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Architectural Renderings
“New Library Plan Site” (1993)
“The Hurd Garden”

Displays of Campus Buildings
“Middle of Hayden Street; North End of Hayden Street; South End of Hayden Street”
“Bonney Castle, Hinsdale Street; Stone in Site of New Library; Pendleton House, Hinsdale Street”
“Frohring Art Building Sculpture; Hurd Garden, One Martin Common”
“Main Doorway, Kennedy Center; Hurd House II, Bancroft Street; Pedestal on Front Porch, Pendleton
House, Hinsdale Street; Doorway, Mahan House, Dean Street”
“Bancroft House, Bancroft Street; 6804 Bancroft Street; 6800 Bancroft Street; 6846 Wakefield Road; 6828
Wakefield Road; 11717 Peckham Street”
“Hayden Auditorium Foundation; Bowler Hall Front Window; Barn at 6835 Hinsdale Street; Front Window
6804 Bancroft Street; Office Window, Hayden Street; Window on Front of Bancroft House”
“6820 Bancroft Street; Hiram Township Hall; 11522 Garfield Road; 6809 Hinsdale Street; 6811 Hinsdale

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