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F. M. (Francis Marion) Green

September 28, 1836 to February 17, 1911 

Inventory by Marilyn Lown, 1995
Prepared for the Web by Lisa Johnson and Kevin Close

Size:  3 boxes; 2 ½ cubic feet;
Miscellaneous oversized memorabilia on shelf.

F. M. Green 1887

Scope and Content: The collection consists of an autobiography, scrapbooks, sermons, and photographs.  There is also material related to Philander Green, Almon B. Green, and Ruby Cowles. 

Biographical Note: Francis Marion Green was born near Norton, Ohio in 1836 and moved to Stow, Ohio when he was about nine.  He taught school in Ohio from about 1855 to 1863 while taking courses at the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. After studying under faculty such as James A. Garfield, J. H. Rhodes and Almeda Booth, Green left the Eclectic in 1859. He married Ellen Stow in 1862 and they had five children. Ordained a minister in the Disciples of Christ in 1863, Green combined preaching with a strong literary interest throughout his career. He was associate editor of the American Christian Review and the Christian Standard and was a contributor to various church-related publications. Among his book length titles are Hiram College and Western Reserve Institute, Fifty Years of History, 1850-1900 and A Royal Life: Or, the Eventful History of James A. Garfield.

Rev. Green was elected to the Ohio legislature in 1885 and served one term. During that time, he served on the Committees for Public Works and the state’s Insane Asylum. In 1891, Green was granted a Master of Arts degree from Hiram College, formerly the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. 

Collection Donated by Elizabeth Green Cowles  

Box 1  


Cowles, Ruby – Disciples of Christ Convention Materials.  17 – 22 April 1928, Columbus, Ohio.
Cowles, Ruby – Disciples of Christ organizational and program materials. 1927 – 1928.
Green, F. M. – Diary and Lecture Notes 1858 – 1862.Lecture notes include James A. Garfield
            Geology Lectures.
Green, F. M. – Lecture notes of F. M. Green taken in class taught by J. A. Garfield.  Photocopy of original
            and typed transcription.  Circa 1858.
Green, F. M. – Photograph and photo scan.
           1.  F. M. Green circa 1887
            2.  Family members without F. M. Green in portrait
Green Autobiographies – Autobiographies of F. M. Green and Philander Green. Transcribed.


Scrapbook No. 1 – Miscellaneous loose cartoons cut from N.E. Ohio.  Newspaper and periodical
 mostly pictures of noted men.1889 – 1891.
Scrapbook No. 3 – Miscellaneous news clippings which include talks and sermons by F. M. Green.
         1888 – 1903.
Scrapbook No. 5 – Miscellaneous clippings including correspondence of F. M. Green.
Scrapbook No. 6 – Miscellaneous clippings which include Sunday School Work and Christmas lesson 1891.
Scrapbook No. 7 – News clippings from various sources, which are pasted, to grey leaves. Which include
         sketches of professors at Hiram College and F. M. Green’s Florida Letters.
Scrapbook No. 8 – Miscellaneous news clippings. Which include Sunday school materials and local history
         and articles by F.M. Green for Christian Courier 1891.1885 – 1891.
Scrapbook No. 9 – News clippings from Portage County Pioneer Association. Which include various
    biographical sketches and an article by F. M. Green about the religious movement of the Disciples of
         Christ in N.E. Ohio. 

Box 2  

Scrapbook No. 12 – Ten letters written to F. M. Green, from various sources. Miscellaneous news clippings.
Scrapbook No. 13 – Miscellaneous news clippings. 1894 – 1895.
Scrapbook No. 14 – Miscellaneous news and magazine clippings on the subject of Sunday school materials.
Scrapbook No. 15 – Miscellaneous news and magazine clippings that include editorial correspondence and
         responses to letters. News clippings also include those that pertain to Green family.
Scrapbook No. 16 – Miscellaneous clippings of feature columns written by F. M. Green.
Scrapbook No. 17 – Miscellaneous news clippings which include autobiography of Philander Green Articles.
Newspaper Notices. Personal of F. M. Green. 1888.
Autobiography by F. M. Green. Photocopy of original document, dated Jan. 8, 1899. 204 pages.
Christian Hymn Book: A compilation of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  Original and selected by A.
         Campbell and Others.  Cincinnati: H. S. Bosworth, Pub. 1867.
The Finest of the Wheat. Hymn Book. Chicago: R.R. McCabe and Co. No Date.
Pamphlet – Hiram College Financial Adviser. Summer 1975. Quotes from F. M. Green.

Box 3  

Sunday School Standard (bound) 1881.
Sunday School Standard (bound) 1884.

Oversized Unboxed Items  

The Akron Daily Beacon. March 14, 1881.
The Akron Daily Beacon. March 16, 1881. "President Garfield Ready to Receive Republican Recruits".
Frank M. Green’s Hiram College Master of Arts Diploma. June 25, 1891. Photocopy.
Frank M. Green’s Chautauqua Literary and Science Circle certification of completion of four years course of
        reading. August 22, 1888.
Christian Women’s Board of Missions certification of lifetime membership for Mrs. Howard Cowles. January

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