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Burke Aaron Hinsdale Collection
1859 - 1900

Arranged and Processed by Joanne Sawyer
Revised by Lisa Johnson, August 2005
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4 record storage boxes containing documents and
photographs and 3 linear feet of Hinsdale related books.
Scope: This collection consists of Hinsdale's class notes,
writings, much of his prolific published work, a
bibliography compiled by Harold E. Davis and some Hinsdale family materials. 

Burke A. Hinsdale c. 1885

Biographical Note

Burke Aaron Hinsdale (1837 – 1900): 

From humble beginnings, Burke Aaron Hinsdale rose to become one of America’s most notable pioneers in education. The son of Connecticut emigrants, he was born on a farm near Wadsworth, Ohio on the 31st of March, 1837. After working on his father’s farm and attending a local district school, he entered the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute (to become Hiram College in 1867) at age 16. His time as a student spanned 1853 to 1859, for he interrupted his education to spend many of his winters teaching in area schools. While in Hiram, Hinsdale met James A. Garfield, later President of the United States. Garfield was a student and then a member of the faculty at the Institute and Hinsdale wrote prolifically about him. 

During the Civil War, Hinsdale remained at the Eclectic Institute where he worked as a tutor with a small group of instructors and students. From 1864 to 1869, he took a brief hiatus and was employed as pastor of Disciples of Christ churches in Solon and Cleveland. In addition, he had a one year appointment small college in Alliance, Ohio and was the assistant editor of the Christian Standard, a church weekly published by the Disciples of Christ. On May 24, 1862 Hinsdale married one of his former classmates, Mary Eliza Turner of Cleveland. They had three daughters, Ellen, Mary Louise and Mildred. 

In 1869, Hinsdale received an appointment at Hiram College (the Eclectic Institute had achieved collegiate status in 1867) as professor of philosophy, English literature and political science. A year later, he became president of the institution. From 1870 to the end of his presidency in 1882, Hinsdale served as a lecturer, administrator and preacher. He was also the author of numerous articles and books in the field of education. 

Having earned wide recognition for his work, Hinsdale became superintendent of the Cleveland public Schools in 1882, and served one four year term in this capacity. In 1888, after taking some time out to write, he was appointed Professor of Science and Art of Teaching at the University of Michigan. During his professorship, he continued to write about methods of education. 

Hinsdale died in Atlanta, Georgia on November 29, 1900 at the age of 64. Although he never graduated from a college or university, he received honorary degrees and academic recognition from Williams College, Bethany College, the Ohio State University and Ohio University. Burke Aaron Hinsdale’s life as an educator and his work as a writer had a significant impact in the field of education and earned him national recognition as one of the country’s most innovative pedagogical philosophers. 

Box 1 :

Western Reserve Eclectic Institute  


B.A. Hinsdale. Correspondence. 1855 – 1868 (note by Mildred Hinsdale incl.)

Speech. “Great Men Do Great Things.” 1858

Speech. “Second Speech.” October 29, 1858

Speech,  “Gentlemen of  the Delphic Society.”  [1858]

Speech. “On Discipline.” June 9, 1859

Program of the Delphic Lyceum. June 9, 1859

W.R.E. I. Commencement Brochures.  1859 and 1860

B.A. Hinsdale Correspondence with “My Dear Sister.” (possibly his sister, Louisa)
June-August, 1861.

B.A. Hinsdale Correspondence with Capt. Charles E. Henry. May ? 1861 – May 1900

Clergyman’s License of B.A. Hinsdale. Original issued  August 30, 1864 and renewal issued May 25, 1894. (note by Mildred Hinsdale incl.)

B.A. Hinsdale Correspondence with F. August Williams. September 1856 – June 1862

Journal. 1866. Lecture or Sermon notes.

Journal. 1867. Notes, Payments.

Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. “Annual Catalogue.” 1864 – 1865.

Sermon. “Christ and the Common People.” January 19, 1868. Delivered at the Jefferson Avenue Christian Church, Detroit, MI. 

Hiram College, 1870-1882


Literary Societies of Hiram College.  A Memorial: The Reunion of the Delphic Literary Society of Hiram College. 1854 – 1875; A Memorial: The Reunion of the Hesperian Literary Society of Hiram College. June 21, 1876; A Memorial: The Reunion of the Olive Branch Literary Society of Hiram College. 1853 – 1877.3 volumes bound as one.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The History of a Great Mind: a Survey of the Education and Opinions of John Stuart Mill. Reprinted from the Christian Quarterly, April 1874.

B.A. Hinsdale Correspondence. 1875 – 1880.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Health in Public Schools.”  Reprinted as pamphlet from National Teacher, vol. V. (January 1875). Paper delivered to the Northeastern Ohio Teachers’ Association.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Life and Character of Symonds Ryder.” A funeral sermon preached in Hiram, Ohio, August 3, 1870. Reprinted in Early History of the Disciples in the Western Reserve. A. S. Hayden. Cincinnati, 1875: 245-265.

B.A. Hinsdale. “A History of the Disciples in Hiram, Portage County, Ohio.” A Discourse Delivered to the Church, on Sunday, March 26, 1876.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Hiram College:  Prepared for the Centennial History of Education in Ohio.” [1875 – 1876?]  3 copies.

Petition from Students of Hiram College to Hinsdale upon hearing his intention to end his Hiram career. June 5, 1876. 

Speech. “Hiram College and her Pupils.” Address delivered to the graduating class, June 21, 1877.

Speech. “President Hayes’ Southern Policy.” Address delivered in the Town Hall, Hiram, Ohio, September 25, 1877.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Christian Ministers and Education, One Duty of the Preacher.” Reprinted from The Christian Standard. October 13, 1877. 4 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Our Common-School Education.” Northeastern Ohio Teachers’ Association.1877

B.A. Hinsdale. “Our Common Schools: a Fuller Statement of the Views Set Forth in the Pamphlet entitled ‘Our Common-School Education’ with Especial Reference to the Reply of Superintendent A.J. Rickoff.” Cleveland, 1878.

Correspondence. 1878 – 1882. Hinsdale mentioned in the text.
1. Capt. Henry to J.A. Garfield 1878
2. J.H. Rhodes (secretary) to Charles Henry (My Dear Captain) March 1882 (Garfield monument fund stationary)
3. J.H. Rhodes to Charles Henry (Dear Captain) April 1882 (Garfield monument fund stationary)
4. Frederick Henry to C.E. Henry (Dear Papa from Yours, Fred) June 1882.

Program for Commencement Week, Hiram College, 1879.

B.A. Hinsdale. Correspondence. James A. Garfield to Burke Hinsdale. December 15, 1879. Included in the folder is a request for copies of this letter from Mary Hinsdale 1938.

B.A. Hinsdale. Republican Textbook for the Campaign of 1880: Full History of General James A. Garfield’s Public Life, with Other Political Information. By B.A. Hinsdale, A.M. President of Hiram College. New York, 1880.

Clarinda E. Hinsdale. Obituary Sketch by Burke Aaron Hinsdale. Cleveland, 1880.

B.A. Hinsdale. Mostly notes on Lectures by President B.A. Hinsdale at Hiram, Ohio. n.d.

B.A. Hinsdale. Lectures by President B.A. Hinsdale at Hiram, Ohio 1880. “Practical politics is the art of governing human society….”  (bound)

Addresses Concerning Political Parties and Garfield. [Appendix to B.A. Hinsdale 1880]

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Life and Character of James A. Garfield.” [1881] 4 copies.

Correspondence to President Chester A. Arthur by S.A. Boynton. Re: Hinsdale’s appointment as minister to the Sandwich Islands. 1881.

B.A. Hinsdale. “President James A. Garfield, remarks of President B.A. Hinsdale at the Hiram College Memorial Service.” Held in the First Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, Sunday afternoon, September 25th, 1881.

F.A. Henry. Transcript of J.W. Robbins’ review of Hinsdale’s sermon. October 6, 1881. 

Cleveland Years, 1882 – 1886  


B.A. Hinsdale. “The Disciples of Christ: an address delivered at the laying of the corner-stone of the Memorial Church, Washington, D.C. July 2, 1882.” The Christian Standard. September 16, 1882. Volume XVII, no. 7. p. 1.

B.A. Hinsdale. Correspondence 1883 – 1885. Formal resignation from Hiram College. 

B.A. Hinsdale. “Supplement to the Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the Public Schools of Cleveland, Ohio, 1883 – 1884.” Includes addresses:
·        “Moral Training in the Public Schools.”
·        “Study and Methods of Study.”
·        “The Public and the Public Schools.”
·        Socrates and his Method.”

B.A. Hinsdale. “Bounding the Original United States.”  Magazine of Western History. Volume II, no. 5. September, 1885:401-423.

Advertisement for a “Course of Historical Lectures for the Lecture Season 1886 – ’87.” B.A. Hinsdale, lecturer. “Title-Deeds to the United States.”  3 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Geography and Early American History.” Magazine of Western History. Volume III (February, 1886) 433-436.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Superintendent Hinsdale’s Report to the Cleveland Teachers.” June 12, 1886.

Cleveland Public Schools. Superintendent’s Report for the year ending August 31, 1886. B.A. Hinsdale, Superintendent.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Ordinance of 1787: Origins, Features and Results,” an address to the Ohio Teacher’s Association, June 29th, 1887; “An Indirect Educational Influence,” an address to the National Education Association, July 13, 1887. Bound together. Folder includes a note on Burke Hinsdale’s walking stick also included in the collection.

Lecture Notes. Laura Belle Case, Greensburg, OH. “Hinsdale Lectures – Hiram, Fall of ’87.”

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Western Land Policy of the British Government from 1763 to 1775.” Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly. Volume I (December 1887) 207-229.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Discussion of Educational Questions.” Cleveland Public Schools, n.d.
Includes: “Teaching English Grammar”
              “ Will-Training” and “Province of the Science of Education”

Historical Sketch of Hiram College. 1887. Attributed to B.A. Hinsdale.

Invitation to the University of Michigan’s 50th anniversary celebration. June 29-30, 1887.

Advertisement. Schools and Studies by B.A. Hinsdale. Cleveland. n.d. 7 copies. 

University of Michigan, 1888-1900 


B.A. Hinsdale. Correspondence. 1888 – 1900. Folder includes a partial index to the letters by Harold E. Davis.

Henry Correspondence related to B.A. Hinsdale. 1888, 1892, 1997.

Advertisement. The Old Northwest by B.A. Hinsdale.  C. 1888

B.A. Hinsdale. “The First Circumnavigation of the Earth.” The Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly. Volume I, no. 2. (September, 1888) 164-169.  This is the abstract of an address given at the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society meeting, December 20, 1886.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Three Important Documents Relating to Western Land Cessions.” The Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly. Volume II, no. 2. (September, 1888) 276-288.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Right of Discovery.” The Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly. Volume II, no. 3. (December, 1888) 349 - 379. 3 copies. 

B.A. Hinsdale, C.L. Loos and E.B. Wakefield. “In Memoriam: John Wesley Lanphear: His Life and Character.” Cleveland, 1888.

Lecture Notes, circa 1891, of Prof. Burke A. Hinsdale, History of Education. F.A. Henry, student. Notes were written in the blank pages of B.A. Hinsdale’s The Theoretical and Critical and The Practical Courses in Teaching Given in the University of Michigan.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Books for Teachers.” Taken from B.A. Hinsdale’s The Theoretical and Critical and The Practical Courses in Teaching Given in the University of Michigan.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Great Textbooks of the Middle Ages.” The Ohio Educational Monthly. Volume 38, no. 1 (January, 1889) 1-6.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Sale of the Western Reserve” The Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly. Volume II, no. 4. (March, 1889) 475 - 489.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Teachers’ Institute.” The Ohio Educational Monthly. Volume XXXVII, no. 6 (June 1889) 241-247.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Culture Value of the History of Education.” National Educational Association, Addresses and Proceedings. (1889) 210-218. Paper delivered at Nashville, Tennessee, July 1889.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Rev. Dr. Robbins on the Western Reserve.” Magazine of Western History. Volume X, no. 4 (August, 1889) 353-362.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Education in the State Constitutions.” Education. Volume X (October 1889) 91-100 and (November 1889) 168-178.  Reprinted as a pamphlet. 

Copyright Information. H.R. 3853. “A Bill to amend title sixty, chapter three, of the Revised Statutes of the United States, relating to copyrights.” January 6, 1890. Also, “Constitution of the American Copyright League.” Adopted November 7, 1885.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Education in Veracity.” Journal of Pedagogy. Volume III, (June 1890) 213-217.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Women in Colleges.” The Ohio Educational Monthly and National Teacher. Volume 39, no. 6 (June 1890) 245-252.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Preface” to an elementary book on Civics.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Geography and History.” The Teacher. Volume V, no. 42 (February 1892) 15-18.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Discovery of America: a Commemoration Address.” The University of Michigan. October 21, 1892.  3 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Art of Study.” [Ann Arbor, 1893]

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Establishment of the First Southern Boundary of the United States.” Annual Report of the American Historical Association. (1893) 331-366.  2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Objects to be Sought in Teaching English Grammar.” University Record. (1892-1893?). Reprinted as a pamphlet.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Suggestions to University Students Preparing to Teach.” [Ann Arbor] February 22, 1894). 1-8.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Some Recent Educational Books.” The Dial (May 16, 1894) 302-304.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Abraham Lincoln’s Complete Works.” The Dial (July 16, 1894) 33-36.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Sherman Letters.” The Dial  (October 16, 1894) 226-228.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review]  “The Great Virginians.” The Dial  (December 16, 1894)

B.A. Hinsdale. “Bryant, the Scholar, Journalist and Orator.” n.p.  (December, 1894)
554-557. 2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Some Recent Books on Education.” The Dial (February 16, 1895)

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Studies of Great Universities.” The Dial (May 16, 1895)

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “France and England in North America” The Dial (September 1, 1895) 108-110.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Medieval Universities” The Dial (February 1, 1896) 67-69.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Recent Educational Literature.” The Dial (February 16, 1896) 103-105

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Some Recent Books on Education.” The Dial (February 16, 1895) 113-116.

B.A. Hinsdale. Extract of letter to Mary L. Hinsdale and her commentary. 1896.

B.A. Hinsdale. “American and European Secondary Schools Compared.” The Dial 
           (April 1, 1896) 113-116.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Historical Method.” The New Christian Quarterly. (July 1896) 257-274. Also partial    typescript. 

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Real Monroe Doctrine.” Michigan Political Science Association. Volume II (June 1896) 101-119.  2 copies.  

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Discovery and Naming of America” The Dial
         (September 1, 1896) 113-116. 2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The History of Popular Education on the Western Reserve,” an address delivered in the series of educational conferences held in Association Hall, Cleveland, September 7 and 8, 1896. Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society Publications: 35-58. 2 copies and photocopy.

Program. Historical Conference. Cleveland Centennial Commission. September 7th and 8th, 1896. Burke Hinsdale, featured speaker at second session.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Jesuit Missionaries in New France” The Dial
            (February 16, 1897) 110-112.   2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “My Shorter Pedagogical Creed.” The School Journal. Volume 54, no. 9. week ending February
  27, 1897) . 2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Two New Books on Washington” The Dial
            (March 16, 1897) 178-180.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “More Light on Early Northwestern History” The Dial
          (July 16, 1897) 40-42.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Literary History of the American Revolution” The Dial
            (September 16, 1897) 143-145.

B.A. Hinsdale. Training for Citizenship: how to teach Civics. Chicago: Werner School Book Company, 1897.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Dr. Justin Winsor’s Last Book” The Dial
         (January 1, 1898) 113-116. 8 copies.

Advertisement for the course “History of Education in the United States” by B.A. Hinsdale, January 20, 1898.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Feeing as a Factor in Education.” The Ohio Educational Monthly. Volume 47, no. 3 (March 1898) 97-102.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Induction and Deduction in Education.” New York Teachers’ Quarterly. Volume II, no. 1 (April 1898) 1-9   2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Hittel’s History of California” The Dial
(May 1, 1898) 292-293.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “A New Book on an Old Theme” The Dial 
(September 16, 1898) 165-167.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Recent Pedagogical Literature” The Dial 
        (October 16, 1898) 261-265.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “City School Systems” The Dial
(October 16, 1898)  251-253 2 copies. 

B.A. Hinsdale. Review of First Exploration of Kentucky by J. Stoddard Johnston. n.p. [after 1898].

B.A. Hinsdale.  “Recent School Legislation for Cities” The Dial (February 16, 1899) 107-109.  3 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Some Recent Books on Education” The Dial (February 16, 1899) 115-119.  3 copies.

Circular from Congres International Des L’Enseignement des Sciences Sociales. Paris, March 1899.  Conference Announcement. (French)

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Story of a Famous Imposture” The Dial (April 1, 1899) 240-241.

B.A. Hinsdale. “A Defect in our School System” Journal of Education, Volume 49, no. 15. (April 13, 1899):227-228.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Law of Mental Exercise.” The Home and School Visitor. Volume I (April 1899):118-119.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Writings of President Monroe” The Dial (May 16, 1899): 333-334.  2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Late Contributions to Educational Literature” The Dial (October 16, 1899): 275-279.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Mr. Fiske’s ‘Dutch and Quaker Colonies’ ” The Dial (November 16, 1899): 357-359.   2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Is War Justifiable Between Christian Nations?” The Christian Evangelist.  (November 1899): 1481-1482.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Some New Contributions to Quaker History” The Dial (January 1, 1900): 11 – 14   2 copies.

Newspaper Articles on B.A. Hinsdale. February 1 – April 19, 1900.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “Democracy Out of Joint?” The Dial (February 16, 1900): 113-116.

B.A. Hinsdale.  “Where Our Schools Fail Most” The Dial (March 1, 1900): 141-144.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Hudson’s Bay Company” The Dial (March 16, 1900): 197-198.

B.A. Hinsdale.  “American Education” The Dial (May 1, 1900): 352-356.  2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Attention and Failure if Young Men in Professional and Business Life.” The University of Michigan (April 16, 1900).

B.A. Hinsdale. “Hiram 50th Anniversary Address” (June 22, 1900). This is the original document that B.A. Hinsdale held in his hands while delivering the address. Second typescript included.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Eclectic Institute.” An address delivered at the Jubilee of Hiram College (June 22, 1900). Ann Arbor, 1900.   7 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale.  “A Year’s Progress in Secondary and Higher Education” The Dial (July 16, 1900): 43-46.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Recent Growth in American Colleges,” The Christian Evangelist. (July 19, 1900): 904-905.

B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “A Great American Politician” The Dial (September 1, 1900): 117-120.  2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. (With A.S. Whitney) “Recent Books on Education” The Dial (August 16, 1900): 97-99.  2 copies.

Box 2 :

University of Michigan, 1888-1900, continued


B.A. Hinsdale. [review] “The Beginnings of a Great School” The Dial (November 1, 1900):301-303. 

Program. Annual Meeting of the Michigan State Teachers Association. December 26-28, 1900.

Program. American Historical Association 16th Annual Meeting. December 27-29, 1900.

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Age of Maritime Discovery.” n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Attempt to Annex Canada.” n.d. [University of Michigan years]

Program. Classical Conference. March 31, ? , [University of Michigan years]

Commentary on Hinsdale’s address, “The Faces Behind Modern Popular Education.” N.d. [University of Michigan years]

Advertisement. “The Comparative Study of Educational Systems.” Course VI. In the Science and the Art of Teaching. n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “A Connecticut Town in the Revolutionary War.” (Torrington, Litchfield Coundty) Full Length Review of Samuel Orcutt’s, History of Torrington, Connecticut from the first Settlement in 1737. Albany: 1878. Reprinted as a pamphlet from The American Monthly Magazine. Review is undated.

B.A. Hinsdale. Synopsis of a paper, “The End of Education.” n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “Geography and History.” Parts I-VII, n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Greek Geography,” n.d. [University of Michigan years]

Advertisement. “How to Study and Teach History: with particular reference to the history of the United States” Volume XXV. – International Education Series.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Middle Age Geography,” n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Organization of Public Instruction in France,” n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Paedagogue,” n.d. [University of Michigan years] 2 copies.

B.A. Hinsdale. “A Reading Lesson,” n.d. [University of Michigan]

B.A. Hinsdale. “The Science and The Art of Teaching: outline of a lecture introductory to the Theoretical and Practical Courses,” n.d. [University of Michigan]

B.A. Hinsdale. “Specialization for Teaching,” reprint of an address. n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “A Striking Name,” n.d. [University of Michigan]

B.A. Hinsdale. “Teaching the Language Arts” The Inland Educator (series of nine articles) n.d. [University of Michigan years]

Advertisement. “Teaching the Language Arts” and “How to Study and Teach History,” n.d. [University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. Topics in the Educational History of the United States. Ann Arbor: Inland Press, n.d. {University of Michigan years]

B.A. Hinsdale. “Two Stages in the History of Popular Education in England.” n.d. {University of Michigan years] 

Post 1900  

B.A. Hinsdale. “Memorandum Concerning the Establishment and History of the Library at Hiram College.” Reprinted in the Hiram Broadcaster, January, 1929:3-4. Folder also contains this original typescript. Also has original typescript with annotation from a subsequent reprint in the Hiram Advance, December 4, 1929.

B.A. Hinsdale. “Found among Pres. Hinsdale’s Manuscripts.” Hiram College Advance. December 4, 1928. (This refers to the memorandum directly above this citation.)

“Proceedings of the Sixty-Fifth Convocation of the University of the University of the State of New York.” Albany, New York October 17 and 18, 1929.  University of the State of New York Bulletin. No. 954, Albany, New York, August 15, 1930.

Undated Material 

B.A. Hinsdale. Speech. “The Cycles of our Nation’s History.”  Holograph.

Correspondence. “To My Dear Friend.”  (unidentified) original, transcription and photocopy of the original.

Correspondence. Photocopy fragments. Relationship to Hinsdale is undetermined. 

Hinsdale – Miscellaneous 

Articles collected by B.A. Hinsdale from miscellaneous publications. 

Book reviews collected by B.A. Hinsdale. 

Miscellaneous articles, bibliographies, Lyrics to “The Canadian Boat Song,” gold coinage values in history. 

Newspaper articles collected by B.A. Hinsdale and photocopies.  A-O 

Newspaper articles collected by B.A. Hinsdale and photocopies.  P-Z 

Helen Keller.  Collected information found in Hinsdale’s files. 

Articles taken from the American School Board Journal. January 1895 and February 1899.

Pamphlets on Education. 1897 -1900. 

Pamphlets on Education (no authors) 

Pamphlets on Henry Barnard. (no author)

Pamphlets on Various Subjects (no authors) (Includes text of Garfield’s speech on the Soldiers Monument, given at Painesville, OH July 3, 1880.) 

Dawson, Samuel Edward. The Voyages of the Cabots: latest phases of the controversy. Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada for 1897. N.S., Volume III, Sec. II. Ottawa: James Hope & Co., 1897. 

Reviews of Voyages of the Cabots from various sources. 

Burke Aaron Hinsdale and Family – Personal 

Hinsdale, Albert, comp.  “Chronicles of the Hinsdale Family, compiled by Albert Hinsdale in the seventy-third year of his age.”  1883.  Prefatory note by B.A. Hinsdale, his son.   2 copies. 

B.A. Hinsdale’s Certificate of Five Shares of Stock in the New State Telephone Company – 1900. 

Hinsdale, Ellen C. “Education of Women in England.” The Dial (February 16, 1898): 103-105. 

Hinsdale, Ellen C. Correspondence to Adelaide Rudolph. November 1931. 

Hinsdale, Ellen C. January 11, 1956 news article reporting on the renewal of her 1897 PhD, granted originally by Gottingen University in Germany. 

Hinsdale, Estella S. (Mrs. Wilbert B. Hinsdale) correspondence to Adelaide Rudolph, April, 1926. 

“Mrs. Estella S. Hinsdale.” Obituary. January 4, 1934.   2 copies. 

Hinsdale , Mary Eliza. Certificate from the United States Embassy in Rome, Italy for travel. 1903. 

Hinsdale, Mary E.  Certificate of Ownership of 10 shares of Capital Stock in Hiram College. Issued June 17, 1905. 

Hinsdale, Mary E. Correspondence with “Charly.”  March 1882. 

Hinsdale, Mary E. Correspondence from Hiram College Alumni Office, Henry B. Mowbry, and Lucretia Garfield. Correspondence to Adelaide Rudolph. 

Hinsdale, Louise. Correspondence with A.A. Booth. March 1875. 

Hinsdale, Mary Louise. “A Sane Schoolmaster.” [intended for publication in the Atlantic Monthly.] 

Hinsdale, Dr. Wilbert B. Lecture to the Medical Club of Hiram College. “Division of Labor in the Practice of Medicine.” March 8, 1893. 

Hinsdale, Wilbert B. Address. “The Colleges, an address delivered at the Historical Session held in connection with the Seventy-fifth Anniversary Commencement Celebration at Hiram College, June 12, 1925.” 

Hinsdale, Wilbert B. “The Church in Which I was Brought Up.” Prepared and Read by request, Church of Disciples, Ann Arbor, Michigan, January, 1935. 

Hinsdale, Wilbert. B.  Hiram Broadcaster article. “”Honorable Mention” Volume II, no.2, November, 1938. (by F.A. Henry) and The Michigan Alumnus, “Makes a Profession of a Hobby.” Volume XXXVII, no. 20, March 7, 1931. 

Hinsdale, Wilbert B. Correspondence with: Harold H. Burton, Adelaide Rudolph and Theodosia Stone. (his future wife) 

Hinsdale, Wilbert B.  Obituary.  The Michigan Alumnus. Volume L. August 26, 1944.  (page 480) 

Cabin Passenger List for the Red Star Line’s “Waesland,” sailing for Antwerp from New York, August 12, 1891. Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Hinsdale, Mary L. Hinsdale and Mildred Hinsdale aboard. 

Biographical Materials of Burke A. Hinsdale 

Derby, Samuel Carroll. Pamphlet. Burke Aaron Hinsdale. Columbus, Ohio, 1901. reprinted from The “Old Northwest” Genealogical Quarterly.   2 copies. 

Whitney, Allen S. Pamphlet. Professor Burke Aaron Hinsdale; second incumbent of the Chair of the Science and Art of Teaching. Reprinted from Training of Teachers, by Allen S. Whitney, University of Michigan, n.d.   3 copies.

Hinsdale Related Research by Harold E. Davis  

Davis, H.E. Critical notes on unknown article. 

Davis, H.E. Lecture.  “Burke Aaron Hinsdale.” Handwritten by Davis, with additions and revisions to the text.   n.d. 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s genealogy.
                    re: B.A. Hinsdale’s early life in Wadsworth
                    re: B.A. Hinsdale’s character, appearance and personality.

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s various residences
                    re:  B.A. Hinsdale’s wife and family
                    re:  B.A. Hinsdale’s last years and death 

Davis, H. E. Notes  re: B.A. Hinsdale as student at the W.R.E.I.
                    re:  B.A. Hinsdale as member of Hiram Faculty
                    re: Hiram College policies and statistics 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s association with Alliance College, 1867 & 1872. 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale as superintendent of Cleveland schools, 1882-1886. 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s career in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1888-1900. 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: Friendship between B.A. Hinsdale and J.A. Garfield. 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s literary works 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s ideas in history and the literary works which influenced him 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s career as an educator 

Davis, H.E.  Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s ideas on education 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s interest in religion and his career as a minister 

Davis, H. E. Notes re: B.A. Hinsdale’s attitude concerning the issues of the Civil War 

Davis, H. E. Notes. Miscellaneous. 

Davis, H. E. Notes for Davis’ B.A. Hinsdale bibliography

Davis, H. E. Notes from Kenneth I Brown regarding the Hinsdale manuscript 

Davis, H. E. “Burke Aaron Hinsdale.”  Ohio Archaeological and Historical Quarterly. Volume XLI, no. 2 (April 1932): 241-283. 

Davis, H.E. Correspondence. William Warner Bishop, Evelyn Bond, ? Butler, William G. Dietz, Robert S. Fletcher, Frank Pierpont Graves, Albert Bushnell Hart, ? Coe and H.A. Garfield.  c.1930 – 1941. 

Davis, H.E. Correspondence. Mildred Hinsdale, W. B. Hinsdale, Augusta K. Joy, A. McLaughlen, Theodore C. Pease, Adelaide Rudolph, Theodore C. Smith, Ida Susseles, R.M. Tryon, Ellen C. Hinsdale, Mary L. Hinsdale, J.F. Jameson, Charles Ketcham, Florence McGifford, Carl Melinat, and H. Priam. c.1935-1956. 

Davis, H.E. Correspondence with Frederick A. Henry. 1932-1946. 

Davis, H.E. Correspondence with A.S. Whitney.   1935- 1941. 

Box 3 :

Hinsdale Lectures, Sermons and Notes – Mostly Undated 


Untitled.   re:  Abigail Adams 

“The African School” 

“American State papers” Miscellaneous,  Volume I  page 179. 

 “The Apologists for Christianity”  2 versions.

“The Apostolic Fathers”


“Applications of Exposition and Interrogation to Teaching” 

“Applications of Induction and Deduction to Teaching” 

“Aristotle,”  “A Few Words about Plutarch,” “Quintilian”

Untitled.  re: Ascetic ideas and practices on educational development

“The Association of Ideas”


“Brief on the History of the Five Indian Nations Depending on the Province of New York by Cadwallader Colden.”

“Cause and Effect”

“The Causes to which the First Christian Schools were Immediately Due”

Untitled.  re: Chillicothe Convention

“Chinese Education: Authorities and Topics”

“Choice of Subjects and Materials”

“Christianity and D[?] Life”

“Christianity and Morals”

Box 3 :

Hinsdale Lectures, Sermons and Notes – Continued  


“Civic Training;” Civic Training, or, Education for Citizenship;” ‘The Field of Citizenship”

Untitled.  re: Christopher Columbus

Untitled.  re: Commencement addresses as the century closes

Untitled.  re: Commerce

“The Conduct of Life”

“Constantine;” “Constantine and his Councils;” “The Character of Constantine;” The Conversion of Constantine;” “From the Death of Constantine to the Downfall of Heathenism”

“Definitions of Education”

“The Development of the Hierarchical System”

“The Development of the Roman Constitution”

“The Discovery and Division of North America”

“The Dutch in New Netherlands”

Untitled.  Re: Education

“Education among the Hebrews”

“Education Defined”

“Education in Colonial Virginia”

“The Educational Application of Associations”

“Educational Material”

“The Educational Side of the Renaissance”

“The Educational Societies”

“Educational Teleology”

“The Educational Value of History”

“The Edwards Plan of Organizing a School”

“Notes on Thomas Eggleston’s The Life of John Patterson, 1894”

“The End of Education: Is it Knowledge, Mental Development, or Social Adaptation?”

“The English Language”

Untitled.  re: The establishment of education in Tallmadge, Ohio

“Exposition and Interrogation”

“The Fact and the Philosophy of Church Organization”

“Facts Relating to Education in Boston”

“The Church Fathers – who they were and what they did”

“Feeling and Will”

“The Field of History”

“Causes Following 1492 that Led to the First Circumnavigation of the Earth;” “The First Circumnavigation of the Earth”

“First Efforts of the United States at Territorial Expansion” 

Box 3 :

Hinsdale Lectures, Sermons and Notes – Continued 


“The First Stage of Instruction in the Art of Study”

“The Forces Behind Modern Popular Education”  [20 August 1897]

“Forces Other than Religion that Have Acted in Our Educational History”

“From Texas to Alaska”

“General Features of American School Systems”

“The Germans in Pennsylvania”

Untitled.  re: the Gospels

“Government Grant for School Buildings”

“Sir James Graham’s Proposals in 1843”

“The Grammar School Period”

“Greek Education”

Untitled.  re: Greeks and Romans

“Herbert’s Pedagogical Antecedents”

Untitled.  re: Migration in New England with concentration upon the Dutch, the Huguenots and the Germans”

“Hints for Studying State School Law.”

“Historical Geography”

“The History of Education in Ohio”

“History of Education in the United States – Introductory Lecture”

“History of Education in the Thirteen Colonies”

Untitled.  re: History of Immigration from 1850-1890

“How Shall We Make the Study of Pedagogy Practical?”

“The Humanities”

“Illustrations of Religious Influence upon Education”

“Independent America”

Untitled:  re: the influence of German literature

“Instruments of Teaching”

“The Intellectual Conflict”

Untitled.  re: Italian Explorers

Untitled.  re: Jefferson

Untitled.  re: Thomas Jefferson’s study of Spanish-American geography

“Jewish Schools”

Untitled.  re: John 5:39

“He Shall Be Great in the Sight of the Lord: John the Baptist”

Untitled.  re:  Land claims in the New World

“Lectures on Roman Education”

“The Lesson.”

Untitled.  re:  the Line of Demarcation

“Louisiana and Florida”

Box 3 :

Hinsdale Lectures, Sermons and Notes – Continued 


Untitled.  re:  Louisiana Purchase

“Martin Luther”

“The Measures of 1839”

“Mental Power as Specific and Generic”


“The Moral Condition of the Church”

“Moral Training in the Public Schools”

“The Movement of Modern Educational Ideas”

“Movements of Modern Educational Thought”

“The Northwest Territory”

“Notes from Caldwell’s Studies in the Constitutional History of Tennessee”

“Notes from ‘To Wit,’ ” 1894

“Object Teaching”

“Objects to be Sought in the Recitation”

“The Officering of the N.T. Church”

“Oral Language as an Instrument of Teaching”

Untitled re:  The Ordinance of 1787 and Ministerial Lands

“The Origin of the Child’s Knowledge,” “The Origin of the Child’s Language,” and “The Child’s First Contact with the Book.”

“The Origins of our Religious Ideas”

“Outline of a Course of Five Lectures on Teaching History” delivered at Glens Falls, New York; July1891.

“Outline for a Lecture on Reading”

“Parochial Charity Schools”

“Some Pedagogical Principles involved in the Preparation for Teaching”

“The Persecutions” and “Reflections on the Persecutions.”

“The Philosophy of Popular Education”

“Practical Teaching”

“The Preparation of Teachers”

The Pre-Revolutionary German Emigration”

“Principle Events in the Chain of Causation Leading to the Discovery of America”

“The Principle Features of Oriental Character and Life that Have Influenced Education”

Untitled  re:  Public Schools and Religion

Untitled  re: Puritanism, Presbyterianism and Congregationalism in New England

Untitled  re:  The Quebec Act


“The Real Lecture”

“The Recitation”

“The Relation of Teaching to Learning”

Box 3 :

Hinsdale Lectures, Sermons and Notes – Continued 


Untitled  re:  Religion

“The Religious Results of the Christian Movement”

“Remarks on the Bell-Lancaster System”

“Remarks in Teaching English Grammar”

“The Renaissance”

“Reviews and Examinations”

“The Revival of Learning and the Relation in which it Stands to the Reformation”

“The Rural Schools”


“The Schools of Bavaria Recapitulated”

Untitled  re: Schools on Long Island

Untitled  re:  The Science or Theory of Teaching

“The Scope of Church History”

“Social and Political Life”

“Some Circumstances that Favored the Development of Education within the Church”

“Some Definitions Associated with Education”

“Sources of Human Cultivation”

Untitled  re:  Spain and the U.S.

Untitled  re:  Herbert Spencer

Outline for “The Study of Recitation”

“Some Prominent Features of a History of the U.S.”

“The Struggle for Life, Parts I and II”

“The Struggle of England and France for Dominion in North America”

“The Student’s Spirit”

“The Synodical System”

“The Teacher’s Possibilities and Limitations Arising from the Nature of His Work”

“The Teacher’s Problem”  (2 lectures)

“Teaching Composition”

“The Teaching Congregations”

“Teaching Geography”

“Teaching History”   2 versions

“Teaching of History in German Public Schools”

“Teaching the Language Arts”

“The Teaching of the Language Arts in the Lower Grades” and “Teaching Language Arts in the Higher Grades and in the High School”

“Teaching Literature”

“Teaching Reading as an Art”

“Teaching Reading as Thought”

“The Theatrical and Critical Course. Grand Division of the Subject: Theoretical or Scientific Pedagogy”

Box 3 :

Hinsdale Lectures, Sermons and Notes – Continued 


“The Three Brides”

“Through the Luther Country”

Untitled  re:  Ticonderoga  2 copies

“The Time Relation”

“Training the Perception Powers”

Untitled  re:  Treaty of Paris 1763

“The Truth Shall Make you Free”  2 versions

Untitled  re:  Connecticut Charter 1662

Untitled  re:   Debate Over U.S. between France and Spain

Untitled  re:  U.S. History  I

Untitled  re:  U.S. History   II

Untitled  re:  U.S. History   III

Untitled  re:  U.S. History   IV

Untitled  re:  U.S. History  V

Untitled  re:  Various Lectures on Christianity

“The Voluntary Movement”

“Washington on the Invasion of Canada”

“Webster’s Second Speech in Reply to Hayne,” January 5 1894

Untitled  re:  The Western Academical Institute and Board of Education, First Anniversary Meeting, June 25, 1831

“The Western Reserve”

Miscellaneous Notes, Sources and Quotes.


Notes  re: American History

Notes  re:  Canada

Notes  re:  Christianity

Notes  re:  Christianity and Education

Notes  re:  Connecticut and Education

Notes  re:  History of Education

Notes  re:  England

Notes  re:  England and Education

Notes  re:  Free Education for the Poor

Notes  re:  Garfield

Notes  re:  Miscellaneous Citations on History

Notes  re:  Education – miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Notes

Notes  re:  Nature of Education

Box 3 :

Hinsdale Lectures, Sermons and Notes – Continued 


Notes  re:  Nature of Students

Notes  re:  Nature of Teachers

Notes  re:  New York and Education

Notes  re:  Nova Scotia

Notes  re:  Ohio and Education

Notes  re:  Pennsylvania and Education

Notes  re:  Reading

Notes  re:  Renaissance

Notes  re:  Roman Literature

Notes  re:  School Government

Notes  re:  History of Schools

Notes  re:  Science and Education

Notes  re:  Scotch-Irish and Education

Notes  re:  The South and Education

Notes  re:  South Carolina and Education

Notes  re:  Various People on Education

Notes  re:  Virginia and Education

Notes  re:  Western Academic Institute 

Box 4 :

University of Michigan: Oversize Material 


Bennett Law. Chapter 519. Laws of 1889.

“Candidates for Teachers’ Diplomas.” June 1899. 

Hinsdale Miscellaneous: Oversize Materials  

Miscellaneous, “Students in Collegiate Department….”

Book.  Revised Instructions issued to Her Majesty’s Inspectors and Applicable to the code of 1887.  English School Codes and Instructions. 

Lectures: Oversize  

Untitled  re:  Christian and Pagan Ethics

Untitled  re:  Colonialism

Untitled  re:  Hugh Miller

Untitled  re: Popular Education

Untitled  re:  Spain’s, England’s and Frances Claim to North America

Untitled  re:  U.S. Boundaries 

Bound Lectures  

Book One: untitled

Book Two: Course of Lectures on School Supervision

Book Three: Christianity and Education

Book Four: (no cover) [The Relative Ages of Art and Sciences]

Book Five: Educational Systems

Book Six: History of Education 

Oversize Notes 

Notes  re:  Mr. Carter

Notes untitled  re:  Benjamin Franklin

Notes  re: Ireland

Notes  re:  Horace Mann

Notes  re:  Massachusetts and Education

Notes  re: Miscellaneous – History

Notes  re:  Spain

Notes  re;  Student enrollment in two universities 

Unboxed Items 

Sp Coll              

Hir Sub            Davis, Harold E.  A Bibliography of Burk Aaron Hinsdale. revised.

Hin-D               Washington, D.C., 1972. 

Framed Membership Certificate to the Western Reserve Historical Society. Professor Burke Aaron Hinsdale, 1894. 


Hinsdale, B.A.  Teaching the Language Arts; speech, reading and composition. No title page, no date or publication information.
Tucked inside: Handwritten copy of “The Scope of Church History”
                      Cleveland Pedagogical Society, Officers and Members, Constitution and By-Laws

Hinsdale, B.A. History of the University of Michigan, with Biographical Sketches. Ann Arbor: the University, 1906.  (Posthumous publication)  2 copies. 

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Hinsdale, B.A. The American Government, National and State. Fourth edition. Chicago: American Book Company, c 1905.  

Hinsdale, B.A. The Art of Study: a Manual for Teachers and Students of the Science and the Art of Teaching. New York: American Book Company, 1900. 

[Hinsdale, B.A.] Documents Illustrating American Educational History. No publication data. 

Hinsdale, B.A. Ecclesiastical Tradition: its Origin and Early Growth; its Place in the Churches and its Value. Cincinnati: Standard Publishing Co., 1879. 

Hinsdale, B.A. The Genuineness and Authenticity of the Gospels: an Argument Conducted on Historical and Critical Grounds. Cincinnati: Bosworth, Chase and Hall, 1872. 

Hinsdale, B.A. and Mary L Hinsdale. History and Civil Government of Ohio; and, The Government of the United states by B.A. Hinsdale. (bound together) State Government Series. Chicago: Werner School Book Company, 1896. 

Hinsdale, B.A. Horace Mann and the Common School Revival in the United States. Great Educators Series. New York: Scribner’s 1898. 

Hinsdale, B.A. How to Study and Teach History: with Particular Reference to the History of the United States. International Education Series. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1894. 

Hinsdale, B.A. The Jewish Christian Church. Cincinnati: Standard Publishing, 1878. 

[Hinsdale, B.A.] Memoir of Louisa Hinsdale: a Brother’s Tribute. Cleveland: Robison, Savage and Co., 1877.   3 copies. 

Hinsdale, B.A. The Old Northwest: with a View of the Thirteen Colonies as Constituted by the Royal Charters. New York: Townsend Mac Coun, 1888. 

Hinsdale, B.A. President Garfield and Education: Hiram College Memorial. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1882, c. 1881.  3 copies. 

Hinsdale, B.A.  Schools and Studies. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1884. 

Hinsdale, B.A. Studies in Education: Science, Art, History. Chicago: Werner School Book Co., 1896. 

[Hinsdale, B.A.} The Teacher in Literature. No title page or bibliographic information. “Presented by the Misses Hinsdale” to the Eclectic Library of Hiram College. 

Hinsdale, B.A. Bound with the following works:
·        The Business Side of City School Systems. New York: Werner School Book Company, 1896. (reprint of 1888 report to the National Council of Education and Studies in Education)
·        Our Common Schools: a Fuller Statement. Cleveland: Cobb, Andrews, & Co., 1878.
·        A General Introduction to the Courses in the Science and the Art of Teaching, Notes of Lectures. [Ann Arbor]: University of Michigan, n.d.
·        The Spirit and the Ideals of the University of Michigan. [Ann Arbor]; University of Michigan, n.d.  (reprinted from the Educational Review, New York, April and May, 1896)
·        Some Sociological Factors in Rural Education in the United States. [1896]
·        The Western Literary Institute and College of Professional Teachers. Chapter 13. Washington: U.S. Bureau of Education, 1900.
·        Report of the Committee of Twelve on Rural Schools. Appointed at the Meeting of the National Education Association; July 9, 1895. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1897.
·        The Certification of College and University Graduates as Teachers of the Common Schools. Report of the Committee Appointed in Washington, D.C., July 1898. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1899.
·        The Training of Teachers. Monographs on Education in the United States, Nicholas Murray butler, editor. No. 8. New York: U.S. Department of Education, 1900. 

Seventh Annual Catalogue of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. Cleveland: Harris, Fairbanks and Co., 1857. Bound With:
            ·        Eighth Annual Catalogue of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. Cleveland: Harris,
            Fairbanks and Co., 1858.
           ·        Tenth Annual Catalogue of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. Cleveland: Fairbanks, Benedict
            & Co., 1860
           ·        Eleventh Annual Catalogue of the Western Reserve Eclectic Institute. Cleveland: Harris, Fairbanks
            and Co., 1861.
           ·        Garfield, J.A. Review of the Transactions of the Credit Mobilier Company and an Examination of
            that Portion of the Testimony Taken by the Committee of Investigation and Reported to the House
            of Representatives at the Last Session of The Forty-Second Congress Which Relates to Mr.
Washington, 1873.

           ·        Garfield, J.A. The Future of the Republic, its Dangers and its Hopes. An Address Delivered before
            the Literary Societies of Hudson College, July 2nd, 1873. Cleveland: Sevins Bros., 1873.
           ·        Hinsdale, B.A. History of a Great Mind. Republished from Christian Quarterly, April, 1874.
           ·        Hinsdale, B.A. A History of the Disciples on Hiram, Portage County, O. A Discourse Delivered to
            the Church on Sunday, March 26, 1876.  
Cleveland: Robison, Savage & Co., 1876.

           ·        A Tribute to the Memory of Lucy D. Hinsdale Brown, Lauren M. Hinsdale, Fidelia Hinsdale Croy
            and Frances C. Brown
. Cleveland: Robison, Sage & Co., n.d.

           ·        Garfield, J.A. Life and Character of Almeda A. Booth, an Address Delivered at Hiram College,
            Ohio, June 22, 1876.  
Washington, 1877.

           ·        Sumner, W.G.  Lectures on the History of Protection in the United States, Delivered Before the
            International Free-Trade Alliance. Reprinted from “The New Century” New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons,
           ·        Hinsdale, B.A. President Hayes’s Southern Policy; An Address Delivered in the Town Hall;
            Hiram, Ohio, Tuesday Evening; September 25, 1877 by B.A. Hinsdale.
        ·        Hinsdale, B.A. Our Common School Education; with a Digression on the College Course.
Published by order of the North-Eastern Ohio Teachers’ Association. Cleveland: Robison, Savage and

            Co., 1877.
           ·        Hinsdale, B.A. Our Common Schools: a Fuller Statement of the Views Set Forth in the Pamphlet
            entitled, “Our Common School Education,” 
with especial reference to the reply of Superintendent A.J.

            Rickoff. Cleveland: Cobb, Andrews & Co. 1878.
           ·        Joseph Henry. In Memoriam. Funeral Address, by his Pastor, Samuel S. Mitchell, D.D. May 16,
            1878.  Washington.
           ·        Hiram College Reunion. Proceedings of the Association, at the Meeting Held in Hiram, June 11th,
            1880. Compiled by G.H. Colton, Secretary. Cleveland: 1880.
           ·        [Hinsdale, B.A.] “Bounding the Original United States” Magazine of Western History. September
            1885. Volume II, no. 5.
           ·        Hinsdale, B.A. President Eliot on Public-School Problems. An address delivered before the
            Michigan State Teachers’ Association, December, 1885. Repeated before the Connecticut State
            Teachers’ Association, November, 1886. Cleveland: Plain Dealer Publishing, 1886.
           ·        Hinsdale, B.A. Isaac Newton Demmon. Reprint from the Castalian , March 1890. Ann Arbor,
           ·        Angell, James A. Religious Life in our State Universities. University of Michigan. Reprinted from the
             Andover Review for April, 1890.
           ·        [Hinsdale, B.A.] The Personality of Hahnemann. Delivered before the Hahnemann Society of the
            Homeopathic Hospital College, February 4th, 1892.
           ·        Annual Announcement. Post-Graduate Course of the Homeopathic Hospital College. Cleveland,
            Ohio. Session 1891-1892.
           ·        Homeopathic Hospital College, Cleveland, O. The “Old Guard,” The Mother of Homeopathic
            Colleges. Staunch, Progressive and True to the Homeopathy of Hahnemann. Incorporated 1849.
            1,250 Graduates.
           ·        History of the Homeopathic Medical Society of Eastern Ohio. n.d. 
·        Hinsdale, B.A. “Hiram College. Prepared for the Centennial History of Education in Ohio.” 

           ·        Chronicles of the Hinsdale Family. Compiled by Albert Hinsdale in the seventy-third year of his age.
            To be continued by those who come after him. Cleveland: J.B. Savage, 1883.  

Hinsdale, B.A. ed. The Works of James Abram Garfield. 2 vols. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1883. 

Davis, Harold Eugene. Hinsdale of Hiram. Washington: the University Press of Washington, D.C. 1971.

The Hinsdale family Burke and Mary
Mildred and Mary c. 1892

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