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The Pow Family Collection

Size:  The collection is contained in 1 full size document storage box, 3 six-inch size document storage boxes, 2 three-inch sized document storage boxes, and 2 scrapbook boxes.  The size of the collection is 4.5 linear feet.

Prepared by Kevin Close, 2006




Myra Pow is the daughter of Robert Pow and Harriet Carrie Pow (Baldwin).  This was Robert Pow’s third marriage.  Myra had one sister, Lillie Pow (b. 1869).  Myra was the first American born generation of Pow’s.  Wife of John Kenyon, and mother of Martha and Elizabeth Kenyon.

Scope and Content

The Pow Family Collection consists mainly of photographs.  The subjects include the Pow Family, Kenyon Family, and other relatives and friends.  Also, a vast majority of the photographs are of the various Pow and Kenyon vacations.  Included in the collection are Martha Kenyon’s trip itineraries.  A small amount of correspondence is also found in the collection along with John S. Kenyon’s genealogy of the Pow family.

Box 1
Pow Family Papers (1854 – 1917) 

Photographs of the Pow Family 

Correspondence from Robert and Elizabeth Williams Pow to Parents Alexander and Harriet Baldwin Pow.  1861-1878 

Correspondence from George Pow of Hiram College to Parents Alexander and Harriet Baldwin Pow.1867-1869. 

Correspondence from N. Scott Baldwin (Harriet Baldwin Pow’s brother) in Civil War in Ohio 19th Regiment to Harriet Baldwin Pow.  February, 1862 – April, 1829. 

Correspondence from L.C. and Alice Baldwin (Brother and sister-in-law) to Harriet Baldwin Pow and Alexander Pow.  1860-1869. 

Correspondence from L.C. and Alice Baldwin (Brother and sister-in-law) to Harriet Baldwin Pow and Alexander Pow.  1870-1879, 1900, 1909. 

Correspondence from Lucinda Cowdrey Russel (Harriet Baldwin Pow’s Aunt) to Harriet Baldwin Pow.  1862-1904. 

Miscellaneous Family Letters to Alexander and Harriet Baldwin Pow.  1862-1881. 

Correspondence from Sophia Leavitt (Mother of Harriet Leavitt Pow, Alexander Pow’s 2nd wife) to Alexander and Harriet Baldwin Pow.  1861-1865. 

Correspondence from Pierre A. and Nellie Laffer to Harriet Baldwin Pow and Alexander Pow.  1862-1869. 

Miscellaneous Correspondence Relating to Alexander Pow’s Death, April 23, 1879 to Harriet Baldwin Pow. 

Correspondence from Pierre A. and Nellie Laffer to Alexander and Harriet Baldwin Pow.  1870-1879. 

Correspondence from Great Britain to Alexander Pow.  1873, 1876. 

Correspondence from Hiram College to Alexander Pow.  1868, 1877. 

Miscellaneous Correspondence to Harriet Baldwin Pow (Hettie).  1861, 1871, 1877. 

Correspondence from (Nellie W. and M.C. Fenn?) to Harriet Baldwin Pow.  1862-?

Box 2

Pow Family Papers (1854-1917)  

Harriet Pow’s Napkin Ring.

Miscellaneous Papers.  1854-1912. 

Death Notices.  N. Scott Baldwin and Barbara VanCleve Pow. 

Information about the “Pow House” compiled by John D. Mulford. 

Pow Family Records.  Information on Maternal Great Grandparents [Martha Kenyon].  Compiled by John S. Kenyon (Husband of Myra Pow) 

Genealogy of Family of John S. Kenyon (Husband of Myra Pow). 

Harriet [Hetty] Carrie Baldwin Pow Miscellaneous.  Diary and Scratch Pad. 

Statements of Monetary Transactions Done by Alexander Pow and Several Partners.  1860-1862. 

Alexander Pow Miscellaneous - Book of Financial Transactions, 1861-1866.
                                     Undated Manuscript of Church Hymn 

Miscellaneous.  Steam and Inland Navigation of Scotland.  Booklet, inscribed by R. Pow, 1848.  “The Homeland” poem, undated – author unknown, manuscript 

Photographs – Still being processed 

Box 3 – Pow Collection:  Baby’s Record, Good Times, Scrapbook 

Page 1

            Two personal letters
            Hesperian Entertainment Program
            Young Women’s Christian Association Invitation to a Reception 

Page 2


                        Delphic Reunion, 40th
                     1855 Hesperian Reunion

                        YWCA Reception
                        1896, Washington D.C. International Convention
                        Olive Branch
                        Garfield Society
                        For Christ and the Church
                        Ohio Union, For Christ and the Church, International Convention 

Page 3

            Olive Branch Entertainment Programme, June 20, 1894
            Alumni Banquet, 1893

Page 4

            Freshmen Banquet, December 7th, 1894
            Class of ’97 Programme, Friday Evening Dec. 7th, 1894
            Salem High School Class of ’93 Commencement 

Page 5

            Myra Pows First Reception, ‘94
            Invitation by the girls of Bowler Hall to a masquerade party Oct. 31
            Portage County Union Ribbon.  October 20, ‘94
            Hiram Song
            Twelfth Annual Reunion and Banquet.  Alumni of Salem High School.
                  June 15th 1894. 

Page 6

            Party at which (Myra Pow) Held Mr. Nebstein’s Hand.  Miller Hall
            First Class Prayer Meeting, 1895
            Freshmen party invitation
            Miss Henry’s reception invitation
            Rally day, Disciple Sunday School.  Salem, Ohio.  May 5th, 1895.

Page 7

            Garfield Literary Society Entertainment.  Tuesday, March 5, 1895.
            Junior Entertainment.  Friday Evening, March 1, 1895.
            John Thomas Concert Company Programme

Page 8

            Freshmen Entertainment Program.  Friday Evening, May 17th, 1895.
            Myra Pows First Banquet.  May 16th, 1896.
            Banquet at Bachelors’ Hall, Chautauqua, New York
            Hiram College Wednesday, May 1st, 1895. 

Page 9

            Dinner Menu Monday May 20th, 1895
            Sixth Annual Commencement Preparatory Department.  Hiram College, June 18th, 1895.
            Olive Branch Society Entertainment Program, June 20th, 1895.
            Delphic Entertainment Programme.  June 19th, 1895.

Page 10

            Twenty Eighth Annual Commencement of Hiram College.  June 20, 1895.
            Benefit Recital of the Oratorical and Musical Departments of Hiram College, for the Athletic
                 Association.  Dec. 11, 1895.
            Programme of Sophomore Class, Hiram College.  November 15, 1895.
            Invitation to Oxford Colleges Commencement, 1895. 

Page 11

            Various Events Myra Pow Attended in the summer of 1895. 

Page 12

            The Festive Bivalve.  Vol. 1 No. 1.  Hiram, Ohio, January 29, 1896.
            Patriotic Oratorical Contest.  Hiram College, Ohio.  February 21, 1896.           

Page 13

            Program for Garfield Literary Society.  April 10, 1896.
            Oratorical and Musical Departments of Hiram College Benefit Recital for Home Missions.  May 12, 1896.
            Concert and Readings by the Temple Quartette Concert Company of Boston.  

Page 14

            Entertainment of Freshmen Class of Hiram College, Friday Evening, May 8, 1896.
            Hiram College Faculty Entertainment.  Benefit of Organ Fund.  Hiram, Ohio, June 12, 1896. 

Page 15

            Invitation to Olive Branch Societies 45th Anniversary, June 24th, 1896.
            Senior Class Invitation to Commencement.  Thursday June 25th, 1896.
            Hesperian Entertainment Program.  Wednesday June 24th, 1896.
            Preparatory Department of Hiram College Commencement Exercises.  June 23, 1896. 

Page 16

            Twenty-Ninth Annual Commencement of Hiram College.  June 25th, 1896.
            3 Programs to Various Events. 

Page 17

            Scores of Hiram’s Football and Baseball Team.
            Oratorical Contest Program.  December 11th, 1896.
            Garfield Literary Society.  November 20th, 1896. 

Page 18

            Delphic Literary Society Entertainment Program.  January 29th, 1897.
            Alethean Literary Society Entertainment Program.  February 22, 1897. 

Page 19

            Delphic Literary Society. Pamphlet about a Bill to be voted on in Congress.
            Baseball Scorecard, April 20, 1898.
            Hiram College Minstrels Program.  April 16, 1897.
            Hesperian Society Program.  May 31, 1897. 

Page 20

            Junior Senior Banquet.  Menu and Toasts.  June 4, 1897.
            Sixteenth Annual Contest of the Ohio Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Association Program.  February 18, 1897.
            Kenyon Chant
            Baseball Score Card, May 21, 1898. 

Page 21

            Programme of the Franz Wilczek Concert Company.
            Program of Swedish Quartet Company.  March 10, 1897.
            Hesperian Commencement Program.  June 21, 1897.
            Greek Drama.  The Antigone…of Sophocles.  Greek Department of Hiram College, March 10, 1897.

Page 22

            Graduating Recital by Earl B. Newton.  June 16th, 1897.
            Baseball Scorecard.  May 30th, 1898.
            Baldwin University Commencement Invitation.  June 11th to 17th, 1897.
            Oberlin Kindergarten Training School Commencement Invitation.  June 18th, 1897. 

Page 23

            Olive Branch Literary Society Program.  June 23, 1897.
            Commencement of the Senior Prepartory Class of Hiram College.  June 22, 1897.
            Senior Class Invitation to Commencement.  June 20th to 25th, 1897. 

Page 24

            Alethean Entertainment Program.  June 22nd, 1897.
            Twenty Second Annual Commencement of Medina High School.  June 9th, 1897.  Invitation and Program. 

Page 25

            Thirtieth Annual Commencement of Hiram College.  June 24th, 1897.
            World’s Student Conference.  June 25th – July 4th, 1897.
            Programme for Loudin’s Original Fisk Jubilee Singers.  Summer of 1897.

Page 26

            Seventh Annual Convention of Portage County Christian Endeavor Union.  October 30, 1897. 

Page 27

            Oberlin Musical Union Holiday Concerts Program.  December 16th and 17th 1897.
            Hiram College Conservatory of Music Opening Concert Program.  September 28th, 1897.
            Oratorical Contest.  Hiram Auditorium, December 10th, 1897.
            Journal and Scrapbook of Martha E. Kenyon entitled Good Times.  Dates Span from March 1919 to 1922.
                  Pages 53 – 170. 

Baby’s Record for Martha Kenyon.  1904.  

Box 4 – Pow Family Papers- Martha Kenyon Travel Itineraries 

Travel Diaries: 1924, 1926, 1964, 1968, 1971, 1973, 1975 

Trip Itineraries- Asia, 1973, 1979 

Trip Itineraries- Europe, 1966, 1968 

Trip Itineraries- Africa, 1970 

Trip Itineraries- South Pacific, 1968

Trip Itineraries- North America, 1966-67   

Box 5 through 8 

Contains unprocessed photographs.  This large collection of photographs is of various vacations and locations the Pow’s/Kenyon’s visited, family photographs, friends, and scrapbooks.  For more information please contact the archivist.

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