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5/A Hiram Water Works and Sewage Plant
Address Book
“A Report On Water Supply System Improvements for the Village of Hiram, Ohio” (Oct 1971)
“Notice to Bidders, Proposal, General Conditions, Specifications, Bond and Contract Forms for the
Construction of Improvements to Sewage Treatment Plant”
“Correspondence” (1895 – 1905)
“Correspondence” (1906 – 1930)
“Correspondence” (1957 – 1968)
“Contracts and Receipts Dealing with the Hiram Water Works”
“Rules and Regulations concerning the Hiram Water Works and Pay Schedule”
“Report on Hiram Water Works” (1933 – 1943)
“Legal Papers concerning Hiram Water Works”
Bishop, Alvord K. “Municipal Powers in Relation to Water, Light, and Sewerage” Hiram (1939) 18 pp. typescript
_____. “Power of Council to Establish Schedule of Water Controls” Hiram (1942) 5 pp. typescript
_____. “Hiram Water Works” Hiram (1943) 16 pp. typescript
“Newspaper Clippings regarding Water System and Fire Department”
“Well Log” (1943 – 1944)
“Water Use Statistics” (1948 – 1960)
“Estimates – Stamm Contracting Co.” (1948 – 1949)
“Legal Notices of Water Works Improvement” (1948; 1956)
“Bids” (1948 – 1964)
“Agreement with Rollin F. MacDowell for Engineering Services” (1952)
“Receipts” (1957 – 1971)
“Proposed Extension to Hiram Water Works” (1958)
“Proposal for Engineering Work” (1960)
“Employees” (1960; 1962)
“Report on Water main Improvement” (1961)
“Reports/Minutes” (1961 – 1962)
“Resolutions” (1962)
“Ordinances” (1962 – 1964)
“Bonds” (1962)
“Legal Notice of Waterworks Improvements” (1962)
“Estimates – Morris E. Nall and Associates” (1962 – 1963)
“Water and Sewer Rates” (1962)
“History of Sewage Plants”
“Correspondence – Sewage Plant”
“Hiram’s Sewerage System” (n.d.)
“Hiram Village Sewer Bonds” (1920 – 1921)
“Agreement for Engineering Services For Sewage Plant” (1939)
“Report on Sewage Treatment Plant Improvements” (1952)
“Ordinance” (1953)
“Indenture of Mortgage” (1953)
“Expenditures/ Water Use” (1953 – 1956)
“Homes Connected with Sewer”
“Legal Documents – Sewage System” (1971)
“Report on Proposed Sewerage Improvements” (1971)
“Advertisements – Sewage Systems” 
Vincent, Del “Hiram Water Works”

_____. “Facts about Hiram Utilities”

5/A Hiram Water System; 5/B Hiram Light Plant; 5/C Hiram Fire Department; 5/D Hiram Post Office; 5/E Eastern Ohio Traction Company; 5/F Telephone; 5/G Portage County Library
“Hiram Volunteer Fire Department”
“Hiram Post Office”
Hadsell, Reign “Hiram Post Office” (n.d.)
Christiansen, Harry “Eastern Ohio Traction” New Northern Ohio’s Interurbans. Euclid, Ohio: Trolley Lore (1983)
Zahigian, Deborah and James Chappars “The Trolley in the Hiram Area: Its History and a Description of its Remains”
“Disastrous Trolley Car Wreck” Chagrin Falls Exponent (18 Feb 1904)
“Interurban Railway will ‘roll’ in Bedford” C.P.D. (12 Oct 1975)
Leach, Harry M. “Eastern Ohio Traction” (n.d.)
Hutchinson, Hugh “The EOT as I knew it.” (Apr 1967)
Roberts and Abbot Company. “Report on Easter Ohio Traction Company, relative to rebuilding and new
construction for both divisions” (5 Dec 1906)
“The Official Interurban Railway Guide” (July 1910)
“Organization of the Hiram Telephone Co. (copies of records from Office of Secretary of State, Ohio)”
“Western Reserve Telephone Company”
The Portage County Telephone Company Directory (May 1904)
“General Telephone Company of Ohio”
“Hiram Telephone Company – Bills”
“Railroad Meeting!” The Garrettsville Journal (Nov 1890)
Hadsell, Reign “Notes on Transportation in Hiram”
“Portage County Library”
Goodale, Grace. “History of the Portage County Library, Ohio”
Duffet, Gorman. “Impressions of Jessie Smith” [paper delivered to Hiram Township Historical Society]
(28 Sept 1989)

5/B Hiram Light Plant
Bennett, Mildred, Donald Danley, and Mary Garver “Histories of the Hiram Light Plant”
Garver, Mary “The Story of the Hiram Municipal Light Plant” (12 Nov 1942) [2 copies]
“Dedication” (13 Dec 1935)
Bennett, Mildred. “The Story of the Hiram Light Plant” [2 versions]
Green, Ralph R. “The Board of Trustees of Public Affairs in Ohio”
Materials Related to Hiram Municipal Light Plant:
Conaway, Charles M. “Tiny Hiram Builds Own Power Plant” Cleveland Plain Dealer (11 Aug 1935)
“Hiram’s Light Plant Ready” Garrettsville Journal (5 Dec 1935)
“The History of Hiram’s Light”
“Dedicate New Hiram Plant” Garrettsville Journal (19 Dec 1935)
“Hiram Light Plant receipt” (6 Feb 1941)
Garver, Ray “Letter of Resignation as Superintendent of Light Plant” (8 Apr 1947)
“Letter from Howard Hutchinson to Village Council Regarding Progress of Municipal Plant” (28 May 1962)
“Letter to citizens regarding possible consequences of sale of municipal plant”
“Correspondence, Clippings, Reports Regarding Hiram College and Municipal Light Plant”
“Hiram Light Plant Clippings”
Cook, Maurice L. “What Electricity Should Cost” The New Republic (1 May 1935)
“Correspondence Regarding Hiram Light Plant” (1898 – 1936)
“Report on a Municipal Electric Generating Plant for the Village of Hiram, Ohio” (May 1933)
“Indenture of Mortgage by and between The Village of Hiram and The Cleveland Trust Company Trustee”
(1 July 1934)
“Correspondence between Hiram and R. Husselman, Consulting Engineer” (15 May 1933 – 20 Dec 1935)
“Contract Documents for Diesel Engine Generating Plant” (1935)
“Correspondence and Information between Hiram and the Federal Emergency Administration of Public
Works” (Mar 1934 – 26 Feb 1936)
“Correspondence regarding Ohio office of P.W.A. and Hiram” (25 June 1934 – 26 Feb 1936)
“Correspondence between Hiram and Fairbanks, Morse, & Co., unsuccessful bidder” (5 Dec 1932 – 2 May
“Correspondence between/regarding Hiram and Anderson Engine and Foundry Company” (7 Apr 1931 – 6 Aug 1936)
“Correspondence between Hiram and Allied Oil Company, subcontractor” (22 Apr 1935 – 26 Apr 1936)
“Correspondence between Hiram and The Ideal Electric and Manufacturing Co., subcontractor” (17 May 1935 – 20 
Aug 1935)
“Correspondence between Hiram and Laganke Electric Co., subcontractors” (2 Apr 11935 – 13 Jan 1936)
“Correspondence with Leeds & Northrup, subcontractor” (May 1935)
“Correspondence between Hiram and Moock Electric Co., subcontractors” (8 Aug 1935 – 19 Dec 1935)
“Payroll for Hiram Light Plant” (8 Aug 1935 – 14 Nov 1935)
“Miscellaneous Correspondence and Information” (5 Apr 1933 – 7 Mar 1936)
“Correspondence with Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation”
“Correspondence with P.L. Frank Construction Co.”
“Correspondence with Anderson Engine and Foundry Co.”
“Correspondence with Dravo – Doyle Co.”
“Correspondence with McIntosh & Seymour Corporation”
“P.W.A. Daily Inspection Reports on Hiram Light Plant” (22 July 1935 – 24 Oct 1935)
“Miscellaneous Correspondence with Petroleum Companies about Supply of Diesel Fuel” (15 May 1935 – 3 Jan 1936)
“Miscellaneous Invoices and Vouchers Dealing with Construction of Plant” (2 July 1935 – 10 Mar 1936)
“Miscellaneous Correspondence with Legal Officials, Prior to R. Husselman’s ‘Entrance’” (17 Sept 1929 – 2 Mar 1935)
“Application for Loan to P.W.A. to Create Municipal Light Plant in Hiram” (Aug 1933)
“Correspondence between Hiram and Ohio Public Service Co. (O.P.S.)” (2 Nov 1933 – 2 Jan 1936)
“Anderson Type KD Diesel Engine” [3 copies]
“Contract Documents for Diesel Engine Generating Plant” (1935) [2 copies]
“Proposal from Worthington Pump and Machinery Company”
“Proposal from Dravo-Doyle Company”
“Contracts for Light Service, Hiram Ohio” (Nov 1937) [54 cards]
“Contract for Installation of Electric Line to Outlying Areas” (ca. 1940) [13 copies]
“Property Owners in Hiram Village” (1940)
“Bonds” (1941 – 1958)
“Electric Light Plant Improvements” (July 1947)
Blueprints/Maps/ Inventories
“Foundation and Outline – Village of Hiram” (14 June 1935)
“Tabulation of Bids Received for Hiram, Ohio Diesel Engine Plant” (14 Apr 1935)
“Anderson Type KD Diesel Engine” 
“P.L. Frank Construction Co. Outline Specifications of Equipment” [2 copies]
“Worthington Pump and Machinery Corporation – Data on Five Installations as Required by Specifications”
“Proposal/Blueprint 1581”
“Proposal/Blueprint 1580”
“Proposal/Blueprint 1579”
“Proposal/Blueprint 1578”
“Anderson Engine and Foundry Company – 1589”
“Anderson Engine and Foundry Company – 1590”
“Station Arrangements”
“Plant Light Wiring” [???]
“Proposed Generating Plant for Hiram Village” (8 Apr 1935) [2 copies]
“Proposal/Blueprint 1592”
“Bidder Comparisons”

5/B Hiram Light Plant
“Yearly Reports” (1941 – 1969; 1971 – 1980)
“Mortgage Trust Indenture between Hiram Village and First National Bank” (1946) [2 copies]
“Bids” (1947 – 1960)
Elwell, Paul W. “Report on Municipal Electric Light Plant…” (May 1947)
“Specification No. 1 Municipal Power Plant Village of Hiram, Ohio” (3 July 1958) [3 copies]
“A.C. Schoonmaker Bid for Light Plant Improvements” (1958)
“Letter to Board of Public Affairs” (10 June 1957)
Ross, Ron. “Close vote favors Municipal System” Public Power (15 Apr 1958)
Smith, Earl R. “Remarks at Planning Commission Meeting” (12 May 1958)
“Correspondence with W. Vance Middough and Associates” (7 Apr 1958 – 19 June 1962)
Smith, Hoak L. “An Open Letter Concerning the Power Plant” (1963)
The Ohio Edison Company “Study of Hiram Electric System” (1 Mar 1963)
McClure, Reed “Letter to Village Council” (1 Apr 1963)
“Correspondence with Young Radiator Company concerning a Jacket Water Cooler” (1964 – 1965)
“Personal Receipts” (1964 – 1966)
“Receipts” (1968 – 1971)
“Information on Wadsworth Power Company” (1969)
“Ohio Edison” (1970 – 1971)
“Report of the Ad Hoc Committee to Study the Hiram Village Light Plant” (18 Jan 1971)
Bixler, D.C. “Ohio Edison’s Proposal to Hiram” (29 May 1971)
“Clippings regarding Ohio Edison/ Sale of Light Plant” (1970 – 1973)
Middough, W. Vance “Report and Recommendations concerning Hiram Municipal Electric System” (16 June 1971)
Middough, W. Vance “Economic Analysis: Purchased Power Alternate” (10 Sept 1971)
Smith, Margaret and A. Kenneth Boydell “Correspondence” (13 Oct 1971; 16 Dec 1971)
“Miscellaneous Correspondence and Information”
“Board of Public Affairs”

Minutes of the Hiram Water Works Board (23 July 1896 – 24 Oct 1913)
Hiram Water Works Cash Book (1905 – 1913)
“Dues Account Book: Patrons of Husbandry”
Hiram Grange Expense Log

“Public Sale: Farm Sale of Mrs. John Young”
“Public Sale: Farm Sale of L.G. Hutchinson”

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