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The John S. Kenyon Collection

Size:  The collection is contained in 6 document storage boxes, 6 half-size document storage boxes, 9 note card boxes, and 2 slide boxes.  The size is of the collection is 15 linear feet.

Revised by Kevin Close, 2006

John Samuel Kenyon, Biography 

            John S. Kenyon was head of the Hiram College English Department from 1916 until his retirement as a Professor Emeritus in 1944.  During his tenure at Hiram College J.S. Kenyon held various summer school teaching positions.  These positions included:  Wooster College, 1909 – 1910; Indiana University, 1915; the University of Michigan, 1919; and the University of Texas, 1928.  Prior to his teaching at Hiram College J.S. Kenyon began teaching at West Kentucky College in 1898-1899.  From 1899-1901 he taught Greek at Christian University in Canton, Missouri.  1903-1904 he was a fellow in English at University of Chicago.  1906-1916 he was an English professor at Butler University in Indianapolis.    

During his long career John S. Kenyon became very accomplished in his field.  He was regarded as the “dean” of American phoneticians.  He was the consulting editor for pronunciation and phonetics of the second edition of Webster’s New International Dictionary(1934).  He also was a co-editor of the Pronouncing Dictionary of American English.  J.S. Kenyon wrote American Pronunciation, an important book where he insisted on avoiding prescriptive decision on usage.  These three major publications are only a brief listing of his contributions to his field.

            During his long career J.S. Kenyon received several notable rewards and prizes.  In 1927 the University of London awarded the Soames Prize for Research in Phonetics to J.S. Kenyon.  In 1943 he received the Hiram College Alumni Award for Distinguished Service.  The Western Reserve University granted him an honorary doctorate in 1954.

            J.S. Kenyon graduated from Hiram College in 1898, and obtained his Masters Degree from the University of Chicago in 1903.  In 1908 he received his doctorate from Harvard University. 

            J.S. Kenyon was married to Myra Alice Pow in 1899.  They had two daughters together, Martha Elizabeth Kenyon and Elizabeth Sheldon Kenyon Andress.  Both daughters are now deceased.

            J.S. Kenyon was born in Medina, Ohio in 1874 and died September 6, 1959. 

Scope and Content 

The John S. Kenyon Collection consists of vast amounts of personal and business correspondence with J.S. Kenyon.  The collection also contains subject files and writings of J.S. Kenyon.  Some material is Hiram related.  Included in the collection are notes and drafts of the publications Independent Change of Accented Vowels and Pronouncing Dictionary of American English.  Glass slides of phonetic speech are also found in the collection.  Card files detailing parts of speech and English constructions; alphabetical pronouncing word lists, student reading lists, and the phonetic alphabet with examples, notes, and parts of speech can be found in the collection.  Kenyon’s work on the Pow family genealogy, which utilized Pow family correspondence, is included in the collection.             

Box 1

Correspondence and Subject Files:  A – F 

Abel, James W.  “Petition for [3,2]: Before and After”, The Study of Sounds vol. 16: 11-39.
                            “Vowel – R Symbolization:  An Historical Development”, Speech Monographs:  23- 36. 

Adamic, Louis.  Correspondence. 

Adkins, Lois Noble.  Correspondence. 

Alabama, University of.  Correspondence. 

Allen, Harold B.  Correspondence. 

Alspach, Russell K.  Correspondence. 

American Council of Learned Societies (Waldo G. Leland).  Correspondence. 

American Dialect Society (Miles Hanley, Louise Pound, Allen Walker Read, George Wilson, Thomas Pyles, J. Willis Russell).  Correspondence. 

American Name Society. 

American Speech (Cabell Greet, Allan F. Hubbell, Elliot V.K. Dobbie, Kemp Malone).  Correspondence. 

Ames, E.S.  Correspondence. 

Amherst College.  Correspondence. 

Anderson, David R.  “Modeling.”  Inauguration f the John S. Kenyon Chair in English at Hiram College.  September 15, 1993. 

Anderson, Jeanette O.  Correspondence. 

Andrews, Ruth Elliot.  Correspondence. 

[?]  “Anglosaonicis e Dialects necnon Semisaxonicis Spicilegium” [A Gleaning from Anglosaxon and not Semisaxon Dialects] 

D. Appleton Century Company (Dana H. Ferrin).  Correspondence. 

Artin, Edward.  Correspondence. 

Asai, Sadahiko.  Correspondence. 

Atwood, E. Bagley.  Review of Charles Kenneth Thomas’ An Introduction to the Phonetics of American English Language, vol. 24 #3, July – September, 1948: 326 – 330. 

Atwood, E. Bagley.  “Some Eastern Virginia Pronunciation Features.”  English Studies in Honor of James Southall Wilson, vol. IV, 1951: 111-124. 

Ayres, Harry M.  Correspondence. 

Atlas Linguistic 

Linguistic Atlas of the U.S. and Canada. 


Bailey, Stephen K.  “Fertile Hypotheses”, Bulletin of Hiram College, vol. 45 #6, June, 1953. 

Baker, George Pierce.  Correspondence. 

Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley.  “The Oxford English Dictionary 1884 – 1928” 

Bancroft, Clara Cook.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. – Bancroft, Clara Cook. 

Bancroft, Coleman.  Obituary. 

George Banta Publishing Company (C.A. Peerenboom, C.E. Cass, A.J. Hepson).  Correspondence. 

Barker, A.G. (File Not Located Here).  See G. and C. Merrian Company. 

Barker, James L.  “Dynamic vs. Static Phonetics.”  Journal of Speech Disorders, vol. 5 #2, June, 1940: 153-183. 

Barnhart, C.L.  (File Not Located Here)  See Scott, Foresman and Company. 

Barrows, Sarah T.  Correspondence. 

Bartlett, Adeline C.  Correspondence. 

Bate, Fred.  Correspondence. 

Bates, Miner Lee.  Correspondence. 

Bates, Miner Searle,  “Supplementary Personal Account of the Fall of Nanking” 

Baugh, Albert C.  Correspondence. 

Baugh, Albert C.  “Richard Sellyng.”  Essays and Studies in Honor of Carleton Brown.  New York: New York U. Press, 1940:  167-181. 

Bayne, Sarah H.  Correspondence. 

Beatt, Arthur.  “Contemporary Drama”, “Contemporary English Literature”, Study Outline Series.  New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1916. 

Bender, Harold.  Correspondence. 

Benet, Stephen Vincent.  Correspondence. 

Bennet, C.L.  (File Not Located Here).  See Dalhousie University. 

Benton, Elbert J.  Correspondence. 

Berger, Marshall D.  “Vowel Distribution and Accentual Prominence in Modern English”, Word, vol. 2 #3, December, 1955: 363-76. 

Bethel, J.P.  (File Not Located Here).  See G. and C. Merriam Company. 

Biographical Dictionary of Speech Education.  (Arthur J. Bromstein).  Correspondence. 

Bissell, Howard and Marcia.  Correspondence. 

Blakemore, W.B. “The American Tradition in Education and Religion”, Eureka College Bulletin, vol. 55 #3, March, 1956. 

Bloch, Bernard.  Correspondence. 

Bloomfield, Leonard.  Correspondence. 

Bloomfield, Morton W.  Correspondence. 

Bloomfield, Morton W.  “Canadian English and its Relation to Eighteenth Century American Speech”, ms., n.d. 

Blythe, Nancy.  Correspondence. 

Boardman, Fon, W., jr.  (File Not Located Here)  See Oxford University Press. 

Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc.  (Claude B. McCaleb).  Correspondence. 

Bodleian Library.  Correspondence. 

Bonar, Ann.  Correspondence. 

Bonney Castle Inn (Marion F. Sawyer) Correspondence. 

Bottke, Karl G.  Correspondence. 

Bower, Ruth (Mrs. H.H.) Correspondence. 

Bradley, Henry.  Obituary and Memoir Review. 

“Breakfast Commentator”  (File Not Located Here).  See Lawrence, Charles W. 

Bridges, Robert, “The Testament of Beauty” – Review of 

Brier, W.  Eule and Nachtigall.  Hall A.S.:  Max Niemayer, 1910. 

Bright, John W.  Correspondence. 

Brilioth, Borje.  A Grammer of the Dialect of Lorton (Cumberland).  London:  Oxford U. Press, [1913?]. 

British Dialects.  

British Museum.  Correspondence. 

Bronstein, Arthur J.  (File Not Located Here).  See Biographical Dictionary of Speech Education. 

Broome, Christine.  Correspondence. 

Brown, Demarchus C. Obituary. 

Brown, Hilton U.  Correspondence. 

Brown, Kenneth I.  (Dennison University).  Correspondence. 

Brown, Rollo Walter.  Correspondence. 

Brown, Rollo Walter.  Broadsheet, “The Ways of a Writer” 

Bryan, W.F. Correspondence.  

Bryant, Margaret M.  Correspondence. 

Burke, Jackson.  (File Not Located Here).  See Mergenthaler Linotype. 

Burnett, Arthur W.  (File Not Located Here).  See Henry Holt and Company. 

Burns, Howard F.  Correspondence. 

Burns, James A.  (File Not Located Here).  See The Oneida Baptist Institute. 

Burton, Senator Harold H.  Correspondence. 


Butler College (Thomas Carr Howe).  Correspondence. 

The Butler Drift.  Butler College, 1909. 

The Butler Drift.  Butler College, 1911. 

Byrne, Alice Settlemyer.  Correspondence. 

Calley, Nelson Robert.  Correspondence. 

The Cambridge History of English Literature (A.R. Waller).  Correspondence. 

Campbell, LeRoy A. – Samples of Pronunciation. 

Canby, Henry S. 

Cannon, Charity.  (File Not Located Here).  See Willard, Summer and Charity Cannon. 

Carhart, Paul W.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. – G. and C. Merriam Co. 

Caribbean, pronunciation of 

The Carnegie Corporation (Charle Dollard).  Correspondence. 

Case School of Applied Science.  (File Not Located Here).  See Wickenden, Wm. Elgin. 

Cass, C.E.  (File Not Located Here).  See George Banta Publishing Co. 

Cassidy, Frederic G.  Correspondence. 

Chalmers, Gordon K.  Correspondence. 

Chaucer Society (List of Publications).  

Chemical Works, Pronunciation of 

Cherne, Leo.  (File Not Located Here).  See International Rescue Committee. 

Chicago University of (G.W. Sherburn, John M. Manly).  Correspondence. 

Christensen, Francis.  Correspondence. 

Christian Church (Hiram).  Correspondence. 

Christian University.  (File Not Located Here).  See also Hardy, J.W. also See Culver-Stockton College 

Clack, Alberta Green.  Correspondence. 

The Clarendon Press.  Correspondence. 

Clarke, Dr. Elbert H.  “What is Practical?”  Bulletin of Hiram College, vol. 46 #6, June, 1954. 

Clarke, Elbert H.  Speech at Dedication of Stephens Memorial Observatory, Hiram College, Nov. 18, 1939. 

Clem, John L.  Correspondence. 

Cleveland Board of Education (Evan Lodge).  Correspondence. 

Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Correspondence. 

Cleveland Public Library (Dorotha L. Whitney).  Correspondence. 

Colby, Frank “Good Speech”, clipping 

Columbia University Press (Charles G. Proffitt, Dorothy M. Swart). 

Coleman, Elizabeth M.  (File Not Located Here).  See Moore Free Library. 

Colton, George H.  Correspondence. 

Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 2nd International. 

Cooke, Alistair.  “English on Both Sides of the Atlantic”, The Listener, April 3, 1935: 571 – 572. 

Cooley, Harris Reid. 

Cooper, Eleanor H.  Correspondence. 

Corner, George W.  Correspondence. 

Cowan, J.M.  (File Not Located Here).  See Linguaphone Institute. 

Craig, Hardin.  Correspondence. 

Craigie, Sir Wm. A.  Correspondence. 

Craigie, Sir William and James R. Hulbert, eds.  A Dictionary of American English on Historical Principles.  Prefatory note to vol. IV.  Chicago:  U. of Chicago Press. 1944. 

Craigie, Sir Wm.  Memoir of Work on the O.E.D. in The Periodical, winter, 1948: 158-162. 

Creek, H.L.  Correspondence. 

Culler, A. Dwight.  Correspondence. 

Culver-Stockton College (W.B. McRoberts).  Correspondence. 

Cumberledge, G.F.J.  (File Not Located Here).  See Oxford University Press. 

Cunningham, William.  Correspondence. 

Curme, George Oliver.  Correspondence. 

Curme, George Oliver.  “Are Our Teachers of English Adequately Prepared for Their Work?”  PMLA, 1931.  (5 Copies). 

Curme, George Oliver.  “The Development of the Analytic Genitive in Germanic. II.”  Modern Philolgy, vol. XI #3, January, 1914: 289-313. 

Curme, Marjorie.  Correspondence. 


Dagget, Windsor P.  Review of Kenyon’s American Pronunciation, in The Billboard, July 25, 1925: 35. 

Dalgas, Eggert.  Correspondence. 

Dalhousie University.  (C.L. Bennet).  Correspondence. 

Dalmsley Bros. – Photographs. 

Danielsson, Bror.  Correspondence. 

Dannley, Libbie M. (Mrs. J.D.).  Correspondence. 

Danton, Arrina P.  Correspondence. 

Daugherty, Ruth.  Correspondence. 

Davidson, H.A. “Studies in Modern Plays”, Study Outline Series.  New York:  The H.W. Wilson Co., 1915. 

Davidson, L.  Correspondence. 

Davis, Clyde and Phoebe.  Correspondence. 

Davis, Edith (Mrs. S.F.).  Correspondence. 

Davis, Edwin B.  Correspondence. 

Davis, Edwin B.  “Initial Long U”, American Speech, April, 1944.
                “Metropolitan erirur”, American Speech, vol. 18 #1, 1943:  77-78
                “American Nasality”, English Journal, September, 1944. 

Davis, Edwin C.  Correspondence. 

Davis, E. Jettries.  “[London] City Churches, 1926”, Typescript, n.d. 

Davis, Gilbert.  Correspondence. 

Davis, Harold E.  “The Pennsylvania – Ohio Canal 1823-1877”, Hiram Historical Society publication #1, December, 1929. 

Davis, Dr. William R.  Correspondence. 

De Angulo, James B.  Correspondence. 

De Camp, L. Sprague.  Correspondence. 

De Haven, Thomas.  Correspondence. 

Dean, Allie M.  (Class of 1895).  Correspondence. 

Dean, J. Ernest. 

Dearden, Jeannette.  Correspondence. 

Deighton, Bell and Co., Ltd. (L.E. Smith).  Correspondence. 

Dempster, Germaine.  “’Thy Gentilesee’ in Wife of Bath’s Tale D1159-62”, Modern Language Notes, March 1942:  173-176. 

Dennison, Hon. David.  Correspondence. 

Denune, Perry P.  Correspondence. 

Derlaut Katalog 

Derthick, B.M.  “One Hundred Years’ History of the Disciples of Christ at Mantua Center”, Address at the 100th Anniversary of the Church, June 19, 1927. 

Derthick, Everest.  Correspondence. 

Dewey, Godfrey.  Correspondence. 

DeWitt, M.E.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. Review of Out Oral Word as Social and Economic Factor

De Witt, Miss?  Correspondence. 

[Diacritical Marks] 


Dietz, Wm. G. Obituary. 

Dillon, Myles.  Correspondence. 

The Dionne Quintuplet Guardianship.  Correspondence. 

Disciples Divinity House of the U. of Chicago. 

Disciples of Christ Historical Society.  (File Not Located Here)  See Shaw, Henry K. 

Dix, Emmett C.  Obituary. 

Dix, R.C. (File Not Located Here).  See Ravenna Evening Record. 

Dixon, James Main.  Correspondence. 

Dobbie, Elliot V.K.  (File Not Located Here).  See American Speech

Dodd, William G.  Correspondence. 

Dodge, Martin.  “Plan for Making the Forrest Reserves Productive”, Congressional Record, March 12, 1924. 

Doerschug, Delia T. (Mrs. Leslie R.).  Correspondence. 

Dollard, Charles.  (File Not Located Here).  See The Carnegie Corporation. 

Douglas, Richard S.  Correspondence. 

Drinkwater, John. “Review of Carl Sandburg’s Abraham Lincoln:  The Prairie Years”Sat. Review of Lit.; March 27, 1926. 

Dunlop, William L.  Correspondence. 

Dunn, Waldo H.  Correspondence. 

Dykema, Karl W.  Correspondence. 

Dykema, Karl W.  “Review of Webster’s New World Dictionary, College Edition.  American Speech, vol. XXIX, #31, February, 1954: 59-65. 


Eames, Wilberforce.  (File Not Located Here).  See New York Public Library. 

Early English Text Society, Pamphlet. 

Easum, Harry and Margaret. 

Edelman, Nathan.  (File Not Located Here).  See Modern Language Notes. 

The Edward MacDowell Association 

Edwards Letter Shop  (D.W. Edwards). 

Eliason, Norman E.  Correspondence. 

Eldridge, R.C.  Six Thousand Common English Words.  Niagara Falls, New York, 1911. 

Eliot, Charles W.  Correspondence. 

Ellinger, Dr. John.  Correspondence. 

Elliot, Rachel.  (Correspondence re and Correspondence with). 

Emerson, Oliver Farrar.  Correspondence. 

Emerson, Oliver Farrar.  Various Journals. 

Emerson, O.F. “Mead-Meadow-Shade-Shadow, A Study in Analogy.”  Modern Language Notes, vol. XXV #3, March, 1920; 147-154. 

Emerson, O.F. “A Small Sheet of Sonnets.”  Western Reserve U. Bulletin. Vol. XXXII #13, July 1, 1929: 5–11. 

Emsley, Bert.  Correspondence. 

Emsley, Bert.  “Progress in Pronouncing Dictionaries.”  American Speech, February, 1940:  55-59. 

English Language Institute.  (File Not Located Here).  See Charles C. Fries. 

English Language, Suggested Bibliography. 

English Place-Name Society (Allen Mawer).  Correspondence. 

Epitaphs from New England Cemetery.  

Erikson, Eston Everett, List of the Writings of. 

Evans [Brenda?].  Correspondence. 

Evans, Edith N.  Correspondence. 

Evening Post 

Fall, Paul H.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hiram College. 

Falstaff, Jake.  The Songs and Ballads of Reini Kugel.  Privately Printed, n.d. 

Faris, Paul.  Correspondence. 

Ferrin, Dana H.  (File Not Located Here).  See D. Appleton Century Co. 

Filiatrault, Gladys.  Correspondence. 

First National Bank, Garrettsville, Ohio.  Correspondence. 

Flint, Paul H.  Correspondence. 

Foglesong, Clara Belle.  Correspondence. 

Follett, Wilson.  Correspondence. 

Ford, J.D.M.  Correspondence. 

Forrest, J.D.  Correspondence. 

Forrest, Wm. M., Biography.  Correspondence. 

Forrest, William and Anne Pendleton.  Correspondence. 

[Fortune?], Bessie.  Correspondence. 

Foster, Finley. 

Foster, Sir Gregory.  Correspondence. 

Frary, [Ihna Thayer] 

Francis, W.N.  Correspondence. 

Franklin, Benjamin, writings of 

Fries, Charles C. and Fund Committee.  Correspondence. 

Fries, Charles C. trans.  The Battle of Maldon.  Ann Arbor, Michigan:  George Wahr, 1925. 

Fries, Charles C. trans.  The Seafarer.  Ann Arbor, Michigan:  George Wahr, 1925. 

Fuchs, Edward A.H.  Correspondence. 

Fuhrken, G.E., review of book Standard English Speech

Fuller, [Hde?] W.  

Fuller, Robert N.  Correspondence. 

Furniwall, F.J. with Photograph.  Correspondence. 

Box 2

Correspondence and Subject Files G-Ke 


Gallan, Gordon J.  (File Not Located Here).  See G. and C. Merriam Company. 

Gard, R. Max.  Correspondence. 

Garfield, James A.  (Subject File).  

Garfield, James A.  (Clippings). 

Garfield, Lucretia R.  Correspondence. 

Garwick, Walter.  Correspondence. 

Gazette [Indianapolis?] 

Geddes, James Jr.  Correspondence. 

Gerhard, Robert. 

Gimson, A.C.  “Implications of the Phonemic/Chronemic Grouping of English Vowels”, Acta Linguistica, v, 1945-49: 94-100. 

Ginn and Company.  Correspondence. 

Giocarinis, Kiman.  Correspondence. 

Goins, Charles.  (File Not Located Here).  See The Oneida Baptist Institute.  

Golden, G. Kelly; Golden, John R.; Golden, John W.; Golden, Richard S.  Addresses only. 

Goldner, Jacob Henry.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hiram College, Doctor of Divinity Degree, honorary. 

Goodale, Ralph H.  Correspondence. 

Gouldin, John Waller.  Correspondence.  

[Grattan, J.H.G.?]  Correspondence. 

The Gramophone Co., Ltd. 

Grandgent, Charles H.  (with obituary).  Correspondence. 

Grandgent, Charles H.  “The Dark Ages.”  PMLA, vol. XXVIII #1, 1913: 1-29. 

Grandgent, Charles H.  “New Renderings of Dante.”  Italica, vol. 3 #2, May, 1926:  21-23. 

[Grandgent, Charles H.]  Vowel Measurements, diagrams illustrating. 

Gray, Thomas.  “Elegy, written in a Country Churchyard”, photocopy of ms. 

Green, Caspar D.  Correspondence. 

Green, Kinsey Melton.  Correspondence. 

Greet, William Cabell.  Correspondence. 

Griffith, R.H.  Correspondence. 

Grimbly, Ann.  Correspondence. 


Hale, Edward E.  Correspondence. 

Hall, Robert A.  Correspondence. 

Hamilton, Alice.  Correspondence. 

Hamilton, Harlan W.  Correspondence. 

Hamilton, Harlan W.  “Current Trends in the English Major”, College English, vol. 15 #6, March, 1954:  339-46.  “Wm. Combe and John Hunter’s Essay on the Teeth”, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, vol. 14 #2, 1959:  169-178. 

Hamilton, Beach Co.  Correspondence. 

Hammond, Eleanor P.  Correspondence. 

Hammond, Eleanor P.  Class Questions for Analysis of Narrative Fiction, 1901. 

Hanford, James H.  Correspondence. 

Hanley, Louise.  Correspondence. 

Hanley, Miles L.  Correspondence.  

Hanley, Miles L., comp.  Examples of Rimes from Early American Verse.  Madison, Wisconsin, 1935.  (2 Copies). 

Hanley, Miles H.  “High Speed Motion Pictures of the Human Vocal Chords”, typescript, n.d.
                 “J.S. Kenyon’s American Pronunciation:  A Review”,  Dialect Notes, vol. 5, part 7, 1924:
                      292-295.  2 copies. 

Hanley, Miles L. comp.  Middle English Short a and e in Modern English as Illustrated by rimes and spellings.  Madison, Wisconsin, 1937. 

Hanley, Miles L.  “Spelling for Diaries and Town Records from Massachusetts and Connecticut”  (2 copies). 

Harbage, Alfred.  “Sweet Will and Gentle Marlowe”, The New York Times Book Review, June 12, 1955: 9 –10. 

Hardy, J.W. Correspondence. 

Hardy, Thomas.  Correspondence. 

Harvard University.  

Harvard University Press. 

Harper and Brothers, Publishers.  Correspondence. 

Harry, Richard S.  Correspondence. 

Haskins, Cecil L.  Correspondence. 

Haugen, Einar.  Correspondence. 

Haugen, Einar.  “Notes on ‘Voiced T.’ in American English”, typescript. 

Hayden, Amos Sutton.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hiram College—Amos Sutton Hayden Memorial Chair. 

Hayden, Mr. And Mrs. Warren S.  Correspondence. 

Hayden, Miller and Company.  Correspondence. 

Henry Holt and Company, Publishers.  (Arthur W. Burnett, T.J. Wilson). 

Henry, Charles A.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hiram College Alumni Annual Giving. 

Henry, Frederick A.  Correspondence. 

Henry, Marcia.  Correspondence. 

Hepson, A.J.  (File Not Located Here).  See George Banta Publishing Company. 

Herb Society of America (Elizabeth Luesenhop).  Correspondence. 

Herzberg, Max J.  (File Not Located Here).  See Word Study

Hewlett, James H.  Correspondence. 

Hill, Archibald A.  Correspondence. 

Hill, Archibald A.  “Early Loss of R Before Dentals”, typescript.
                 “Phonetic and Phonemic Change”,  Language, vol. 12 #1, Jan.—Mar.,1936: 15-22. 

Hill, Archibald A.  “Towards a Literary Analysis.”  English Studies in Honor of James Southall Wilson, vol. IV, 1951:  147-165.  (2 copies). 

Hinckley, ?  Correspondence. 

Hinsdale, Burke A. to James A. Garfield (copy), Nov. 27, 1878. 

Hinsdale, Ellen C.  Correspondence. 

Hinsdale, Mildred.  Correspondence. 

Hinsdale, Wilbert B.  Correspondence. 

Hiram Christian Church.  (File Not Located Here).  See Christian Church (Hiram). 

Hiram College.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon John S. – “The Aims of Hiram College”
                                                                                      “Convocation”, Hiram College, Sept. 20, 1956. 

Hiram College (Minor Lee Bates, Kenneth I. Brown, Paul H. Fall, Howard S. Bissell, Fred E. Nessell) 

Hiram College – A.A.U.P. Membership, 1954. 

Hiram College Advance Broadcaster – “Garfield College” 

Hiram College Advance – Longanecker, Frank M., Obituary. 

Hiram College – Alpha Society. 

Hiram College Alumni Association (Charles A. Henry). 

Hiram College – Alumni Award for Distinguished Service, 1942 – Ralphael Howard Miller                                                                                                1944 – Wm. Mentzel Forrest 

Hiram College – Brown, Kenneth I, inauguration of. 

Hiram College.  By-Laws of the Board of Trustees and Charter of Hiram College. 

Hiram College Catalogue, 1898. 

Hiram College Centennial Homecoming Program. 

Hiram College – Class of 1898, Photograph. 

Hiram College, Class of 1925. 

Hiram College Commencement Programs 

Hiram College – Development, 1956-57. 

Hiram College – Doctor of Divinity Degree, honorary (Jacob Henry Goldner). 

Hiram College – English Department, Objectives of. 

Hiram College – English Examinations. 

Hiram College – English Majors. 

Hiram College – Fraternities and Clubs. 

Hiram College – Hayden, Amos Sutton, Memorial Chair. 

Hiram College – Kenyon, John S.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. – Hiram College. 

Hiram College – Library. 

Hiram College – Peckham, George and Colton, George, photograph. 

Hiram College – President’s Report, 1934-35. 

Hiram College – Programs, misc. 

Hiram College – Reading Lists, English and Phonetics. 

Hiram College – Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Commemoration. 

Hiram College – Song “Alma Mater” 

Hiram College – Vachel Lindsay Poetry Contest Rules, 1932. 

Hiram House. 

Hiram, Ohio.

Home Program Director, Radio Stations WHA and WLBL, Madison, Wisconsin. 

Hood College (Henry I. Stahr).  Correspondence. 

Horn, Mr. And Mrs. Clinton M.  Correspondence. 

Hostetler, Joseph.  Correspondence. 

Horwill, H.W. (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S.  See Book Review – A Dictionary of Modern American Usage. 

Houghton, Mifflin Company.  Correspondence. 

“The House that Jack Built” 

Howe, Thomas C.  Correspondence. 

Howson, Maud F and J.M.  Correspondence. 

Hubbell, Allan F.  (File Not Located Here).  See American Speech

Hubbell, Charles E. (Ned).  Speech, 1925. 

Hughes, John H.  (File Not Located Here).  See Interamerican Newsletter. 

Hulbert, James R.  (File Not Located Here).  See Craigie, Sir William. 

Hultzen, Lee.  Correspondence. 

Hultzen, Lee.  “Symbol for the Nonsyllabic Postuocalic R of General American:  An Essay in Phonetic Methodology.”  The Quarterly Journal of Speech, vol. 36 #2, April, 1950:  189 – 201. 

Hultzen, Lee.  “Vowel Quality in Unstressed Syllables in American English.”  The Quarterly Journal of Speech, vol. XXIX #4, December, 1943: 451-457. 

Humphrey, Nina.  Correspondence. 

Hunlis, Murray.  Correspondence. 

H., W.D.  Correspondence. 

Ichikawa, Sanki.  Correspondence. 

Indiana University (Russell Noyes).  Correspondence. 

“Information Please” 

The Institute for Research in Language Teaching (Harold E. Palmer).  Correspondence. 

Institute of International Education.  

Institut Litteraire et Artistique de France (Marquis de Champrans de Faremont).  Correspondence. 

Interamerican Newsletter (John H. Hughes). 

International Phonetic Alphabet.

International Phonetic Association (A.C. Gimson, Daniel Jones). 

International Society of Phonetic Sciences. 

International Rescue Committee (Leo Cherne).  

Jackson, John.  Correspondence. 

James, A. Lloyd.  Correspondence. 

Japanese Phonemes. 

Jespersen, Otto.  Correspondence. 

Jones, Daniel.  Correspondence. 

Jones, Daniel.  “The System of the International Phonetic Association”,  Sound Symbols and Their Use in Different Language Areas, 1928. 

Jones, Herbert – Obituary. 

Jones, Howard M.  (File Not Located Here).  See Modern Language Association. 

Jones, Speech Sounds.  Records. 

Jones, Howard W.  Correspondence. 

Jones, Stephen (With Photograph).  Correspondence. 

Jones, Stephen.  Cardinal Vowels, X-Ray photographs of. 

Jones, Stephen.  “Radiography and Pronunciation”, The British Journal of Radiology, vol. II, New Series. #15, March, 1929: 149 – 152.  (2 Copies) 

Jones, W.P.  Correspondence. 

Jones, Martin.  Correspondence. 

Jorde, R.  Correspondence. 

Journal of English and German Philology

Journal of English and German Philology, contents, vols. 1-14. 

Kelly, S.J.  “The Leonard Case Diary”; The ‘Memoranda’ of Leonard Case, Sr.”, [Cleveland Plain Dealer], n.d. 

Kennedy, Arthur G.  Correspondence. 

Kenyon, Genealogy. 

[Kenyon] Carrie.  Correspondence. 

Kenyon, Elizabeth and Martha.  (File Not Located Here).  See Box 12.  See Also Page, Harlan M. 

Kenyon, Myra Pow.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kittredge, George Lyman-Aug. 20, 1908. 

Kenyon, Myra Pow.  ms. For paper on antiquarian books, n.d. 

Kenyon, Mr. And Mrs.?, parents of J.S.K. 

Kenyon, Alfred M. and Ingold, Louis.  Trigonometry with Brief Tables.  The Macmillan Company, 1914. 

Kenyon, Mr. And Mrs. John S.  (Marriage and Golden Wedding). 

Ministers License for J.S. Kenyon.  1897.  (Side of Box) 

10 x 13 Photograph of wheat.  (Side of Box). 

11 x 14 Photograph of a mother bird feeding baby bird.  (Side of Box). 

Box 3

Correspondence and Subject Files:  Ke – [John S. Kenyon] 

Beam, Alvin.  Notes Re:  John S. Kenyon to Robert S. Gallegher, “Patterns,” Hiram College, 1957 

Foulk, Betty Ann.  “What Educated People Say.”  Patterns, Spring March, 1958: 6-7; 27. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Aims of Hiram College”, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Aloud, Loud and Out loud”, Philological Quarterly, vol.5 #2, April, 1926:  173-175.  3 Copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “American English”, LeMaitre Phonetique.  Vol. 3 #7, Jan-Mar., 1927: 1-5.  See also Abel, James W. 

Kenyon, John S.  American Pronunciation, Advertisement; also list of dates of printings. 

Kenyon, John S.  American Pronunciation, Galley Sheets. 

Kenyon, John S.  “American Pronunciation, 7th ed., Transcription of Accompanying Record” 

Kenyon, John S.  American Pronunciation, 8th ed., Corrections for 

Kenyon, John S.  American Pronunciation, Illustrations for 

Kenyon, John S.  “American Voiced ‘t’”, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Annotated Bibliography of the Publications of John S. Kenyon”, Privately Printed, June 1954-5 Copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “As You Like It, II, 18ff”.  Philological Quarterly, Vol. V #2, April, 1926:  175-176. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Best of Any”. Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Ballads-English 27” – Ms. Notebook. 

Kenyon, John S., Compiler.  Bancroft, Clara Cook, (notes by Helen Bancroft Newcomb) Obituary, ms.

Kenyon, John S.  “Caesar Cracks a Walnut” Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Canterbury Pilgrims”. Ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  Case Western Reserve University Honorary Degree, June 1954. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Chaucer as a Literary Artist”, Butler Alumnal Quarterly, vol. 4 #4, January 1916; 212-241. 

Kenyon, John S.  Chaucer, Prologue to The Canterbury Tales, [in phonetic spelling]. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Clarke-Sheldon Genealogy”, ms, typescript, reprints, various dates 

Clark Genealogies.  The Clark Families of Rhode Island.  Morrison, George Austin. 

Kenyon, John S.  Convocation Address, Hiram College, September 20, 1956, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Correct Pronunciations”, American Speech, vol. 4 #2, Dec, 1928: 150-153. (5 copies). 

Kenyon, John S.  “Cultural Levels and Functional Varieties of English”, College English, vol. 10 #1, Oct., 1948: 31-36. 3 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Dangling Participle ‘due’”, American Speech, vol. 6 #1, Oct, 1930: 61-70.  4 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  Book Review, A Dictionary of American Slang by Mauriece H. Wessen (N.Y., 1934). 

Kenyon, John S.  “Book Review, A Dictionary of Modern American Usage”  by H.W. Horwill (New York: Oxford U. Press, 1935. 

Kenyon, John S.  “English”, LeMaitre Phonetique, Vol. 3 #98, July – Dec., 1952:  44-45. 

Kenyon, John S.  “English Literature 1832-92”- Ms. Notebook. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Founder’s Day”,  The Bulletin of Hiram College, Vol. 15 #10, Nov. 12, 1923. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Further Notes on the Marriage Group in the Canterbury Tales”, The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, Vol. 15 #2, April, 1916: 1-7 [282-289].  2 Copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “General American Vowels”, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Gerundives, Examples of”, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Goldin Genealogy” Typescript, n.d. 

Kenyon, John S.  “A Guide to Pronunciation” Webster’s New International Dictionary.  Second Edition.  1934. 

Kenyon, John S.  Kenyon, John S.  “A Guide to Pronunciation” Webster’s New International Dictionary.  Second Edition.  1934.  (Unbound) 

Kenyon, John S.  Corrections to “Guide to Pronunciation” 

Kenyon, John S.  “Guide to Pronunciation, Galley Proofs” Webster’s New International Dictionary, 2nd edition, 1934 

Kenyon, John S.  Webster  New Word List, 277 – A. 

Kenyon, John S.  G. and C. Merriam Co.:  css. Concerning Webster’s “Guide to Pronunciation” New International Dictionary, 1930. 

Kenyon, John S.  G. and C. Merriam Co.:  css. Concerning “Guide to Pronunciation”, Webster’s New international Dictionary, 1931. 

Kenyon, John S.  G. and C. Merriam Co.:  css. Concerning “Guide to Pronunciation”, Webster’s New international Dictionary, 1932. 

Kenyon, John S.  G. and C. Merriam Co.:  css. Concerning “Guide to Pronunciation”, Webster’s New international Dictionary, 1933. 

Kenyon, John S.  G. and C. Merriam Co.:  css. Concerning “Guide to Pronunciation”, Webster’s New international Dictionary, 1934. 

Kenyon, John S.  G. and C. Merriam Co.:  css. Concerning “Guide to Pronunciation”, Webster’s New international Dictionary, n.d. 

Kenyon, John S.  German-English Dictionary 

Kenyon, John S.  “Goldin Genealogy”, ms., Typescript, n.d.; also css. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Hamlet III. 1. 79f.”  ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Hamlet III. iv. 64”  Modern Language Notes vol. 35 #1, January, 1920: 50-52. 3 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  Hiram College.  Presentation of Kenyon Papers to College Achieves, Oct. 15, 1980. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Historical English Grammar”  Ms. Notebook. 

Kenyon, John S.  “I Will Lift you up Mine Eyes”, The Hiram College Broadcaster, vol. 25 #6, March, 1953: 2. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Ignorance Builds a Language”, The American Scholar, vol. 7 #4, Autumn, 1938: 467-77. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Independent Vowel Changes from Old English to Modern American English” Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The International Phonetic Alphabet”, American Speech, vol. 4 #4, April, 1929: 324-27. 2 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Kenyon Genealogy” ms, n.d. 

Box 4

Correspondence and Subject Files: Kenyon, John S. – L  

Kenyon, Captain Howard N.  American Kenyons and English Connections.  The Tuttle Company, 1935. 

Kenyon, John S.  Eastman Plates.  Lip Posistims? 

Kenyon, John S.  “The King’s English”, American Speech, Vol. 6 #5, June, 1931: 368-372. 

Kenyon, John S.  “A Legacy from Grandfather”, The Hiram Broadcaster, April, 1953: 6. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Levels of Speech and Colloquial English”, The English Journal, vol. 37 #1, Jan., 1948: 25-31. 5 Copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Light Brown Guide”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  Lip Positions Glass Plates and Photographs. 

Kenyon, John S.  Luke 14:7, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Macbeth II. I. 56ff.”  ms and typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Macbeth  II. 2. 3.”  Ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  Mason Genealogy Chart, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “A Midsummer Nights Dream V. 1. 7.” Ms.

Kenyon, John S.    “Morphology of the Strong Verb”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Man in the Moon.”  By Robert Browning, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Need of a Uniform Phonetic Alphabet”, The Quarterly Journal of Speech, vol. 37 #3, Oct, 1951: 311-20.  2 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “A Note on Hamlet,” Philological Quarterly, Vol. I #1 (January 1922): 71-73. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Notes on the Merchant of Venice”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Notes on the Owl and the Nightingale”, The Journal of English and Germanic Philology, vol. 12 #4, Oct., 1913: 1-21 [572-592], 3 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “On the date of the Owl and the Nightingale”, Modern Philology, vol. 18 #1, May, 1920: 55-56.  6 Copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “On an idiomatic, order of words”, Modern Language Notes, Nov, 1912. 

Kenyon, John S.  “On the Occasion of their Tenth Wedding Anniversary”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “On the Position of Only”, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “On the Style of the King James Version”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “’One of Those Who is…’”, American Speech, vol. 26 #3, October, 1951: 161-65. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Origins of the Hiram Christian Church”, 1956.  (adapted from B.A. Hinsdale, 1876). 

Kenyon, John S.  Review of Our Oral World as Social and Economic Factor by Margaret E. Dewitt in The Saturday Review of Literature, vol. 5 #38, April 13, 1929:884. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Personal and Place Names”, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Phonographic records of American Dialects”, Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, 1936: 278-80. 3 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  and Family Photographs.  See Small and Medium Photograph Collections. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Place-Names of England” typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Pounds, John E., obituary”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S., Complier.  Pow Family Records, privately printed, 1946. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Preposition at End”, 1955.  3 Copies.  Also in Worchester, Massachusetts Sydney Telegram, August7, 1955. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Phonology of the Western Reserve”, Dialect Notes, vol. 4, Part 6, 1917: 386-404. 

Kenyon, John S.  PDAE, Contract. 

Kenyon, John S.  PDAE review by Hns Kurath – comments with related css.   

Kenyon, John S. and Knott, Thomas.  “Pronunciation Questionnaire” 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Pronunciation of ‘herb’”, The Herbanist, #19, 1953: 7-8.  also typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Psalm 23”, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Relation of Phonetics to the Teaching of Pronunciation”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S., compiler  “Rudolph Genealogy”, typescript.  Also css. And clipping. 

Kenyon, John S.  Compiler.  “Ryder Genealogy”, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Scholars Work in the Lite of our Time”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Shall and Should, Will and Would”, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Shakespeare’s Pronunciation of Stephano:  The Merchant of Venice V.1.18.51,”  Philological Quarterly, vol. 37 #4, Oct., 1958:  504-506.  (2 Copies) 

Kenyon, John S.  “Some Notes on American R”, American Speech, vol. 1 #6, March, 1926: 329 – 39.  (3 Copies). 

Kenyon, John S.  “Source Dialect - - Words and Uses from the Western Reserve”, Dialect Notes, vol. 4, part 6, May, 1917: 386 – 404.  5 copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Standard English”, typescript. Multiple copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Syllabic Consonants in Dictionaries”, American Speech, vol. 31 #4, December, 1956: 243-51.  6 Copies. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Syllabic Consonants in Dictionaries”, American Speech Vol. XXXI, No. 4.  Dec. 1956 (2 Copies). 

Kenyon, John S.  The Syntax of the Infinitive in Chaucer.  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co. 1909. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Syntax of the Infinitive in Chaucer”, The Chaucer Society, 2nd Series #44, 1905.  Condensation of Harvard Doctoral Dissertation, actually published 1909. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Technique of the English History Play”, a dissertation submitted…for the degree of Master of Arts, The University of Chicago, 1903. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Tempest IV.1.1-11”, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.?  “Theme a Religious Lyric of Thomas of Hales”, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Twelfth Night III.2.72ff.” ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Twelfth Night”, Philological Quarterly, Vol. V #2, April, 1926: 176-180.  III, iii, 36f 

Kenyon, John S.  “Verse Notation, Suggestions for”, typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Vowels”, Typescript.

Kenyon, John S.  “Wa’n’t”,  Publication of the American Dialect Society #25, April, 1956: 12-18. 5 Copies.

Kenyon, John S.?  “What Is Correct English?”, Typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “What Should the Teacher of English Know About Pronunciation?” typescript. 

Kenyon, John S.  “Write of Bath’s Tale 1159-62,”  Modern Language Notes, Feb., 1939: 133-37.  (5 Copies) 

Kenyon, John S.  “’Will’ of Inamate Volition”, American Speech, Vol. 23 #1, February, 1948: 10-28. (2 Copies). 

Kenyon, John S.  “Word List From the Western Reserve.”  Dialect Notes, Vol. IV, 1917: 387-404. 

Kenyon, John S.  “’Ye’ and ‘You’ in the King James Version”, PMLA, vol. 29 #3, 1914: 453-71.  (3 Copies) 

Kenyon, John S.  “Young Genealogy”, ms. 

Kenyon, John S.  “The Young Rat That Couldn’t Make Up His Mind” 

LaMarca, Theresa.  Correspondence 

Lancaster, H.C..  Correspondence 

Latimer, Mary E..  Correspondence 

Law, Robert.  Correspondence 

Lawrence, Charles W. (Wes)  “The Breakfast Commentator”, Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Correspondence 

Lawrence, Charles W.  “Breakfast Commentator”  Clippings, various dates. 

Lawrence, Charles W.  “Breakfast Commentator”  Clippings, no date. 

Lawrence, William, W.  Correspondence.

Layman, David T.  Correspondence. 

Le Maitre Phonetique, Vol. 3 #100, July – Sept., 1953. 

Learned, Henry.  Correspondence 

Lee, Dorothy W.  Correspondence 

Lee, Sir Sidney.  “A Note on Englands Parnassus, 1600” 

Leland, Waldo G.  (File not located here)  See American Council of Learned Societies. 

Lemart, W.E.  Correspondence. 

Leonard, William Ellery.  Correspondence. 

Levy, Harry.  Correspondence. 

Lewis, Rebecca Rensahw.  Correspondence. 

Library of Congress.  Correspondence. 

Liddell, Mark H.  Correspondence. 

Liddell, Mark H.  “Bacon’s College of Research”,  Science, Vol. 60 #1541, July 11, 1924:  25-30.  “Scientific English Scholarship in America”,  New York Sun, n.d. 

Liddell, Mark Harvey.  “Our English Spelling.”  The Twentieth Century Club University Lectures, n.d. 

Liddell, Mary.  Correspondence 

Lillich, Mary H.  Correspondence 


Lindbloom, Anna E.  Correspondence 

Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel.  Correspondence 

Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel.  “Ezechiel Chant”, from Addresses and a Poem read at the Inauguration of Kenneth Irving Brown as 9th President of Hiram College, October 10, 1930. 

Linguaphone Institute.  Correspondence and Various Materials. 

Linguistic Society of America (J.M. Cowan) (Linguistic Institute – E.H. Sturtevant)  Correspondence. 

Linn, James W.  Correspondence. 

Lloyd, Charles A.  Correspondence.

Lodge, Evan.  (File Not Located Here).  See Cleveland Board of Education. 

Lodge, Evan.  “Garland for Ohio.”  Ohio Motorist, June, 1949. 

Lomax, John A.  Publicity for Lecture.  “The Song of the Cowboy” 

London Topographical Society. 

London University of – University College 

Long, O.W.  Correspondence. 

Long, Percy W.  Correspondence. 

Longaneckcer, Frank M.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hiram College Advance – Longanecker, Frank M., Obituary. 

Loomis, Ford D.  Correspondence. 

Lovett, Robert Morss.  “John Matthews Manly”, The Daily Maroon, Vol. 27, November, 1917: 1-4. 

Lowes, John L.  Correspondence. 

Lowrie, John.  Correspondence. 

Luessonhop, Elizabeth.  (File Not Located Here).  See Herb Society of America. 

Luick, Karl.  Side of box. 

Box 5

Correspondence and Subject Files: M – V 

Mabbott, Thomas O.  Correspondence. 

Maher, Eleanor Osgood.  Correspondence. 

Malone, Kemp.  Correspondence. 

Malone, Kemp.  “The Phonemes of Current English.”  Studies for William A. Read, Louisiana State U. Press, 1940:  133-165. 

Manly, John M.  Correspondence. 

Marquis de Champvans de Faremont.  (File Not Located Here).  See Institut Litteraire et Artistique de France. 

A.N. Marquis Publishing Company.  (Maureen Philbin)  Correspondence. 

Mawer, Allen.  Correspondence. 

Mason Genealogy.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S., Mason Genealogy. 

Masui, Michio.  Characteristics of Chaucer’s Syntax as Observed From the Rime Words, 1951. 

Maurois, Andre.  Brochure describing Ariel, the Life of Shelley

Meen?, Sanford B.  Correspondence. 

Meiklejohn, Alexander.  “What the Liberal College Is”, The Liberal College, 1920. 

Melton, A. Francis.  Correspondence. 

Melton, B. H..  Correspondence. 

Mencken, H. L.  Correspondence. 

Mendenhall, Thomas C.  Correspondence. 

Mergenthaler Linotype Company (Jackson Burke).  Correspondence. 

G. and C. Merriam Company (A.G. Barker, J.P. Bethel, E. Artin, Gordon J. Gallan).  Correspondence. 

G. and C. Merriam Company.  “Surprising Origins of English Words from Webster’s New International Dictionary” 

G. and C. Merriam Company.  Word Study, vol. 6 #2, Dec., 1930.  vol. 7 #4, March, 1932. 

Metzgar, Judson.  (File Not Located Here).  See side of box for Japanese Print. 

Meynell, Francis.  Correspondence. 

Mezzcappa, Antonio L.  Correspondence. 

Micks, Wilson.  Correspondence. 

Milford, Humphrey.  (File Not Located Here).  See Oxford University Press. 

Miller, C.W.E.  “The Pronunciation of Greek and Latin Prose, or Ictus, Accent, and Quantity in Greek and Latin Prose and Poetry”, TAPA vol. 53, 1922:  169-197. 

Miller, Dayton C.  Correspondence. 

Miller, Walter.  (File Not Located Here).  See Missouri, University of 

Miller, [?].  Correspondence. 

Miller, Raphale Harwood.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hiram College – Award for Distinguished Service — 1942. 

Missouri, University of.  (Walter Miller)  Correspondence. 

Mitchell, W. D.  Correspondence. 

Modern Humanities Research Association. 

Modern Language Association.  (Howard M. Jones, C.C. Fries, John Whyte).  Correspondence. 

Modern Language Association, Commission on Trends in Education.  Language Study in American Education, MLA, 1940. 

Modern Language Notes (Nathan Edelman).  

Modern Language Quarterly.  Correspondence. 

Modern Philology 

Montyomery, George R.  English Language Sounds.  Stanford, Connecticutt:  The Redington Montgomery Publishing Co., 1942. 

Moore Free Library (Elizabeth M. Coleman).  Correspondence. 

Moore, George F.  Correspondence. 

Moore, Samuel.  Correspondence. 

Moore, William Thomas.  Obituary, World Call, November, 1926:  37-38. 

Moran, May E.  Correspondence. 

Moreira, Manoel dos Santos.  Correspondence. 

Morris, A. R.  An Outline for the Analytical Study of the Speech Records of American Dialect.  University of Michigan, n.d. 

Mosses, Edith W.  Correspondence. 

Munro, Major [?]  Correspondence. 

Murray, Gilbert.  [“Essay on Philosophy and Poetry”] The Atlantic, June, 1955: 48. 

Myers, Elaine Alice.  Correspondence. 


McAllister, Otis.  Correspondence. 

McAtee, W.L.  Correspondence. 

McBride, Mary S.  Correspondence.

McCaleb, Claude B.  (File Not Located Here).  See Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc. 

McCarthy, Jerome C.  Correspondence. 

MacClamroch, James G.  Correspondence. 

MacCracken, Henry N.  (File Not Located Here).  See Vassar College. 

McCully, Bruce.  Correspondence. 

McDavid, Raven I.  

McDermott, William F.  “McDermott’s Mailbag”, Cleveland Plain Dealer 

Macdonald, Angus.  Correspondence. 

MacDonald, Angus.  “Johnson as Lexicographer.”  University of Edinburgh Journal, Summer, 1936:  17-23. 

McDowell, Charles.  “New Trends Language-Wise”, Richmond Dispatch, Feb. 25, 1959. 

MacFarland, Flora.  Correspondence. 

McIntyre, Ruth B.  Correspondence. 

McLeod, Malcolm.  Correspondence. 

MacMechan, Archibald.  Correspondence. 

McMillan, James B.  Correspondence. 

McNeil, Edna V.  Correspondence. 

McRoberts, W.B.  (File Not Located Here).  See Culver-Stockton College. 


N.E.A. Key Alphabet. 

The Nation 

National Broadcasting Company.  Correspondence. 

National Council of Teachers of English 

Nessell, Fred E.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hiram College 

New York Public Library (Wilberforce Eames).  Correspondence. 

New York Times Book Review 

New York Times Magazine.  Correspondence. 

Newcomb, Helen Bancroft.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. and Bancroft, Clara Cook. 

Noble, Wm. S. “Burglar-Proof”,  Bulletin of Hiram College, vol. 45 #4, April, 1953. 

Nock, S.A. “A Sitting on a Gate.”  The English Journal, vol. XXVIII #4, April, 1939: 277-288. 

Noyes, Russell.  (File Not Located Here)  See Indiana University. 

Ohio, Governor of (Hon. C. Wm. O’Neil)  Correspondence. 

Ohioana Library.  Correspondence. 

Oman. Wm. M.  (File Not Located Here)  See Oxford University Press. 

The Oneida Baptist Institute (James A. Burn, Charles Goins, D. Chester Sparks)  Correspondence. 

O’niel, Hon. C. Wm.  (File Not Located Here).  See Ohio, Governor of. 

Overshut, [H.A.?]  Correspondence. 

Oxford University Press.  (Humphrey, Milford, G.F.J., Cumberledge, Wm. M. Oman, Jean Presley, Fon W. Boardman, jr.)  Correspondence. 


[P., W.K.?] [Pendleton, William K.?]  Correspondence. 

Packard and Company, Publishers. 

Page, Harlan M.  to Martha Kenyon.  Correspondence. 

Paget, Sir Richard “Vowel Resonances.”  International Phonetic Association, 1922. 

Paine, Arnold.  Correspondence. 

Paine, Ernest.  Correspondence. 

Palmer, George Herbert.  Self Cultivation in English.  New York:  Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1897. 

Palmer, Harold.  (File Not Located Here)  See The Institute for Research in Language Teaching. 

Palmer, Harold E.  “The Modern Phonetician” 

Parker, W. L.  Correspondence. 

Passy, Paul.  La Phonetique et Ses Applications.  Association Phonetique Internationale, 1929. 

Patterson, Grove.  Correspondence. 

Patterson, [G. S.?]  Correspondence. 

Pearce, ?  Correspondence. 

Pearson, George F.  An Historical and Literary Pilgrimage.  Privately printed, 1927. 

Peckham, George A.  Obituary. 

Peckham, Harry H.  Correspondence. 

Peerenboom, C.A.  (File Not Located Here)  See George Banta Publishing Company. 

Penzl, Herbert.  Correspondence. 

Penzl, Herbert.  “Der [r]-Einschule nach ME A in Neu-England.”  Anglia Zeitschrift fur Englische Philologic, bd. XLIX, Heft ½: 81-92. 

Penzel, Herbert.  “A Phonemic Change in Early Old English.”  Language, vol. 20 #2, April-June, 1944: 84-87. 

Penzel, Herbert.  “The Vowel-Phonemes in ‘Father’, ‘Man’, ‘Dance’ in Dictionaries and New England Speech.”  The Journal of English and Germanic Philololgy, vol. XXXIX #1, January, 1940: 13-32. 

Perren, Constance Robinson.  Correspondence. 

Peters, Walter A.  “Cleveland Place Names,”  [Cleveland Plain Dealer?], n.d. 

Phi Beta Kappa.  Correspondence. 

Philbin, Maureen.  (File Not Located Here)  See A.N. Marquis Publishing Company. 

Philips, Ruth.  Correspondence. 

Philips, Ruth.  Clippings to J.S.K. 

Philological Quarterly  (Charles B. Woods).  

“Philosopher of Folly”  (File Not Located Here)  See Robinson, Ted. 

“Phony Banquet” 

[Pic, G.A.?]  Correspondence. 

Picinich, Donald George.  Correspondence. 

Pierce, Robert Morris.  Correspondence. 

Pierce, Robert Morris.  Pierce’s Library, vol. 1914-2  “Phonic Texts – The Raven”
                                                   Vol. 1918-1  “Fr.Eng./Eng-Fr.  Dictionary of Aviation”

Pierson, Arthur C. 

Pitts, Mrs. Smauel E.  Correspondence. 

Pooley, Robert C.  Correspondence. 

Pottle, Frederick.  Correspondence. 

Pounds, Jesse Brown.  “Can American Poetry Be Unionized?,”  ms. Also photograph of Hiram Home. 

Pounds. John E. (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. – Pounds, John E., Obituary. 

Pound, Louise.  Correspondence. 

Pow Family.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. – “Pow Family Records” 

Pratt, Robert A.  Correspondence. 

Pratt, Robert Armstrong.  “A Note on Chaucer’s Lollius.”  Modern Language Notes, vol. LXV #3, March, 1950: 183-187. 

Pratt, Robert Armstrong.  “The Order of The Canterbury Tales.”  PMLA, vol. XVI #6, December, 1951: 1141.1167. 

Prentice-Hall, Inc.  Correspondence. 

Present-Day English, Committee on 

Presley, Jean.  (File Not Located Here).  See Oxford University Press. 

Price, Hereward T.  Correspondence. 

Proffit, Charles G.  (File Not Located Here).  See Columbia University Press. 

Pyles, Thomas.  Correspondence. 

Quarterly Journal of Speech.  Correspondence. 

Quinlivan, Frances.  Correspondence. 

Raleigh, Sir Walter.  Brochure describing Letters of Sir Walter Raleigh 

Ramsay, Robert L.  Correspondence. 

Ramsay, Robert L.  “Introducing English Teachers to the English Language,”  The English Journal, vol. 27 #2, Feb., 1928: 147-54. 

Ramsower, Harry C.  Correspondence. 

Rand, Margaret.  Correspondence. 

Ravanna, Missouri, Supt. Of Schools.  Correspondence. 

Ravenna Evening Record  (R.C. Dix, Editor).  Correspondence. 

Read, Allen Walker.  Correspondence. 

Read, Allen Walker.  “The Evidence on ‘O.K.’”  The Saturday Review of Literature, July 19, 1941: 2-4; 10. 

Read, William A.  Correspondence. 

Read, William A.  “A Verneiran Sound-Change in English”, Englische Studien, 1914: 1-18.

                              “A Vowel System of the Southern United States”, Englische Studien, [post 1908]: 70 –78.

Reid, Christopher.  Correspondence. 

Reid, Loren D.  Correspondence. 

Reynard, Cassill.  Correspondence. 

Rhodes, Margaret.  Correspondence. 

Rice, Percy James.  “Edwin Ruthvea Rice and His Family,” 1943. 

Rice, Warner G.  Correspondence. 

Rickards, [?]  Correspondence. 

Ripman, Walter.  Correspondence. 

Rivett, Carol.  Correspondence. 

Rivett, Carol.  “Outer Circle”  Hodder and Stoughton, London.  1939. 

Rivett, Carol.  “The British Heritage”  Odhams Press Limited.  London.  

Robertson, Stuart.  Correspondence. 

Robinson, Edwin Arlington.  Correspondence. 

Robinson, Fred. N.  Correspondence. 

Robinson, Ted.  “The Philosopher of Folly”, Cleveland Plain Dealer, multiple dates. 

Robinson, Ted.  “Philosopher of Folly”  Clippings, dated. 

Robinson, Ted.  “Philosopher of Folly”, n.d. 

Robinson, Ted.  Review of American Pronunciation 

Robinson, Ted.  “Sonnet According to Oxford.”  The Periodical, Spring, 1947: 44. 

Robinson Family 

Rolvaug, Ella V.  Correspondence. 

Rood, Almon N.  Correspondence. 

Roosevelt, Pres. Franklin D.  Correspondence. 

Rowe, Henry G.  Correspondence. 

Royster, James Finch.  (File Not Located Here).  See Steadman, John M., jr. and Royster, James Finch, “The ‘Going-To’ Future”. 

Rudolph.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S.  Rudolph Genealogy. 

Rudolph, Adelaide.  “After Years”, Supp. To Hiram Broadcaster, 1930.  (Obituary of Wm. G. Dietz). 

Rudolph, E.P.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S.  Rudolph genealogy. 

Russell, J. Willis.  Correspondence. 

Rudd, Martin B.  Correspondence. 

Ryder.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S.  – Ryder Genealogy. 

Sandburg, Carl.  Correspondence. 

Saturday Review of Literature.  Correspondence. 

Saul, Louise Hoch  (Mrs. Herbert W.)  Correspondence. 

Sawyer, Marion F.  (File Not Located Here).  See Bonney Castle Inn. 

Schlacks, Margaret.  Correspondence. 

Schmidt, Nathaniel.  “The Ethics of Dante”, Ethical Addresses and Ethical Record, vol. 17 #5, January, 1910: 133-156. 

Schneider, Hubert.  Correspondence. 

Schrader, Neil.  Correspondence.  

Scott, Foresman and Co.  (C.L. Barnhart).  Correspondence. 

Scottron, Edith.  Correspondence. 

Scottron, Edith.  “Can Values be Taught?”  Bulletin of Hiram College, vol. 46 #1, January, 1955. 

Scroll Magazine.  Correspondence. 

Secat, Charles.  Correspondence. 

Setzler, E.B.  (File Not Located Here)  See Thomas Jefferson School of English Language. 

Serers, J. Burke.  “Chaucer’s Originality in The Nun’s Priest’s Tale.”  Studies in Philology, vol. XLIII #1, January, 1946: 22-41. 

Shakespeare Association of America.  Correspondence. 

Shakespeare Festival – England 

Shakespeare, William – Droeshout Potrait. 

Shakespeare, William – namesakes 

Sharp, Paul F.  Correspondence.  

Shaw, [G.?] Bernard.  

Shaw, Henry K.  Correspondence. 

Sherburn, G. W. (File Not Located Here)  See Chicago, University of 

Sherley, Harold H.  Correspondence.  

Sherman, Stuart.  “The Significance of Sinclair Lewis, New York:  Harcourt, Brace and Co., Inc., 1922. 

Simon, Henry W.  Correspondence. 

Sipher, John A.  Correspondence. 

Skeat, Rev. Walter W.  Twelve Facsimiles of Old English Manuscripts.  Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1892. 

Small, George William.  “Syntax of ‘The’ with the Comparative”, Modern Language Notes, vol. 41 #5, May, 1926: 300-13. 

Smith, Agnes M.  Correspondence. 

Smith, C. Alphonso.  Correspondence. 

Smith, L.E.  (File Not Located Here).  See Deighton, Bell and Col., Ltd. 

Smith, Ree T.  Correspondence. 

Snyder, Joseph F.  (File Not Located Here).  See Wilke, Walter H. 

Soames Prize (U. of London).  Correspondence. 

Sparks, D. Chester.  (File Not Located Here).  See The Oneida Baptist Institute. 

Sparks, Jared.  (File Not Located Here).  See Franklin, Benjamin. 

Sperling, Otto. 

Sprague, James B.  Correspondence. 

Sprague, Jesse Rainsford.  “Better Speech, Better Business”, Saturday Evening Post Julyu 4, 1925: 40; 42. 

Squire, William. – Drawing. 

Stahr, Henry I.  (File Not Located Here).  See Hood College. 

“Stanford Studies in Language and Literature”, 1941 Circular. 

Stanford University.  Correspondence. 

Stanton, Benjamin F.  Correspondence. 

Stauffer, Vernon.  Correspondence. 

Steadman, John M. Jr. and Royster, James Finch.  “The ‘Going-To’ Future”, The Manly Anniversery Studies in Language and Literature, n.d.: 394-403.

Steadman, John M., Jr.  “The Authority of Wynnere and Wastoure and The Parliament of the Three Ages;  A Study in Methods of Determining the Common Authorship of Middle English Poems”, Modern Philology, vol. 21 #1, Aug. 1923: 7-13. 

Stearns, Martha G.  Correspondence.  

Steeb, Carl E.  Correspondence. 

Steele, Isabel F.  Correspondence. 

Stetson, [Ruth ?] Correspondence. 

Strickland, Charlotte J.  Correspondence. 

Strosacker, Bertha.  Memorial Presbyterian Church. 

Sturtevant, E. H.  (File Not Located Here).  See Linguistic Society of America – Linguistic Institute. 

Suydam, Vanetta R.  Correspondence.  

Swadesh, Morris.  Correspondence. 

Swart, Dorothy M.  (File Not Located Here).  See Columbia University Press. 

Takebayashi, Shigeru.  Correspondence. 

[Taskey, H. L. ?] 

Terry, Mrs. Dorothy H. 

Thomas, C. K.  Correspondence. 

Thomas, C.K., Compiler.  “Unstressed Syllables in Upstate New York”, data compiled 1932 – 1938. 

Thomas, Eleanor W.  Correspondence. 

Thomas, George.  (File Not Located Here).  See Utah, University of. 

Thomas, William B.  Correspondence. 

Thomas, Jefferson School of English Language on an Anglo-Saxon Foundation.  (E.B. Setzler) 

Thompson, Everett E.  Our Changin Language.  Springfield, Massachusetts:  G and C. Merriam Company, 1940. 

Thompson, Stith.  Correspondence. 

The Times Literary Supplement.  Correspondence. 

Thwing, Charles T.  Correspondence. 

Titus, Charles Buftz.  Correspondence. 

Todd, J.P., comp.  Limerick Rhyming Dictionary.  New York:  The Consrad Co. Inc., 1927. 

Trager, George L.  Correspondence. 

Trendley, Frederick.  Correspondence. 

Trott, F.C.W. and Marie.  Correspondence. 

Tupper, Frederick.  “The Dute and Historical Background of ‘The Owl and the Nightingale’”, PMLA, vol. 49 #2, June, 1934: 406 – 27. 

Turner, Clarence E.  Also Recommendation for John L. Lowes. 

Turner, James Jesse – Obituary. 

Turner, Phil.  Correspondence. 

Tuttle, Edwin H.  Correspondence. 

Twaddell, W.F.  Correspondence. 

Uba, Thoreau.  Correspondence. 

The United Church of Garretsville – Anniversary.  Sunday Program, Oct. 28, 1934. 

United States Geological Survey. 

University College, University of London.  (File Not Located Here).  See London, University of. 

Upshaw, Mrs. Earnest.  Correspondence. 

Utah, University of.  (George Thomas).  Correspondence. 

Utley, Francis Lee.  Correspondence. 

Utley, Ward.  Correspondence. 

Van Der Grat, Dr. W.  Correspondence. 

Van Fossan, Jean.  Correspondence. 

Vassar College (Henry N. Mac Cracken).  Correspondence. 

Vaughn, Benjamin.  (File Not Located Here).  See Franklin, Benjamin. 

Victor Research Laboratories.  Correspondence. 

Vincent, Leon Clark. 

Vincent, Mary Louise.  Correspondence. 

Vinson, Robert Ernest. 

Voelker, Charles H.  Correspondence. 

Box 5 Continued 

Correspondence and Subject Files: W 


Wahr, George.  Correspondence. 

Wakefield, Catherine F.  Correspondence. 

Wakefield, Edmund Burrit.  Correspondence. 

Wallace, Karl R.  Correspondence. 

Waller, A.R.  (File Not Located Here)  See The Cambridge History of English Literature. 

Ward, Viva M.  Correspondence. 

Waterman, Margaret.  Correspondence. 

Weaver, Jessie.  Correspondence. 

Webb, Abner G.  Correspondence. 

Webster, Deborah (Mrs. K.G.T.)  Correspondence. 

Webster, K.G.T.  “Two Notes on Chaucer’s Sea-Flight”, Modern Philolgy, vol. 25 #3, Feb., 1928: 291-92. 

Webster’s New International Dictionary, 2nd ed., 1934 – Announcements. 

Webster, K.G.T. “Walter Map’s French Things.”  Speculum, vol. XV #3, July, 1940: 272 – 279. 

Weeks, Raymond.  Correspondence. 

Weeks, Raymond et al.  The N.E.A. Phonetic Alphabet.  Lancaster, PA:  The New Era Publishing Co. 1912. 

Weiman, Ralph.  Correspondence. 

Wells, Henry W.  A Chronological List of Extant Plays Produced in or about London 1581 – 1642.  New York:  Columbia University Press, 1940. 

Wells, Ruth.  Correspondence. 

Wentworth, Harold.  Correspondence.  

Weseen, Maurice H.  (File Not Located Here)  See Kenyon, John S.  Book review – A Dictionary of American Slang

Western Reserve Telephone Company.  Correspondence. 

Western Reserve University – Examination Books. 

Wheatley, Katherine E.  Correspondence. 

White, John Griswold.  Brochure describing the White Collection of Folklore and Orientalia at the Cleveland Public Library, 1925. 

Whitehall, Harold.  Correspondence. 

Whitney, Dorotha L.  (File Not Located Here) See Cleveland Public Library. 

Who’s Who in the Western Hemisphere.  Who’s Who in America.  Correspondence. 

Whyte, John.  (File Not Located Here).  See Modern Language Association. 

Wickenden, William Elgin, inaguration of as president of Case School of Applied Science. 

Wilde, Oscar.  Brochure Describing De Luxe Patron’s Edition. 

Wilke, Walter H. and Joseph F. Snyder.  Effective Pronunciation: A Phonetic Analysis of American Speech.  New York: New York U. 1938. 

Willard, Sumner and Charity Cannon.  Correspondence. 

Willett, Herbert L.  Correspondence. 

Wilke, Walter H.  Correspondence. 

Wilson, George P.  Correspondence. 

Wilson, T.J.  (File Not Located Here).  See Henry Holt and Company. 

Winslow, Ralph G.  Correspondence. 

Wisconsin, University of.  Correspondence. 

Wise, C.M.  Correspondence. 

Wise, C.M.  Pronunciation Lists. 

Withington, Robert.  Correspondence. 

Wolpaw, Dr. [?]  Correspondence. 

Wolski, [?]  Correspondence.

Woods, Charles B.  (File Not Located Here).  See Philological Quarterly. 

Word Study (Max J. Herzberg, ed.)  Correspondence. 

World Publishing Company.  (L.C. Zevin)  Correspondence. 

World Romic, Masterkey, General Phonetic System. 

Wright, Joseph.  Correspondence. 

Wynn, William T.  Correspondence. 

Box 5 Continued 

Correspondence and Subject Files:  X Y Z and Unidentified 

X Y Z 

Yale University.  Correspondence. 

Yi-Chin Fu.  Correspondence. 

Young.  (File Not Located Here).  See Kenyon, John S. – Young Genealogy 

Young, Allyn A.  (File Not Located Here).  See Webb, Abner G. 

Young, Clinton.  Photograph. 

Young, Henry.  Correspondence. 

Young, William Eugene.  Correspondence. 

Zdanowiecz, Casimin D.  Correspondence. 

Zevin, L.C.  (File Not Located Here).  See World Publishing Company. 


Unidentified.  Folder of Unidentified Material. 

Box 6

J.S. Kenyon Papers

“Independent Change of Accented Vowels”, pp. 0-19c; 12 Duplicates Each 

























Box 6 Continued

J.S. Kenyon Papers

“Independent Change of Accented Vowels”, pp. 20S-31; 12 Duplicates Each.  













Box 7

J.S. Kenyon Papers

Pronouncing Dictionary of American English, Alphabetical Word Lists  











































Box 8

J.S. Kenyon Papers

Pronouncing Dictionary of American English, Alphabetical word lists, continued;
PDAE “special notes’ lists 









PDAE “special notes” lists: A-M

PDAE “special notes” lists: N-Z 

Box 9

J.S. Kenyon Papers

Glass Slides of Phonetics Speech.  Slides 1-25. 

Slide 1.  Figure 1 Better 

Slide 2. 

Slide 3.  Figure 3 Peter
             Figure 4 Batter 

Slide 4.  Figure 5 Hotter
             Figure 6 Shooter 

Slide 5.  Figure 7 Pitty
             Figure 8 Mattock 

Slide 6.  Figure 9 Knotty
             Figure 10 Boating 

Slide 7.  Figure 11 Auto
             Figure 12 Sooty 

Slide 8.  Figure 13 Peter
             Figure 14 Peter 

 Slide 9.  Figure 15  Critic
              Figure 16 Critic 

Slide 10.  Figure 18 Hurt (h)er
               Figure 19 Hurt (h)er 

Slide 11.  Figure 22 Pity
               Figure 23 Partly 

Slide 12.  Figure 24 Subtle
               Figure 25 Subtle 

Slide 13.  Figure 28 Pottage – J.S.K.
               Figure 29 Porridge – S. Jones 

Slide 14.  Figure 30 Otto
               Figure 31 Ought ‘o go 

Slide 15.  Figure 32 Butter
               Figure 33 Want ‘o go 

Slide 16.  Figure 34 Auto 

Slide 17.  Figure 37 Malted
               Figure 38 Bolted 

Slide 18.  Figure 39 Poulter Filter 

Slide 19.  Figure 44 Want ‘o go
               Figure 45 Twenty-two 

Slide 20.  Figure 46 Center
               Figure 47 Mountain 

Slide 21.  Figure 48 Bad to do 

Slide 22.  Figure 49 Thing to do
               Figure 50 Thing to do 

Slide 23.  Figure 52 Courted
               Figure 48 Bad to do 

Slide 24.  Figure 51 Parted 

Slide 25.  Figure 52 Courted
               Figure 53 Courted 

Box 9 Continued

J.S. Kenyon Papers
Glass Slides of Phonetics Speech.  Slides 26-47. 

Slide 26.  Figure 54 Have to go
               Figure 55 Subter [fuge] 

Slide 27.  Figure 56 Act
               Figure 57 Foster 

Slide 28.  Figure 58 Atkins
               Figure 59 Betsy 

Slide 29.  Figure 60 Whitty
               Figure 61 Putney 

Slide 30.  Figure 62 Rattle
               Figure 63 It ’ll do 

Slide 31.  Figure 64 Lighten
               Figure 65 Mutton 

Slide 32.  Figure 66 Settle (h)er
               Figure 67 Setler 

Slide 33.  Figure 68 Gentle
               Figure 69 Gentleman 

Slide 34.  Figure 70 Return
               Figure 71 Until 

Slide 35.  Figure 72 Detrac[t]
               Figure 73 Big tree 

Slide 36.  Figure 74 Table
               Figure 75 Today 

Slide 37.  Figure 76 Try (to do) 

Slide 38.  Figure 77 Repeat
               Figure 78 Rivet 

Slide 39.  Figure 79 Sent
               Figure 80 Recent 

Slide 40.  Figure 83 [e]xholt
               Figure 84 Tybalt 

Slide 41.  Figure 94 Better - L.M. Mead
               Figure 95 Bedder – L.M. Mead 

Slide 42.  Figure 96 Hotter – L.M. Mead
               Figure 97 Fodder – L.M. Mead 

Slide 43.  Figure 98 Better and Better – Professor Daniel Jones
               Figure 99 Bolter – Professor Daniel Jones 

Slide 44.  Figure 100 Bottom – Professor Daniel Jones
               Figure 101 – Ought ‘o go – Professor Daniel Jones 

Slide 45.  102 

Slide 46.  103 

Slide 47.  Not a toll
               Not at all 

Box 10

J.S. Kenyon Papers 
Note Cards 

Address Cards

Alphabetical Pronouncing Word Lists

Benjamin Franklin Notes


Definitions Notes


German Pronunciation and Usage

Hampshire Pronunciation Notes

Irish Pronunciation Notes

Latin Roots

Lavita Notes


Pronunciation and Usage

Box 11

J.S. Kenyon Papers 
Note Cards

Student Reading Lists 1921-1924

Box 12

J.S. Kenyon Papers 
Note Cards

Student Reading Lists 1921-1924 Continued

Walker Notes

Webster Notes

Word Usage 

Box 13

J.S. Kenyon Papers
Note Cards 

Drawer 1:  Alphabetical references to a detailed analysis of the use of language in Chaucer, Shakespeare, the Elizabethan dramatists, and some modern English authors; material is filed by author and/or title.

Box 14

J.S. Kenyon Papers 
Note Cards 

Drawer 2:  First half of drawer is continuation of Drawer 1; second half of drawer is an analysis of Latin constructions found in the French language. 

Drawer 3:  Continues the linguistic analysis of Drawer 1, but material is filed according to linguistic construction. 

Box 15

J.S. Kenyon Papers 
Note Cards

Drawer 3 Continued

Drawer 4:  Contains material dealing with phonetics, dialect studies, etymology, and rhythm/stress in verse.

Box 16

J.S. Kenyon Papers
Note Cards 

Phonetic alphabet with examples, notes, and parts of speech. 

Box 17

J.S. Kenyon Papers
Note Cards 

Phonetic alphabet with examples, notes, and parts of speech. 

Box 18

J.S. Kenyon Papers
Note Cards 

Phonetic alphabet with examples, notes, and parts of speech.

Box 19

Kenyon, Martha and Elizabeth 

Kenyon, Martha and Elizabeth – Education (High School and College)
        See also:  Diploma next to Box 12 

Kenyon, Elizabeth – Cleveland Public Library, Insurance 

Kenyon, Elizabeth – Nameplates and Wedding Announcements 

Kenyon, Elizabeth – Hiram Women’s History Club 

Kenyon, Elizabeth – Correspondence 

Kenyon, Martha – Prize Essay, 1917
        Certificate of Merit, Cleveland Museum of Art May Show, 1946 

Kenyon, Martha – Camera/Photography 

Kenyon, Martha – Photographs 

Kenyon, Martha – Correspondence 

Andress, Elizabeth (Kenyon) – Postcards 

Kenyon, Martha – Slides, Europe 

Kenyon, Martha – Kenyon Family Christmas Shepherd Cut; John S. Kenyon on bookplate 

Tour books/England Trip 

Kenyon, Martha and Elizabeth – Narrative, England 

Kenyon, Martha and Elizabeth A – Audiotape:  Commentary on Kenyon Papers 

Kenyon, Martha – “Recollection of My Father, Professor John Samuel Kenyon.”  Address delivered to Hiram Historical Society, Hiram, Ohio, May 29, 1986.   

Unboxed Items 

Phonograph Recordings 

Framed Pictures 

Martha Kenyon High School and College Diploma

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