellen S. “Pioneer Life in Hiram Township” 
Davis, Harold E. “Sources of Immigration into Portage County”
Osgood, Dr. Elliot I. “In the Days of Old Hiram”
Squire, Andrew “A Few Recollections of Hiram, 1861-1932”
“Around and About Hiram”
Rudolph, Joseph “Pickups from the American Way: Early Life and Civil War Reminiscences”

2/A(1)b: Hiram History Narratives
Dean, Dr. B. S. “The Story of Hiram Village”
Bierce, Samuel L. C. “Hiram” Portage County Democrat (15 Feb 1860)
Clark, Vesta Ryder “History of the Old South Road” or “Ryder Road” or “Pioneer Trail” w/map
“Early History of Hiram Township”
Dodge, Martin “Local Facts Hiram”
“Historical Places Around Hiram”
“Experts” Advance
Dilley, Ellen S. “Pioneer Life in Hiram Township”
Green, Merwyn Stone “Ohio’s Most Interesting Town – Hiram”
Hiram Hectograph weekly news (12 July 1934 – 23 Aug 1934)
Kritzer, Matthew “Early History of Lat 33 , Township 5, Range 7”
“Lake Shore Sketches Hiram, OH”
Leach, Harry M. “The Garfield Pole and Flag”
“Miscellaneous Items”
“Random Notes on Hiram Township and Village”
Neill, Bob “Hiram Weather” 
Nichols, Carl A. “The History of Ryder Road (Pioneer Trail)”
Clark, Vesta Ryder “History of the ‘Old South Road’ a.k.a. ‘Ryder Road’ a.k.a.‘Pioneer Trail’” (1999)
Ryder, Charles “History of Hiram”
Young, Clinton. Hiram History

2/A(1)c: Hiram History Narratives
“The First 100 Years of ‘The Old South Road’”
“The Indian Trail through Hiram”
“Death of Charles H. and Eddie Ryder by Drowning” Garrettsville Journal (1 June 1883)
Bennett, Mildred “Notes of Hiram”
_____. “Route 82”
_____. “A Visit to Hiram’s Past”
Cannon, Mrs. Lee “Vachel Lindsay”
Foss, Catherine Reynard. “Hiram Memories” (13 Sept 1989)
Hinsdale, B. “Biographical Sketch of Zeb and Arabella Mason Rudolph” (21 Oct 1897)
Kingsley, Ruth Reynard. “Remembering Hiram: 1914-1934”
“Hiram Narrator”
“Letter from Harold Davis to Hiram Historical Society Members” (Dec 1929)
Leach, Harry M. “Early Settlers of the Township” (1937)
Monroe, Joyce, as told to Agnes Smith “The Johnson Farm Home”
Various news clippings on Hiram and its citizens

2/A/(2): Dorena Norton Travel Diaries
Norton, Dorena Travel Diary (1925)
_____.  Travel Diary (1927)
_____.  Travel Diary (1928)
_____.  Travel Diary (1929)
_____.  Travel Diary (1931)

2/A/(2) Hiram History Memorabilia
Index Cards
“Hiram Cemetery Records” (1968-19??)
Hiram Cemetery Association’s Treasurer’s Report Book (1903 – 1925)
Receipts (1976 – 1984)
“Hiram Cemetery Deed Copies”
Bennett, Mildred “The Hiram Cemetery” (4 Aug 1985)
_____. “The Hiram Cemetery Association” (nd)
“Receipts of Emily Alden” (1915)
“Letter Written by Angie S. Hurlburt to George (?)” (16 Nov 1862)
Green, Charles and Amy Sheldon “Pioneer Letters”
Paul, Doug and Mildred Bennett “Sketches” (25 Apr 1971)
Fink, Janet “Letter to Township Trustees” (16 Aug 1984)
“Leap Year Party Invitations at Young’s Exchange” (29 Jan 1856)
“Mementos of Hiram Village Pony Express Centennial Celebration” Gift of Bumbaugh, Thelma (6 Apr 1978)
“Certificate of Election” (n.d.)
“Letter to Dyson” (21 Apr 1892)
“Dramatic Reading of Randolf Mitchell”
Arnas, W.T. “Laundry and ?”
“Hiram Village Bicentennial Program” 
“Newspaper Clippings of W.R. Monument” 
“Comedy Entertainment Benefit of Hiram Brass Band” (15 Sept 1885).
“World War Two Ration and Purchase Certificates”
“Blue Prints Anna L. Peckham and Family World War Two V-Mail” 
“Gilbert and Helena Wakefield” 
“World War Two Tax Stamps”

2/A/(2): Hiram History Memorabilia
Photo Stamp
“Hiram, Ohio”
Ferrotype (tin frame)
Photo Book
Ambrotype (5)
Daguerreotype (1)
“Greeting Cards and Advertisements” (n.d.)

2/A/(3): Hiram History Population and Biographies of Local Individuals
Newspaper Obituaries [from Rider Family Papers] (1955-1972) 
Garfield of Hiram, ed. Davis, Harold E.
“Pelletiah Allyn” 1810-1852
Crawford, Hammond “History of the Early Settlers of Portage County, Ohio, especially Hiram Township” (1968)
“Crucelias, Clara”
Henry, Marcia “Reminiscences” (1944)
Kenyon, Martha “Some Reminiscences of Hiram People I have Known” (29 Apr 1975)
“Louisa Champion Cook”
Thrasher, Velma “Mattie Hurd 1884-1977”
“Loomis and Harmon Families (Loomis Married Ryder)”
“Autobiography of Mabel Mason” History of Portage County (n.d.)
“Symonds Ryder”
“Bureau of Census Population Report on Hiram Village and Township from 1810”
Leach, Henry M. “Brief Biographies of Peletiah Allyn, Noble Nichols, Royal P. Hutchinson, Henry A. Dyson, John 
Karraker, I.O. “Brief Biography of Nathan L. Musken” Karraker, I.O.
Crowder, Mary Calhouse “Miss Carrie” 
“Symends Ryder”
“Messenger/ Hutchinson Family Matters (contains Autograph Book)”
Smith, Agnes “Lela Taylor” 22 April 1989
“Memorial Address and Obituary Sketches of Thuel and Harriet Norton”
Udall, George and Clarissa Frank “Miscellaneous Memorabilia”
“Wilson, H.M.”
“A Memorial: Zeb and Arabella Rudolph”
“In Memoriam: Crasius M. Young”
“Wheat Harvest” Dutton Farm 1905 (2 copies)
“Threshing Scene” Nichol’s Farm (Given by Mrs. Harry Clapp)

2/A/3: Genealogies
Henry Family Record
Newcomb, Fred C., Ozro Newcomb, and Claribel (Newcomb) French Decedents of Orrin Newcomb
Scrapbook of Adda Nettie Beaman
Martin, Dodge “A Memorial of Betsy Canfield” (3 copies)
“Mason Genealogy”
Kenyon, John S. “Pow Family Records”
“Moore Family Genealogy”
Converse, Perlea Derthick “A Brief Profile of Ten Generations of the Moore-Derthick Family” (2 copies)
“Hinckley Family Genealogy”
“Newcomb Family Genealogy”
Salberg, Vesta Ryder “Mason and Ryder Family Papers” (1822 – present)
“Porter Rhoades Genealogy”
“Daniel Tildren Genealogy”
Genealogical Report (Dec 1968) 
Genealogical Report (Apr 1969)
Genealogical Report (June 1969)
Genealogical Report (Aug 1969
Genealogical Report (Oct 1969)
“King Family”

Clarke, Vesta R. “The Rider Genealogy including Mason and Johnson Families”
Clarke, Vesta Ryder “History of the Ryder Family of Hiram, Ohio”
Clarke, Vesta Ryder "History of the Ryder Family of Hiram, Ohio"  Revised 2005
Salberg, Vesta Ryder “The Ryder Family Heritage”

2/A/(4): Hiram History Geographical and Geological Information
“Record of Sale Property in Connecticut Western Reserve”
“An Outline for the General Analysis of a Type of Rural Community”
Colton, George H. “Geology of Hiram Township”
McCort, Bill “The Ecosystem of Hiram Village”

Abbott, Charlotte “Hiram, Mantua, Garrettsville Scrapbook” (nd)
Abbott, Charlotte “Hiram, Mantua Scrapbook” (nd)
Cook, Alma Udall “General Hiram” (1963 – 1964)
Mason, Mabel. “Hiram Township” (Sept 1957 – Dec 1959)
Cook, Alma Udall “Hiram High School” (1962 – 1963)
“Hiram School Year” (1964 – 1965)
“Hiram Township” (Dec 1960 – July 1961) 
Mason, Mabel “Hiram Township” (May 1961 – Oct 1961)
“Hiram Township” (Oct 1961 – Oct 1963)
“Hiram Township” (Sept 1968 – Aug 1969)

Civil Dachet of Numun P. Squire, Justice of the Peace, 1857-1912 Hiram Rapids
Elisha Taylor’s arithmetic textbook, (nd)
Hiram Township Plat Book and Real Estate Record (1910)
Account Book for Credit (1826)

“Hiram Township Map” (1947)
“Plan of Partition of Township Number 5 in the 7th Range, Western Reserve”
“Plan of Partition of Township Number 5 in the Range of the Connecticut Western Reserve” Simon Perkins Book of 
Maps, 2nd book

Newspaper Article
Goski, John. “He Takes Orders from No One” (George G. Bacon makes poetry in Hiram Rapids)
The Cleveland Press, section two (27 July 1935)
Wolfe, Tom. “Fame Finally Finds Its Way to Door of ‘The Old Knife Maker,’ George G. Bacon, Hiram
Rapids Poet” The Evening Record, Number 52, Page 13 (1 Dec 1935)

2/A/(5): Historical Material Related to Lebanon, Connecticut [Donated by Alicia Wayland, Municipal Historian of 
Lebanon. 24 June 2004]

2/B Hiram Rapids
Masters, R “Hiram Rapids Cemetery Association” (27 ? 1995)
Abbott Family
“History of Hiram Rapids”
Cochran, George “Writings on the Upper Cuyahoga” [see also Ciampo, Wesley. “The Decline of
Hiram Rapids” History S.P., 1973]
Monroe, Anna Laura “Disorganization and Organization in Hiram Rapids”
Schlegelmilch, Merle “History of Harrison”
Kelly, Jack “Hiram Rapids had lively moments but never made boom town” The Saturday Press 30 Mar
1988, p. 1, 13.
“Copy of a Part of the Abstract of Title to the Hiram Rapids School Property” (19 Feb 1936)
“The Rapids School”
Mrs. Clyde Murray
Merle Schlegelmilch
Mrs. E.B. Vaughn
“Hiram Rapids School”
Hadsell, Reign and Merle Schlegelmilch “The Post Office” (n.d.)
_____. “G.G. Bacon” (n.d.)
“Eighth Grade Commencement Program, Hiram Rapids School” (3 May 1922)
“Hiram Rapids Church”
Schlegelmilch, Merle “A History of Harrison (Hiram Rapids)” Dec 1987 [2 copies]

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