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Reserving Rooms in the Library

The Hiram College Library currently has two rooms that may be suitable for use by faculty, staff, or students. These rooms are the Pritchard Room on the 2nd floor Pavilion and the McDowell Library Instruction Room on the third floor. These rooms must be reserved through the designated office. 

Before booking a room, please consult the library's hours and schedules to be sure the building is open when you are planning to use the room. Rooms cannot be used when the library is closed.

Pritchard Room

Contact: Events Planning Office at x6007 or x6116.

Please contact Events Planning for Pritchard Room use policies. Additional information about reserving the space by clicking here with diagrams of common set-ups available here.

Please note that any room set-up needs should be made when reserving the room. Requests for audio-visual equipment should be made directly to the the Media Center. The Library cannot provide equipment, flip charts, markers, and other supplies nor does the Library do set-ups of equipment.

McDowell Library Instruction Room

Contact: Library Director at x5353.

Reservation Policy:

The McDowell Library Instruction Room, located on the third floor just to the left as you exit the elevator, is available for Hiram College affiliated meetings and academic presentations when it is not required by the Library Instruction team or for other library events. Course-related Library Instruction is the primary function of the room. Faculty and staff reserving the Library Instruction Room must make their own arrangements, with the prior approval of the Library Director, with Physical Plant to have furniture moved or the room set-up changed in any significant manner. It is also the responsibility of the booking party to ensure the Room is returned to its regular configuration when finished.

Library staff request that no software be added to the PC in this classroom with the prior approval of the Library Director and that any changes made in the PC configuration be removed after the session is completed.

Students who wish to reserve the Library Instruction Room for Senior Seminar or other class-related presentations requiring the use of computer projection will find it easiest to have the faculty member make the reservation. Failing that, students may book the room by contacting the Library Director and signing a contract for each booking. It is important to note that each contract must be co-signed by the faculty member or staff person overseeing the project. To book the Library Instruction Room students must:

  • Contact the Library at (or, if unavailable, a library staff member familiar with the classroom) to verify that the room is available at the desired time and date. Fill out the form below to save some time.
  • The Library Director (or, if unavailable, a library staff member familiar with the classroom) will fill out the date and time of the reservation in the top line of the contract and give it to the student to be co-signed by the responsible faculty/staff member and the student contracting for the Room. A signed contract must be on file for each use of the classroom.
  • The student must turn in the signed contract and have it on file at the Front (Circulation) Desk before the key to the Library Instruction Room will be given out.

Other Rooms and Spaces

Other rooms and named spaces in the library are not available to be reserved. Study rooms (five on the second floor and three on the third floor) are available on a first-come, first-served basis.