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Alden-Dunham Journal and Correspondence
(Gift of Edward Worthy Green, 1993)

Prepared by Joanne Sawyer

Size: 1 document storage case

Biographical Note: 

Edward Holmes Alden and Hercey Dunham Alden were the grandparents of Edward W. Green (Hiram College, Class of 1940). Edward Alden was born July 17th, 1843.  In June of 1862, while a student, he enrolled in Company B of the 87th Ohio Volunteer Infantry at Camp Chase, near Columbus. He was captured at Harper’s Ferry and paroled as a prisoner in September of 1862. In October of 1862, his term of enlistment expired and he returned home to Ohio to farm.  In September of 1864, Alden re-enlisted. He served as a Corporal with Company K of the 177th OVI until discharged at the conclusion of the war in June of 1865. 

Alden met Hercey Dunham (b. June 23rd, 1840) through his sister and their courtship was primarily conducted through correspondence.  After their marriage in March of 1867, they moved from Middlefield to Hiram where they settled Greendale Farm on the southern end of Hiram Village. The Alden’s had nine children. Mabel Mary, born in 1880 was the mother of Edward Green, who donated this collection to Hiram College. 

Scope and Content:  

The collection consists of the correspondence of Edward Holmes Alden and Hercey M. Dunham. (1865-85) and the military records (87th and 177th O.V.I.) and Civil War journal (1864-65) of Edward Alden as well as a taped interview with Edward Green concerning the collection.


-Civil War Journal            9/28/1864—6/26/65
            -Transcription; map of Alden’s journey; photograph of journal 

-Military Records
            June 4, 1862—Oct. 1, 1862:            Prisoner of War records; Co. muster roll; Discharge paper

            Sept. 16, 1864—June 24, 1865:            Enlistment paper
                                                                         Co. muster roll
                                                                         Hospital muster roll
                                                                         Discharge paper
            Photographs of records
            Receipts of records

-Alden-Dunham Css., 1/15/1865—3/5/1867; 8/2/1885—8/13/1885
            Certificate of Church membership for Simeon A. Diantha Maria Dunham and Hercey M. Dunham
            School Commissioner’s Certificate for Hercey Dunham
            Essays of Hercey Dunham
            Transcriptions of css., certificates, essays, and copies of marriage, birth and death certificates
            Photographs of css., Middlefield home, Hercey Dunham Alden, Edward H. Alden, Hiram home

-The Villager series of Alden-Dunham css., April, 1994
Css. concerning series
Series of articles

 -Related article
“Acres of Land:  Camp Chase, Civil War Prison, “Preview, vol. 3, #2 (Spring, 1994): 35-43. 

Names appearing in journal and css.: 

Family:             Lizzie
            Susie, sister of Edward Alden
            Alma/Ed [Hulbert?]
            John and Harry 

Other:               Brig. General Hood (Confederate)
            Tod, Kelton, Jollicoffer (sic), Barracks
            Lieut. Steadman
            Gen. Thomas Vancleve
            Co. Zimmerman
            Capt. Spencer, Co. Commander
            Lieut. Wire
            Lieut. Witherell
            Johnson (Confederate) 

Places:              Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio
             Nolansville Pike, Tennessee
             Fortress Monroe
             Fort Fisher

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