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The Reign S. Hadsell Collection

Prepared by Joanne Sawyer

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Reign Scoville Hadsell was born in St. Joe, Indiana in 1905.  He was a graduate of Hiram College (1926) and received a master's degree in secondary school administration from Columbia University and a doctorate in teacher education from Yale University.

He began his career as a high school civics and history teacher in Dover Village, Ohio and was later a principal in Hiram, Ohio.  From 1936 to 1942 he was an education specialist with the consumers counsel division of the Agriculture Department.  he was later associate director of the commission on motion pictures of the American Council on Education and did extensive research on the use of films in education.  He served with the Navy reserves during WW II.

Dr. Hadsell retired in 1971 after nearly 20 years with AID and its predecessor agencies in Iran and Turkey, where he was a visual aids and communications training official, and in Washington.  Earlier, he was associate director of an audio-visual training center at Syracuse University.

Dr. Hadsell was coauthor of a book, A History and Civics of Dover Village, and a member of Common Cause, the National Education Association, National Society for the Study of Communication, and Society for International Development.

A resident of the Washington area off and on since 1936, Dr. Hadsell lived most recently in Annapolis, Maryland and died on July 25, 1992.  His wife, Jean, died in 1984.  A brother, Deloss Hadsell, resides in Lafayette, California.

In 1991, Reign Hadsell established the Hiram Community Trust with a gift of $100,000.  At his death, a further $500,000 was added to the endowment.  Technically administered by the Hiram College Board of Trustees, the fund was created to support projects that foster and promote a sense of community and civic pride by encouraging cooperation between Hiram Village, Hiram Township, Hiram College, and the Crestwood Local School District.  Funding requests and distribution of funds are handled by a 5-person Program Planning and Evaluation Board.  The board consists of a township resident, a village resident, a member of the Crestwood School District, and a representative of Hiram College.  The fifth member is selected by the four named above.

Projects considered under the terms of the Trust fall into the categories of civic and cultural programs, beautification, environmental concerns and planning, and historical preservation and research. 

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