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The library has digital scanners for all three types of microforms (microfilm, microfiche, and micro-opaque).  These scanners allow you to print or to make digital images of the screen.  Please note that you will need to bring a flash drive with you to do this.


Microfilm (microfilm is the format that is on reels)

Abstract of Ohio County Records Inventory, 1803 through 1977 (A listing of county records held by regional research centers in Ohio. 1 reel)

American Church Records.  Christian Churches.  Year Books, 1848 – 1964 (17 reels)

American Women’s Diaries (New England) (21 reels.  A print finding aid is available)

American Women’s Diaries (Southern) (34 reels.  A print finding aid is available)

American Women’s Diaries (Western) (35 reels.  A print finding aid is available)

Benjamin Tappan Papers, 1795 – 1873) (Tappan, 1773 – 1857, was an Ohio Democratic politician who served as a judge, state senator, and U.S. senator.  He also was the founder of Ravenna.  2 reels)

Black Culture Collection (A collection of books, pamphlets, periodicals, and theses related to the black experience in the United States.  Our 8 reel collection – from a larger 599 reel collection) deals mostly with the black religious experience in the early 20th century)

Calendar of State Papers – Colonial Series, 1661 – 1733 (9 reels)

Federal Population Census: 1790 – 1910 (Portage County only; 1890 not available. 9 reels)

Finney (Charles Grandison) Papers (Finney, 1792 – 1875, was an American Presbyterian minister and leader in the Second Great Awakening in the United States.  9 reels)

Giddings, Joshua Reed.  Papers.  (Giddings, 1795 – 1864, was an Ohio attorney, politician and a prominent opponent of slavery. He served in the in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1838 – 1859.  5 reels)

Harold H. Burton Papers (in part). Diaries.  (Burton, 1866 – 1945, was an Ohio politician and lawyer. A Republican, he served as the mayor of Cleveland, as a U.S. Senator from Ohio, and as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.  5 reels)

Hiram Township Tax Duplicate Records (Though some early years may be missing or incomplete, this set covers the townships tax records from 1812 to 1982.  12 reels)

James A. Garfield Family Papers, 1855 – 1938 (2 reels)

James A. Garfield Papers.  (177 reels.  A print finding aid is available)

Mahoning Baptist Association. Misc. Records (1820 – 1827) (1 reels)

Mantua Center Christian Church.  Church records, 1827 – 1976 (1 reel)

Max S. Hayes Papers, 1891 - 1949 (Hayes, 1866 – 1945, was an Ohio newspaper editor, trade union activist, and socialist politician.  2 reels)

Source Materials in the Field of Theatre (A collection of primary and secondary sources related to the theater.  22 reels)

Suffragette Fellowship Collection (Correspondence, photographs, numerous pamphlets, and ephemeral material concern the struggle for women's suffrage in England.  14 reels)

U. S.  Minister to Texas.  Dispatches, 1836 - 1845 (1 reel)

World Council of Churches.  Commission on Faith and Order. Publications. 1910 – 1963.  (3 series consisting of 5 reels)

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