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Vision & Mission Statement

The Mission and Vision

Our Mission:
The mission of the Hiram College Library is to create an environment that fosters intellectual excellence and encourages lifelong learning.

Our Vision:
The library is a constantly evolving organization that articulates with the changing needs of the campus and community. Traditionally perceived as a physical repository for book and journal collections, and serving as the intellectual “heart of the campus,” its roles and responsibilities have expanded with the increasing complexity of the scholarly world, the curriculum, academic pedagogy, and campus life. Libraries now add value to the learning and research process beyond what they have previously done well.

Despite the growing presence of the digital world in the lives of students, faculty, and staff, the library as a physical presence still has meaning, and in that capacity is as important as ever. The library will provide a comfortable, welcoming environment with easy access to collections and spaces that support both individual and collaborative group work.

The Library will provide collections that support the college’s curriculum, enable research at all levels (particularly undergraduate), and satisfy individual curiosity. The library will collect information regardless of type (books, journals, video, etc.), or format (print, online, multimedia, etc.), but will select based on how best to foster the library’s mission.

In order to provide easy access to those collections, the library will offer a variety of services, both personal and technological. Given, however, that the library cannot provide access to everything that might be needed on site, it will also offer services to gain access to additional materials and information, as well as services that enhance and streamline the research process.

The library will take an active leadership role in information literacy across the curriculum, campus, and community. The exponential increase in information available and the continually evolving range of formats and delivery technologies requires the library to enable people to make the best possible decisions and use of time in locating, judging, and managing information in a complex environment. Hiram College students must graduate with information literacy skills in order to meet the college’s mission.

The library will support the intellectual environment of the college through programming. Collaboration with partners on and off the campus (e.g. Friends of the Library) is vital to the success of this activity.

None of the above statements can be collectively realized as a clear vision without a sufficient number of well-trained, highly motivated staff, both professional and non-exempt, who are supported and encouraged in their own intellectual and job growth.