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Selected resources in the Hiram College Library related to theatre.

PERF 25910

When searching the library catalog, think about the key terms you want to find and connect them with “and” if you want to find all of those terms. Use “or” to broaden your search results to include either one item or another. 

Locating architectural interiors/exteriors:

Example: Rome and architecture and history
This search will bring up books about Rome that also include architecture and history, such as Ancient Rome: Art, Architecture and History

You might also search just for a geographic location and “architecture” to capture multiple time periods. 
Example: Midwest and architecture

Search for a specific type of building or style
Example: tenement houses

Locating furniture/set pieces:

Example: furniture and United States or American
This search will return books about American furniture styles. It will also include government documents and broader content. Remember that you can limit your search to exclude government documents by modifying your search and selecting “HIRAM All Collections Except Gov Docs” in the Collections drop down. You may find books from the Smithsonian tucked in with the government documents, though!

Locating art/artwork/Object d’art

Search for a specific item or type of item:

  • tableware
  • pottery
  • porcelain 

Consider adding a location or people group: tableware and United States; pottery and Pueblo