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Allyn-Mason Civil War Papers

Size: 2 Document Storage Boxes
.75 Cubic feet

Prepared by Joanne Sawyer

John and Emily Mason and Family (including Mabel Mason)

This collection of papers is composed primarily of letters written during the Civil War to John and Emily Allyn Mason.  The letters are from the men of the Mason and Allyn families who were related by blood or marriage to John and Emily.  Some are from friends or business associates as well.

Although the letters date primarily from the years 1861-1865, there are letters written as early as 1847 and as a late as 1879. 

John, Peleg C., Emily Mason Ryder, Carnot C., Albert, Henry, and Mary Mason Turnbull are siblings.  Emily Allyn Mason, Peletiah, and twins Edward and Edwin W. Allyn are siblings.  Only Albert Mason and Edwin Allyn did not survive the war: Albert died in 1863, and Edwin in a Knoxville hospital in 1864. 

The letters are arranged in alphabetical order by writer, and then chronologically within each folder. 

The core of the collection was a gift of Mildred Leach Bennett (Mrs. Gerald), 10/89 

Folder Inventory of the Allyn-Mason Papers

1.  Alvan and Walter Allyn—1862, 1867
2.  Edward Allyn—1857-1863
3.  Edward Allyn—1863-1879
4.  Edwin W. Allyn—1859-1864
5.  Edwin W. Allyn to Rena Young—1864
6.  Lorinda Allyn—1867-1872
7.  Pelatiah Allyn—1864-1868
8.  John E. Brittin—1864-1865
9.  Lucy Cope to Corrie Mason—1871
10.  J. Cramer—1862, 1864
11.  J.B. Hinckley—1868
12.  John M. Jolly—1864 (on Edwin Allyn’s death)
13.  Albert Mason—1860-1863
14.  Carnot C. and Fannie Mason—1857-1862
15.  Carnot C. and Fannie Mason—1863-1872
16.  Elijah Mason—dates unclear
17.  E.L. Mason—1857-1865
18.  Ettie Ryder Mason—1867
19.  Henry Mason—1856-1868
20.  John Mason—1864
21.  Peleg C. Mason—1859-1865
22.  P.C. Norton—1859-1865
23.  Calvin Rodgers—1860
24.  Calvin Ryder—1852-1860
25.  John Ryder—1854, 1862
26.  John J. and Emily Ryder—1863, 1867
27.  Mary Mason Turnbull and William W. Turnbull—1857-1864
28.  Aunt Sarah ?—1864
29.  miscellaneous letters to John and Emily Mason—1847-1866
30.  miscellaneous letters to several recipients—1851-1866
31.  miscellaneous documents
32.  photocopy of Matthew Allyn and His Descendants to 1884.
       gift of Prof. David Anderson, 2/99; given to him by Dwight and Elizabeth Allyn Hendricks, 10/98) 

Allyn Civil War Papers 1859-1876

This small collection is an extension of the Allyn-Mason Papers.  It consists of letters written primarily to and from Kate Allyn.  Aron Allyn is most likely Kate’s brother; Edward and Edwin are her cousins; Minnie Allyn is probably her sister.  The Daguerreotype of George Stockberger is of Minnie Allyn’s Husband. 

The folders are arranged in alphabetical order by writer, then chronologically within the folders.  

1.  Aron Allyn—1861-1863
2.  Edward Allyn and Edwin Allyn—1862, 1860-1863
3.  F.O. Allyn—1873
4.  Kate Allyn—1861-1863
5.  Maggie Lowrey--1859
6.  Jackson Cramer—1862
7.  Cousin Bina—1861-1862
8.  Letters asking for permission to call, calling cards—c. 1860
9.  Reading Club role book—n.d.
10.  Teaching Certificates—1861; 1876; miscellaneous class work envelope-containing daguerreotype of
        George Stockberger. 

These papers were the gift of Earl V. Mizer, 5/90

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