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Media Copyright Concerns


Some General Guidelines for AV Materials


  • Music may be in the public domain, but the performance and arrangement can be copyrighted
  • Synch rights must be obtained for background music
  • No admission may be charged in a school setting (band concerts). Performance may be fair use, but a copy of the actual print music must be legally obtained for each student and participant.
  • There may be several copyright holders, i.e. on music you may have a composer, performer, producer, arranger, publisher, record label, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities and entertainment purposes do not fall under Fair Use.
  • You cannot convert an AV work to another format except under certain conditions when the hardware is obsolete or an analog work is not available in digital format.

Off-air Video Taping

  • Tapes must be destroyed within 45 days unless permission is obtained
  • Only nonprofit educational institutions may use them
  • Only programs transmitted for reception by the general public without charge may be used (no pay channels or satellite transmissions)
  • May not be done regularly and may not be altered
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