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The Next Library Forum will be

February 17th @ 4:15pm in the Pritchard Room


Dr. Prudy Hall

Professor Emerita of Biology and Chemistry


"Manao ahoana: My Introduction to Madagascar’s Natural History."



Sept 2nd Michelle Nario-Redmond

Predicting Academic Persistance at Hiram College: Tracking First Time Freshman in 2008/2009 to Graduation

Sept. 16th Doug Brattebo A Suprisingly Close Contest for a Centrist in a Swing State
Sept. 30th   Paul Gaffney Getting Messy for Literature: Making Medieval Manuscripts
Nov. 4th Jenn Clark Monitoring efforts to measure restoration success of the Eagle Creek Restoration project.
Oct. 28th Big Read  
Nov. 11th Denny Taylor Moving the Focus of Education from Assessment to Learning - Examples from the Field
Jan. 20th Elena Iglesias-Villamel  
Feb. 3rd Xinlu Yu  “Come Home” vs. “Come Out”: The Impact of Traditional Chinese Cultural Values on Its Gay and Lesbian Subculture.
Feb. 17th

Dr Prudy Hall

 Manao ahoana: My Introduction to Madagascar’s Natural History.
Mar. 2nd Dawn Sonntag  
Mar. 16th Mary Quade  

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