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Using Google Books & Google Scholar: Home

Google Books

Using Google Books

Google Books is an ever growing collection of records for both recent and long out-of-print titles. Because a search may retrieve results from the full text of many books, Google Books is most useful in helping you to identify titles of interest in your research.

Found something you want but can't find it in our collection or OhioLINK? Fill out an InterLibrary Loan Form For Books.

Results in Google Books may be in one of four formats:

  • Full view: the full text of this title is available to read freely online. These are usually out-of-print titles scanned in Google's collaboration with the University of Michigan, Oxford, Harvard, New York Public, Stanford, and other major research libraries.
  • Limited Preview: the publisher has provided a limited number of pages for preview only.
  • Snippets: For copyright reasons, the publisher does not allow the full-text view. However, users can see a few lines of context around their hits. This allows one to identify page numbers of potential interest, similar to an index.
  • No Preview Available: only the catalog information is available and no full-text has been scanned.

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Google Scholar

Using Google Scholar

Google Scholar is fast, easy to use, and can lead to hundreds (or thousands) of relevant, scholarly articles in a short period of time.

Things to Note:

  • If you search Google Scholar on campus, you will see (and should click on) "Find it with OLinks" whenever we have immediate, electronic access to an article.
  • Results frequently lead to the publisher's website, and not to our library's access point. Sometimes publishers will ask you to pay for access. Don't pay. We can find it for you another way.
  • Results will include multiple versions of the same article, sometimes from different years.
  • When in doubt, contact a librarian for help.

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