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Using the A to Z Database List

Q: What is the Database/Index A to Z List? 

A: The Database/Index A to Z List is a comprehensive listing that provides links to, and descriptions of, all of the full text indexes, databases, e-book collections, and other resources to which Hiram College Students, Faculty, and Staff can access for research.

Q: How do you get to the Database/Index A to Z List from the HCL Homepage?

A: There are multiple ways to access the Database/Index A to Z List from the HCL Homepage. 

AtoZMain    AtoZSubjectPage


    • Additionally you can get to the Database/Index A to Z List from the Find Menu off the Homepage. 



Q: What does the Database/Index A to Z List tell you?

A: There are several pieces of information that the Database/Index A to Z List will help you with. (Below is an example of a Database/Index A to Z List entry for a database) 




  1. The name of the database. Although in some cases if the database goes by multiple names, such as Pubmed and Medline, or has multiple publishers, there maybe an entry for each.
  2. A description of the database. Much of the time the name is enough to tell if the resource will be useful to you, however the description will help with more multidisciplinary sources, and specialty databases.
  3. Access to the resources. There are typically two hyperlinks below the database description. If you are On Campus the link will take you directly to the resource. If however you are off campus then you will need to use the Off Campus Access link. This will require you to log in with your Name and College Barcode #. If you need help with this see Connecting from Off Campus or our Get Help pages.
  4. Graphic Image of the Database. The graphic is there to help you find the database you are looking for without looking through all the text. Each graphic is unique.
  5. Graphic Image of the provider.  This tremendously useful graphic tells you what the databases interface will look like if you need to access it. Each provider tends to have a different way of using their information, in this way you can tell if two different resources have the same provider, and in that way if they are likely to have similar interfaces. For example, EBSCOhost (Pictured above), will have the same basic structure no matter what. If you have used EBSCOhost before, look for others databases with the same EBSCOhost icon and they will have the same familiar interface.

Q: How can I find Resources on the Database/Index A to Z List that related to a particular subject?

A: The Database/Index A to Z List is simply a alphabetical list of the resources we have currently. If you would like them broken down by subject the best resource for that is our Subject Guides. Each Subject Guide has a section that is dedicated to the best resources for Databases/Articles.

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