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A Note About Linking


As you identify materials for classroom use, you will want a permanent link to put into Moodle. That link can be found by looking for something called Permalink or something similar. That will give the permanent link. Do not link directly to a pdf file or do the URL in the address bar at the top of the page. Both of those are temporary addresses and will disappear once you leave the database.


Any link you put into Moodle should begin with ezproxy.hiram.edu/login?url=. If that is not there, you should add it with the link for the item coming after the =. This ensures off-campus users can access the item using their Hiram email usename and password. On-campus users are automatically passed through. And, yes, it does mean off-campus may need to login to Moodle and then a second time to get the e-book, article, or video.

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