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SciFinder Scholar: 

Getting Access

First Time Users (Please be aware that SciFinder does not support the Chrome Browser)

First time users must register and create an account on SciFinder Scholar.

You will be asked for basic information (name, Hiram College email address, etc.), as well as to create a username and password, which you will need to use in the future to logon to SciFinder Scholar. Please note that this username and password are in no way connected with any of your Hiram College accounts. If you need more information or help, please contact David Everett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or x5353.

Already Registered?

You can begin searching SciFinder Scholar.

SciFinder Scholar Use Restrictions

Please note that the use of SciFinder Scholar is restricted to current Hiram College faculty and staff and to currently enrolled students. Access is also restricted to on-campus use only. Please log off when you are finished. 


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SciFinder Scholar. SciFinder offers researchers  flexible search and discover options based on our users’ input and workflow. You can search for substances, reactions, and patent and journal references anytime. 

SciFinder Scholar contains:

  • Research
      • Combined ChemAbstracts (CAplus) and Medline database.
  • CASRegistery
      • Substance information including organic and inorganic molecules, DNA, RNA, proteins, polymers and Markush structures.
  • Reactions
      • Reduce time and effort searching the most current chemical reaction information on SciFinder for synthetic organic and organometallic reactions, natural product syntheses and biotransformation reactions.
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