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ERIC (Free). The Department of Education, which creates the ERIC database, provides access to the world’s largest source of education information with more than 1.4 million citations to articles, books, conference papers, policy papers, and other education-related resources. This site provides links to the full-text of materials on the ERIC site only.

Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library is a global information community that provides in-service learning and volunteer opportunities for library and information science students and professionals, offers a collaborative research forum, and supports and enhances library services through the provision of authoritative collections, information assistance, and information instruction for the public.

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If you are teaching in a school in Ohio, the following commercial resources should be available to you. For more information go to the Ohio Web Library (http://ohioweblibrary.org).

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Biography Reference Bank. Narrative articles drawn from a variety of standard reference sources, on more than a half million people from antiquity to the present. Also includes periodical articles, interviews, speeches, and obituaries.

Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia iconebscohost icon

Funk and Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia. More than 25,000 entries in an encyclopedia aimed at middle- and high-school students.

Literary Reference Center iconebscohost icon

Literary Reference Center Plus. A comprehensive database that provides author biographies, plot summaries, criticism (from some 740 literary journals), book reviews, author interviews, and the text of 120,000 poems and 29,000 short stories.

MasterFILE Premier iconebscohost icon

MasterFILE Premier. Provides full-text to more than 1,900 general periodicals and indexing to more than 2,500. Similar to Academic Search Premier, but more oriented to popular magazines such as People and Ladies Home Journal. Updated daily with some coverage back to 1975. Also includes photos, maps, and flags.


Middle Search Plus iconebscohost icon

Middle Search Plus. Designed for middle schoolers, this database indexes nearly 200 magazines with some 150 in full-text. Also includes photos, maps, flags, biographies, and primary source documents.


Points of View Reference Center iconebscohost icon

Points of View Reference Center. Provides multiple sides on current issues, such as cloning, abortion, race, and medical ethics. Each topic has an overview, a point, a counterpoint, and a Guide to Critical Analysis of the topic.

Primary Search iconebscohost icon

Primary Search. Indexes nearly 100 magazines for elementary school students with more than 60 in full-text. Also includes photos, maps, and flags.

Science Reference Center iconebscohost icon

Science Reference Center. A comprehensive research database of full-text resources designed for high school and introduction college science courses. Covers biology, chemistry, earth and space science, environmental science, medicine, physics, and the history of science. Includes periodicals, reference books, images, and videos.

World Book Web iconWorld Book Web icon

World Book Web. Suite of online reference sources including the World Book Encyclopedia, World Book for Kids, a dictionary, and an atlas.

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