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Multi-media Equipment Request Policies

for Student Organizations


The following procedures are for Student Organizations and Clubs requesting multi-media equipment from the Media Services Department

  1. Because Media Services equipment is used primarily for academic purposes, classes have first priority.
  2. All requests should be made at least one week in advance. The Media Services cannot guarantee equipment for last minute requests.
  3. While most requests are scheduled through the Office of Special Events, a request (or consultation) for media equipment can be made through Media Services as well. In these cases, you need to inform Special Events of the request, either while scheduling your event, or after you contacted Media Services. 
  4. When contacting the Media Services, be prepared to give the following information:
    1. Name, date, and time of event.
    2. Equipment requested for event. If you are not sure what equipment is needed for your event, let us know what you need to do. We will inform you if we can fulfill the requirements necessary.
    3. On the day of event, will you pickup the equipment, or have Media Services do the setup.
    4. Who will take full responsibility for equipment? This will require an advisor, faculty, or staff member to contact Media Services to verify that the student or organization is using equipment for an event. An Equipment Loan Form must be signed at the time the equipment is picked up, or (in some cases) when Media Services delivers it.
    5. In situations when Media Services cannot pickup equipment until the following day, will the equipment be secured overnight, or taken to a secure location?
  5. Only advisors, faculty, or staff can reserve high demand equipment (i.e., laptop computers, LCD projectors, camcorders) from Media Services. You can pickup the equipment once verification is given.
  6. With few exceptions, student organizations are prohibited from taking multi-media equipment off-campus.

The Media Services Department is located in the Lower Level of the Library. You can contact our Service Desk at ext. 5360, or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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