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Important Spaces at the Library


There are a number of wonderful spaces in the library which are available for everyone to use. In addition, there are three large classroom/meeting spaces: The McDowell Instruction Room, the Pritchard Room, and the MAC-equipped classroom. All three require reservations in advance. See our How Do I Reserve a Room page for information about those three rooms and how to reserve them.



  • StudyroomsimageNumerous quiet study rooms available.
  • No dry erase boards.
  • Cannot be reserved.
  • First come first served.



  • Variety of study spacesstudypics
  • From individual carrels to study tables
  • Grouped seating
  • Portable white boards available
  • Cannot be reserved


  • collabHook up your laptop to a large screen
  • Large white board available
  • DVD/VHS player for screening videos
  • Cannot be reserved




  • HCL's NewsCenter is a comfortable space for catching up.
  • Widescreen TV with CNN during operating hours.
  • Print newsources from Le Monde to the WSJ.
  • Relaxing quiet atmosphere.


  • MusiccollectionimageMore than 15,000 CD's
  • Rock, Classical, Rap, NE Ohio Music, etc.
  • Bauman and Igou Collections
  • Many of popular titles



  • More than 1800 DVDsvideocol
  • Many feature films
  • Focus on documentaries
  • Classic films, too


  • schneiderroom16 desktop computers
  • Schneider room and lobby
  • 2 printers
  • Laptops available for us in library



  • Fiction and Non-Fictionjuvcol
  • Major award winners
  • Includes k-12 textbooks
  • Classic children's books


  • MicroformroomimageThree digital microform scanners
  • Flatbed scanner
  • Microfilm of newspapers and magazines
  • New York Times, PD, WSJ, and more


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