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Gift of Elizabeth Neill, 12/87 

1 document storage box, .25 cubic feet;
2 document storage boxes with memorabilia.
Prepared by Joanne Sawyer, January 1988.

Zeb and Arabella (Mason) Rudolph


Several members of the Rudolph family attended the Western Reserve
Eclectic Institute, including Lucretia Rudolph, wife of James A.
Garfield. Lucretia Garfield's niece, Adelaide Rudolph, attended Hiram
College and graduated in 1879. A small collection of her personal
correspondence and photographs are also part of this collection.


The family became connected with the Carltons when Lucretia's
cousin, Martha Rudolph, married Hampton Carlton. The collection consists
of family css., memorabilia, papers from student days at the Western
Reserve Eclectic Institute, photographs, and genealogical material

Correspondence and Manuscripts

Box #1                         

--James K. Rudolph to Clarissa Strong, 1861-64
--Civil War account, n.d. [written by James K. Rudolph?]
--James K. Rudolph to Marana Rudolph, 1863
--E.E. Henry to James K. Rudolph, 1878
--Emma Rudolph to Mr. & Mrs. James K. Rudolph, 1905-06
--Wil Strong to Clarissa Strong, 1861-65
--Nettie Barnes to Clarissa Strong, 1863
--HCH to Louisa Strong, 1862, and Clarissa Strong, 1863
--R.T. to Clarissa Strong, [1863]
--css. regarding family of Clarissa Strong Rudolph, 1904-07
--css. to Francis Strong regarding Masonic membership, 1858
--misc. envelopes
--“Compilation of the fascinating story of Michael Rudolph…”
--“Roster of Surviving Members of the 23rd Regiment O.V.I. August, 1896”

Badges and Ribbons; Miscellaneous

Box #2                        

--GAR veteran’s badge
--23rd OVI reunion ribbon and badge, 1897, Fremont, Ohio (3)
--31st national encampment badge, 1897, Buffalo, NY
--49th national encampment badge, 1915, Washington, D.C.
--23rd OVI, ribbon and badge
--Oberlin McKinley Club ribbon
--gold braid from uniform
--Women’s Relief Corps ribbon and badge, 1883
--US Railway Mail Service Mutual Benefit Assn., Atlanta, Georgia, 1896
            ribbon and badge (3) and clipping
--Peter Parley’s Story of Alice Green.  Boston:  Carter & Hendee, 1830
            inscription on flyleaf:  “Clara L. Strong, Hiram ‘55”
--McGuffey’s Newly Revised Fourth Reader.  Cincinnati:  Winthrop B. Smith, 1844.
            inscription on flyleaf:  “Clarissa Strong, Hiram.  Clara L. Strong.  William Strong Book, Hiram


Box #3                         

--Diary, 1871, Francis Strong
--Diary, 1875, Francis Strong
--Diary, [1879], Francis Strong
--Diary, 1875, [Clarissa Strong?]
--Autograph Book, 1882-92, Perry B. Rudolph
--Autograph Book, 1887
--Autograph Book, 1883-89, Sonia Rudolph


            [Clarissa Strong and her mother?]
            Clarissa Strong Rudolph and her father
            Clarissa Strong Rudolph and her half-brother, William Strong
            [William Strong]
            James Rudolph, husband of Clarissa Strong Rudolph
            Perry Rudolph, 4 years old [son of James and Clarissa Rudolph?]
            unidentified man

Small box of jewelry:  stick pin, cufflink, ring or ornament for chain

Other Items 

--Certificate of Marriage:  Robert P. Neill and Louisa M. Rudolph, March 26, 1902
--Rudolph Family Genealogy, compiled by Myra Hank Rudolph
--Notebooks to accompany genealogy

            Vol. I               The Rudolph Family in Europe
            Vol. II              The Rudolph Family in America
            Vol. III             The Rudolph Family in America
            Vol. IV            The Rudolph Family in America
            Vol. V              The Rudolph Family in America, complied by H.C. Horner


Adelaide Rudolph

Gift of Adelaide Rudolph

1 Document Case, .5 cubic ft.

Prepared by Lisa Johnson, April 2005

Easter card to Miss Rudolph circa 1880

Scope and Content:

This collection starting in approximately 1866 and ending in the 1940's is composed largely of correspondence with family members and longtime friends of Adelaide Rudolph.  In addition, there are family photographs of the Rudolph family and of her sister Nellie Rudolph Rockwell's family.   

Biographical Note:          Adelaide Rudolph
                                                1858 – 1953

Adelaide Rudolph was the oldest child of John and Martha Lane Rudolph. Her grandparents were Zeb and Arabella Rudolph. Only five years old when her father was killed in the Civil War, Adelaide and her two brothers were close to her father’s remaining siblings, including the family of her aunt Lucretia Rudolph Garfield. 

At age eleven, she began attending the Preparatory Department of Hiram College, the school instrumental in the shaping of her uncle as a future President of the United States, James A. Garfield.  In 1879, she completed the requirements for an A.B. degree. She went on to teach at the University of Kansas for many years and receiving a Master’s Degree at Columbia University, she worked in the manuscript division of the Columbia library. She was a member of the Oriental Society and her translation of Nala and Demayanti – a Love Tale of East India from Sanskrit was published in 1902. After her retirement from Columbia, Miss Rudolph returned to Cleveland and because of her library experience and knowledge of eastern languages, she was given a desk at the John G. White Collection of the Cleveland Public Library. Here she remained for many years. 

In the last years of her life, though almost blind, Miss Rudolph interested herself in collecting and publishing the stories of early Western Reserve life through the auspices of the Hiram Historical Society. These publications were called Pickups from the American Way.  She was a member of the Hiram College Club of Women, The American Dialect and the American Oriental Societies and worked with a Cleveland Committee to promote the interests of the blind in Cleveland.

Box #4

Correspondence – Rudolph, Adelaide

        From Adelaide Rudolph
        From J.H. Sheadle 1875 – 1881
        From Arabella Rudolph to Addy.  Circa 1872.  Photocopy.
        From Uncle Joe and Aunt Lide Rudolph
        From Zeb Rudolph
        From Aunt Ellen Rudolph Rockwell.  1906 – 1929
        From Mrs. Ellen Rudolph Rockwell.  Re: Early Hiram Commencements
        From Miscellaneous Family Members
        From Louis Hoffman 1882 – 1884, Robert Hoffman
        From Lewis Rudolph
        From Mary Mansfield
        Miscellaneous – 1866 – 1939
        Postcards – C1875 – C1926
        Envelope addressed to Miss Rudolph by Lueretia Garfield
        From Hiram College Alumni Office.
        Correspondence and College Related Materials
The International Idea, etc. and the John G. White Collection of the Public Library by Adelaide
Clippings from Broadcaster
News clippings:  re: Hiram Alpha Society and Note from Lois Hubbell


          Nine Photographs of Hiram College
          Hugh Huntington Howard
          Photograph including Arabella Mason Rudolph, John Mason, Emmeline Mason Raymond,
                  Parthenia Paine
          Ellen Rudolph Rockwell
          Ethel Ellen Rockwell
          Bertha L. Rockwell
          Arthur C. Rockwell
          Donald Mason Rockwell b. 1906
Valentine Cards – No date – circa 1860’s
Greeting Card with pressed ferns or grasses inside – circa 1886
Easter Card and token – No date
Easter Card and Envelope – No date.  Enclosure card from Louis Hoffman
Rudolph, Adelaide personal autograph book.  Circa 1871 – 1877.
Rudolph, Adelaide – Miscellaneous cards with notes
Folder used by Miss Rudolph to arrange some of her correspondence

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