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Amos Sutton Hayden

Prepared by Joanne Sawyer

Size: 2 cubic feet

Amos Sutton Hayden (1813 - 1880)

Biographical Note

Amos Sutton Hayden, the youngest son of Samuel and Sophia Hayden was born in Youngstown, Ohio. The Hayden's raised their eight children on a farm and schooling was limited. Drawn to study early in his life, Amos succeeded in obtaining a solid basic education in classical and religious studies. Like many persons who were to become members of the Disciples of Christ denomination, Amos came from a Baptist background. In 1832, under the influence of Walter Scott one of the early dynamic leaders of the Disciple’s movement, nineteen year old Hayden began to hold prayer meetings. He married Sarah Merrick Ely of Deerfield, Ohio in 1837 and the couple had eight children.  In 1840, Hayden became pastor of his own Disciples church in Collamer, Cuyahoga County.  Collamer is located in an area that is roughly equivalent to East Cleveland today.  By 1850, the much respected pastor was called upon to become one of the founders of a new school in Portage County to be built on Disciples principles. It was called the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. Hayden served as the school’s first principle until 1857, when he was replaced in this capacity by one of his former students, James A. Garfield.  

After a short stint as principle of the McNeely Normal School and pastor of the Disciples Church in Hopedale, Ohio, Hayden returned with his family to Collamer. The remainder of his life was spent as a minister, composer and author. Hayden was devoted to music and was said to have natural gift. He compiled one of the earliest Disciples hymnals and authored the standard Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve. The school Hayden helped found and guide in its earliest days became Hiram College in 1867. 

Box 1

Letters:  (Folders 1 – 59) 

  1. To Amos Sutton Hayden (1836 –1 894)
  2. To Sarah Hayden (1883 – 1894)
  3. To Hayden children other than Dearborn Hayden (1854 – 1881)
  4. To Dearborn Hayden
    1. From Parents (1867 – 1900)
    2. From Siblings

                                    i.      Alfred S. Hayden (1875 – 1901)
ii.      A. Ely and Emma Hayden (1866 – 1882)
iii.      Artie J. Hayden (1874 – 1901)
iv.      Charles Leslie Hayden (1867 – 1900)
  v.      John and Ida Hayden (1868 – 1901)
vi.      William H. And Lizzie Hayden (1812 – 1900)

    1. From other relatives (1865 – 1902)
    2. From Louis/Lucy (love letters) (1885)
    3. From friends/miscellaneous (1865 – 1901)

   5.   Miscellaneous letters

Documents:  (Folders 60 – 71) 

  1. Tax receipts for:

                          Mary R. Dean (1862)
                          A.S. Hayden (1862 – 1886)
                          W. H. Hayden (1889)

  1. Receipts:  various people and businesses (1852 – 1879)
  2. Personal Accounts (1836 – 1854, ND)
  3. Promissory Notes (1850 – 1889)
  4. Invitations (1881 – 1901)
  5. Commencement Programs and Activity Programs (1870 – 1900)
  6. Tribute to A. S. Hayden (Sep. 1880)
  7. Marriage Licenses
  8. Advertisement for Christian Hymn and Tune Book by A.S. Hayden
  9. Miscellaneous:              

                                                 Newspaper clipping (1876)
                                                 Religious Tract – “Uncle Johnson”
                                                 Political Candidates (1881)
                                                Advertisement for Prairie State Shawls (1881)
                                                Scrap Paper
                                                Recipe for Cough Syrup
                                                Poem (oversize)

11.  Legal Documents:      

                                    2 Deeds (encapsulated, oversized)  1859 – 1873
                                    Power of Attorney (oversize)  1884
                                    Concerning the will of J. Burnell (1881)
                                    Appointing an agent (1894)
                                    Contracts (1849, 1894*)
                                    Concerning a Deed (1861)
                                    Blank Quilt-Claim Deed

Box 2

            Envelopes from correspondence

Box 3 – Gift of Jean Hayden Wilburt (5/02)

Introduction to Sacred Music by A.S. Hayden.  Pittsburgh: Printed by Johnston and Stockto, 1838.

A.S. Hayden’s hymnal

Multiplication table used by Jean Hayden’s great grandfather in 1825.

Appletons’ Standard Arithmetics.  D. Appelton and Co.  1886.

The S.S. Teacher Edition Holy Bible.  Oxford: printed at the University Press.

Box 4

            Flute of Amos S. Hayden   

Box 5

            Amos Sutton Hayden Family Materials

            Amos Sutton Hayden Home in Hiram

            Amos Sutton Hayden Home in Cleveland

            Disciples of Christ – William Hayden

            William Hayden

            William Hayden – Family Materials


            Map of Amos Sutton Hayden Property in East Cleveland, Ohio

            Correspondence with Hiram College concerning Hayden family

Amos Sutton Hayden hymnal (1854), included are slides and photographs of hymnal

48 page manuscript book and transcript of “Debate on Baptism” January, 1842.  Disputants:  J.P. Robison, A.S. Hayden, J. Hartsel V.S. W. Wenlow, J. Locock, J. Stedman

            Introduction and Bibliography from Amos Sutton Hayden:  Symbol of a Movement

Box 1 – Sarah Hubbell Hayden

            Diary and Related Materials

Box 2 – Sarah Hubbell Hayden

            Notes on the journal of Sarah Hubbell Hayden, by Florence C. Katona.

Oversized Items - Sarah Hubbell Hayden

            Various plot maps and other maps.  Photocopies.

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