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Policy on Children's Use of the Hiram College Library

For the purpose of this policy, children are defined as those members of the community under the age of 18, who are not enrolled in Hiram College. Use of the library is defined as any use of the building or of library resources whether in print or electronic format. This policy applies to all children, including student members of the Friends of the Hiram College Library and children of Hiram College employees.

  • Children who use the library unaccompanied by a parent, legal guardian, designated adult, or Hiram College student, must submit a Children's Use Form, signed by both the child and the parent, to the circulation desk. A registration card will then be issued to the child, who may be asked to present the card to library staff when using the library. Therefore, the child should carry the card whenever he or she visits the library.
  • Children may use the library study areas for school assignments.
  • Only children who are student members of the Friends of the Hiram College Library or who are eligible for a Guest Borrower's card through a family relationship to a Hiram College employee may check-out library materials.
  • Children may use any and all collections owned or provided by the library. The online catalog and its associated databases, CD-ROMs and the Internet are available for research purposes when not needed by Hiram College students, faculty, and staff. Children may be asked to vacate a workstation when needed by Hiram College students, faculty, or staff. The Library's expectation is that all patrons will use good judgement and discretion when viewing web sites in the library.
  • The library staff is not responsible for children viewing printed or electronic materials that may be considered unsuitable by their parents.
  • The library staff reserves the right to ask anyone exhibiting disruptive or inappropriate behavior to leave the building.


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