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9/ Reign Hadsell Local History Collection: Box 1
“Anderson, David”
“Annapolis Improvement Association”
“Automobiles – old; Hiram’s First”
“Bacon, George Grover”
“Beaman, Dudley H. and Beaman Block”
“Beautification Commission – Hiram”
“Chronology – Hiram”
“Churches – Hiram; The Disciples in Hiram by Mildred L. Bennett and Agnes M. Smith”
“Churches – Hiram; Orthodox Church of St. John”
“Churches – Tallmadge and Freedom”
“Clerks – Hiram Village”
“Community Organizations – Hiram”
“Connecticut Land Company – Sale of Hiram Township”
“Conservation/ Preservation”
“Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace”
“Crane, Harte”
“Crestwood Board of Education”
“Cuyahoga River”
“Dean, Bailey S.”
“Davis, Harold E.”
Hadsell, Reign and Hazel Rutherford. A History and Civics of Dover Village
“Dyer, Daniel”
“Eastern Ohio Traction”
“Elections – Hiram; Poll Records” (13 Oct 1807)
Ellsworth, Henry L. A Tour to New Connecticut in 1811
“Field Trips”
“Flood – Hiram Rapids”
“Fossil Fish”; “Collecting Fossil Fishes from the Cleveland Shale,” Natural History vol. 25 no. 5 (1926): 487 – 504;
“Fossil Fishes in Cleveland Shale,” Popular Publications from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History vol. 1 no. 1
(Nov 1928)
“Gardens – Hiram Public”
“Garfield Flag”
Green, Dallas and Kathryn. “Annuity Trust through Hiram College”
“Greendale Farm”
Hadsell, Reign S. “Photographs”
Schlegelmilch, Merle. A History of Harrison (Hiram Rapids) (1987) [2 copies]
_____. A History of Harrison (1933)
“Headwaters Land Trust”
“Hiram Christian Church – ‘Minutes in History’”
“Hiram College – Controversy over Location”
“Hiram College Alumni Association – Lifelong Leadership Award and Intercultural Award”
“Hiram Community Trust – Agreement and Annual Reports”
“Hiram Hamlet”
“Hiram High School – enclosures for letters; Papers on Hiram History (1935); Davis, Harold E. and Reign Hadsell.
Vitalized Hiram High School Commencement in the Late 1920’s and 1930’s.” (1986)
“Hiram Histories – Errors in”
“Hiram Histories – General”
“Hiram History – Gen. Lucius V. Bierce”
“Hiram History – Bailey S. Dean”
“Hiram History – Portage Heritage”
“Hiram History – Charles Reynard, Comparative Historical Accounts: Udall, Ryder, Brown”
“Hiram History – Charles Ryder”
“Hiram History – Alvah Udall”

9/ Diploma
Hadsell, Reign S. [Yale University]

9/ Reign Hadsell Local History Collection – Box 2
“Hiram History – Clinton M. Young”
“Hiram – Place Names”
“Hiram Rapids – Munro, Anna Laura. Disorganization and Organization in Hiram Rapids (1935); Ciampo, Wesley R.
The Decline of Hiram Rapids, Ohio, 1808 – 1900 (1973); Cochran, George Writings on the Upper Cuyahoga.”
“Hiram Township Historical Society
“Hiram Township – Detachments From”
“Hiram Township in History of Portage County, Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., (1885)
“Hiram Township – Population”
“Hiram Township Records Index”
“Hirams – Arkansas, Georgia, Maine”
“Houses – Hiram”
“Howerton, George”
“Hudson Township”
“Industry – Hiram”
“Insects – References To”
“John Johnson Home”
“‘Kid Hack’ – Photographs of”
“Layton, Roland V. – Correspondence with”
“Leech, Harry M. – Descriptions of Hiram Homes, Buildings, Places”
“Library, Portage County – in Hiram”
“Map – Hiram, 1833”
“Map – Hiram Township Topographical”
“Maps – French”
“Maps – Hiram”
“Maple Syrup – General”
“Maple Syrup – Hiram”
“Maple Syrup – Allyn Sugar Camp”
“Maples Syrup – Monroe Sugar Camp”
“Maple Syrup – Ravenna Arsenal”
“Maple Syrup – Ryder Sugar Camp”
“Maple Syrup – Alma Udall Cook”
“Maple Syrup – Ohio”
“Maple Syrup – Wisconsin”
“Mayors – Hiram”
“Medical Services”
“Morgan Map and Guide”
“Mormon History – Book Excerpts”
“Mormon History – Hartwell Ryder”
“Mound Builders”
“Northwest Territory – Ohio Government prior to 1803”
“Ohio – Bibliography”
“Ohio Counties – Development of”
“Ohio Historical Society”
“Oliver G. Benjamin”
“Pendleton House”
“Post Office”
“Quotations – for use in History of Hiram”
“Railroad – Jeddo”
“Renner, Pearl – Oral History”
“Reynard, Charles”
“Ryder, Charles”
“Ryder, Symonds”
“Sawyer, Joanne M. – Correspondence with”
“Sugar Day – Hiram College”
“Tilden, Daniel”
“Treanor, Ruth Pringle”
“Trumbull County”
“Turkey – End of Tour Report”
“Watershed – Hiram”
“Western Reserve – Cardinal, Eric. New England and the Western Reserve in the 19th Century. (1986); Gidney, James.
Beyond the Alleghanies, Taverns, Turnpikes and Canals: An Appreciation of the Western Reserve.” (n.d.)
“Wildflower Research Program – Ohio”
“Young Residence”
“Plaque presented to Reign S. Hadsell by The Agency for International Development for 21 Years of Service”

9/ Reign Hadsell Local History Collection: Box 3
“Recent Notes: Mostly How Government Came to Hiram” [1 of 2]
“How Government Came to Hiram” [2 of 2]
Framed Certificate
“Intercultural Award given to Reign S. Hadsell from the Hiram College Alumni Association”

9/ Reign Hadsell Local History Collection: Box 4
“Recognition of Service to Reign S. Hadsell from U.S. Agency for International Development”

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