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The challenge with finding materials on Ethnic Studies is determining what Terminology would be appropriate for a particular group of people. Here is a suggested list for American Ethnic Groups 

    • African Americans
      • For materials related to peoples of Africa and the African diaspora , see Blacks.
      • Older materials may use keyword terms such as Afro-Americans, or Negros.
    • Asian Americans
      • See also peoples from specific countries, i.e. Chinese Americans, Korean Americans.
    • For Indian Americans
      • Use East Indian Americans.
    • European Americans (Not used)
      • Use country as adjective, i.e. Italian Americans, Norwegian Americans.
    • Hispanic Americans
      • See also, Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Puerto Ricans in the United States.
    • Native Americans (Not used)
      • See Indians of North America, Indians of Central America, etc.
      • See also, specific peoples, i.e. Cherokee Indians, Hopi Indians.
    • For Northern peoples
      • See Eskimos (usually Alaska), Inuit (Canada), etc.


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